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  1. 0:44 did he say skipping breakfast is not a good thing ??? Then what's intermittent fasting , eating one meal a day ??

  2. I see a lot of comments here about Dr Berg contradicting himself about his more recent videos about intermittent fasting….and I agree. If this older information is outdated somehow, I suggest maybe Dr Berg should REMOVE this video.

  3. huh? You have been talking about intermittent fasting and encouraging skipping breakfast if not hungry, so what on earth do you mean?

  4. His other Video he states not to eat Breakfast,….you are Breaking your Fast from all night long while you sleep

  5. What the hell is this now ??? In one video you are against breakfast and now you say that skipping it will make us store fat??? Oh god I don’t know what to believe and who should I believe , I have no ideas. Everyone and everything is sooooo confusing

  6. You are so contradictory. Now you say skip breakfast and do two.meals. sometimes you say eat one cup of berries, sometimes skip. This is too Alla over the border. I'm doing my own common sense healthy eating. Any diet that prevents from eating fruit should never be followed anyway

  7. Dr Berg 2013: don't skip breakfast, we don't want the body to starve, it will cause fat storage.
    Dr Berg 2018: Intermitant Fast – 18 – 20 hours per day is best. This decreases level of insulin, a hormone causing fat to accumulate. Therefore do IF to lose fat.


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  9. 5:56 MSG hidden as modified food starch. I did not know this I falsely thought I was avoiding MSG for the most part to discover there is a hidden version just like all this sugar added and hidden under so many names!

  10. Dear Dr. Eric Berg, Would you please make a video about all the hypothesis possible concerning chronic fatigue? I'm trying for years to pinpoint what my body is missing. I have the potassium hypothesis and all those hidden sugars covered, as well as the modified food starch now, that would be wonderful. Just an overview of everything causing chronic fatigue in this society… I know you for about 3 years now, I apply everything I can put my hand on your channel though it might not be exhaustive 100%… Namaste…

  11. Shouldn’t be this video be deleted if this isn’t correct anymore compare to more recent video on IF?

    This is very confusing if not damaging your credibility

  12. You once said if you're not hungry do not eat you also said it's no true that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day now you're saying you have to eat breakfast now witch is it ? I find a lot of this type of thing in your videos and now I dont know what to believe

  13. Wait, I’m confused, how do you eat protein in the morning and intermittent fast? I feel like the information is inconsistent. Do I continue to fast until the afternoon, or do I have protein in the morning?

  14. I have actually utilized this unique “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a number of days already and also the results are remarkable. They provide me a lot of strength as well as curb my desire for food, however I do NOT quit when they wear off which I love, and so they don`t make me jittery. I have not changed everything else I`m doing and have shed 7 lbs. .

  15. The basics of intermittent fasting is to quit breakfast/ loose weight now you are telling us not to miss breakfast, what Iam I suppose to believe.

  16. Medical field is always renovated by experience from the previous deeds…so obviously he believed something in 2013…but it did not turn out true with his clinical studies….so he rectified all his mistakes…actually they r not mistakes……he is polished now….

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