Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

As a percentage of our total greenhouse gas
emissions, cars, trucks and power plants seem to be the biggest contributors to climate
change. But the elephant in the room is that our consumption
of meat is actually the leading cause. When its effects and bi-products are taken together,
animal agriculture accounts for about half of global emissions. On average, each American eats 275 pounds
of meat a year. That’s like every man, woman and child eating a quarter pounder every day
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are over 1.5 billion cows on Earth,
and each one emits 65 gallons of methane a day as they digest their food. And methane
is a potent greenhouse gas, trapping 25x more heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. And when it just comes to sheer waste, 2,500
dairy cows are equivalent to a city of over 400,000 people. Every minute, the animals
raised for food in the U.S. produce 7 million pounds of waste. But where does it all go?
Into our waterways and oceans of course, creating gigantic dead zones. To make room for all these farm animals, we’ve
had to remake our planet. In Brazil, this means clearing the Amazon at an astounding
rate. Every second, another acre of the world’s rainforests are cleared. As our most diverse biospheres disappear,
every day another 110 animals and insect species go extinct. Taking their place, livestock now covers 45%
of the total land on our planet and uses ⅓ of our freshwater supply. To produce just
one pound of beef takes over 2,000 gallons of water. And because we’re so inefficient — growing
food to feed to our food — in many countries people are starving, as vegetables that are
grown all around them and should go to feeding them, are instead fed to animals for wealthy
people to eat. And it’s not just land animals, we’re
pulling 90 million tons of fish from our oceans each year. For every 1 pound of fish caught,
5 pounds of unintended marine species are brought up along with it and discarded as
“by-kill.” So how can we, as individuals, solve this
massive problem? Simply put, we can eat a lot less meat and dairy. Every acre of land gives us a choice: we can
either use it to grow 250 lbs of meat, or 25,000 lbs of plant based food. Even though it’s too extreme for most of
us, it’s worth considering that a person who follows a vegan diet — meaning they eat
no meat and dairy — produces 50% less CO2 and uses 1/11th the amount of oil, 1/13 the
water, and 1/18th the land compared to a meat eater. Of course, going completely vegan is really
hard. I love a good burger, chicken breast, or cheese pizza every once in a while, but
by becoming more educated and mindful about the costs to our environment, I’ve significantly
cut down on the amount of animal products I consume. The side benefits are that I’m healthier
and I’m not contributing nearly as much to the inhumane treatment of animals. The majority of Americans consider themselves
environmentalists. But as more and more of us learn that our animal consumption is the
leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, habitat destruction
and climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions, are enough of us really prepared
to make necessary changes to our daily lives to truly protect our environment? Thanks for watching. Like and share this video
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100 thoughts on “Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

  1. will never go full vegan, but will consider more of a vegetarian diet more often, my diet consists of about 70% meat but doing around 20% seems reasonable. mostly for the health benefits. but if it reduces climate change and reduces demand for animals and land needed to meet those demands why not. i am also an alcoholic, mostly drink wine, which comes from grapes, which is a fruit. wine=vegan your argument is invalid

  2. I totally agree with you, I tell people the same thing. But, everyone always says that cows and farm animals were put on the planet to be eaten. What should I say to back up my opinion?

  3. This video is great except for the last part when he says being vegan is hard. It’s not that hard. He should’ve mentioned all the delicious vegan options that are becoming more and more available.

  4. Eating meat is not the problem. Over population is the problem. To many mouths to feed and not enough resources to sustain it. Stop saying that eating meat is bad because it’s not.

  5. Oh and also that guy is wrong about the waste. Most of the so called “waste” is converted into soil for what??? It’s called cow manure so you vegetarians and vegans can use to grow your food.

  6. You guys know that the people who makes veggies uses pesticides which contained poisonous chemicals and most destroy trees to make more crop land and by destroying trees some animals lose their natural habitat and source of food

  7. How would you know how hard something is for you personally, if you've never tried it?
    Maybe it turns out it's not that hard for you.
    When I dropped the meat, the hardest thing was to remember to not eat corn dogs :p

  8. Just stopped by to tell you people that the climate has been changing since the earth was former and that man had nothing to do with it. Global warming or climate change is just another lie.

  9. Been a vegetarian most of my life… Let's solve the problem already. We know the facts. We can do it!

  10. Why didn't anyone tell me bout this! For years the only reason I've heard about why I should go vegan or vegetarian has been about people feeling sorry for the animals and I was like, but lions eat antelopes and no one is complaining bout that. How stupid, now this is an actual reason! Im quitting eating meat today! Bye! Im angry!

  11. Veganism is only hard if you imagine it is but if people actually try it for a few weeks, it'll be so easy to keep it going. 21 days as a vegan and the habits will be kicked. It's hard in people's imagination.

  12. I did my year end exam of this at university and was surprised things are not this straight forward,I noticed you havnt included that most cattle feed lots are fed on waste from human food and fuel uses such as veg waste, brewers grains, wheat distillers just to name a few, without cattle making use of these the alternative would be mostly land fill which in themselves would create methane, also please take in to account that maize corn grown for cattle use also is a massive carbon eater, each maize plant taking about 3 times more than a equivalent tree. In the report states the slurry and run off ends up in the sea? Really? This has a massive financial benefit for growing crops which is far more environment friendly that artificial fertilizer. All said there is a environmental impact on livestock farming but at the same time the offset is huge.

  13. This is a great video.. right up to the point where it spreads the fallacy that "going vegan is hard." It has never been easier than now to go vegan. There are so many new vegan products, recipes, and online tips available for free. The world is slowly waking up to the insanity of raising animals for food and veganism is inevitable if we are to survive as a species. If you care about any of the issues mentioned in this video, know that going vegan is the best way to solve them — and it is easier than ever. Sign up for programs such as Challenge22 ( or 10WeeksToVegan ( .

  14. I've been on a carnivore diet for 3.5 months, and I feel better than ever. Since I gave up vegetables, I've lost 15 pounds, am no longer sleepy when I wake up or come home from work, and my bloodwork came back with the best results I've ever had. I consistently have energy to do heavy workouts. And despite what you might think, I've yet to experience a problem in the bathroom.

    I think people are finally starting to wake up. Meat is not the problem people make it out to be.

  15. finally I hear somebody making sense, nobody talks about this, it almost sounds like a conspiracy, it make me nuts that nobody gives this solution.

  16. I'm pure vegetarian…Even I don't eat eggs….my father is farmer. But very sad thing is I don't want be a farmer becoz climate is already changed…not fixed monsoon time and no benifit….we don't farm animals…I'm talking about food items

  17. M a vegetarian from india.Come to India I would treat u with some outstanding vegetarian dishes, which u can't get in foreign….

  18. I eat very less meat, if that keeps on going i might transition into becoming a Vegan if food science keeps advancing (With no Soy please)

  19. REALLY fight climate change; don't breed huge numbers of new humans. Anything else is just arguing about the timetable for the collapse of civilisation, and possibly for extinction.

  20. After 30 years of research,Professor Colin Campbell confirmed that eating meats causes CANCER,every drops of water eventually filled up the bucket,slowly but surely.We humans chews foods and sucks when drinking water,just like all apes and herbivores,Carnivores swallow foods and licks water with their tongue,eating too much of wrong foods contributes to mental and emotional problems because we are lacking nutrients.

  21. Seeing this, I was in shock! I never knew! I do now….I have already made changes in my eating habits……I need to make more.

  22. Um where's the proof of co2 causing climate change? And Americans meat consumption has been decreasing since the 50s. Lots misleading information.

  23. I'm starting to reduce meat and other anomal products drastically, as well as trying to consume only local produce. My father laughed at me, asking if I think I save the world and telling me then the meat goes to waste. No, I won't save the world, at least not by myself. However, if everybody could cut back, less meat/other products would have to be produced, with better conditions for the animals, directly from farmers. Just like it was back in the days of my grandma. Meat was considered something very special, and every part oft the animal was used. Meat needs to be oft value again, not something we eat without thinking about it.

  24. Meat contains lots of healthy elements that we need. We need meat to be stronger. If you go vegan, you are probably gonna be more weak than meat eaters. It’s just the way of life

  25. People who say veganism is hard are focused on themselves. People who say veganism is easy are focused on the victims. 
    Go vegan & be one less person harming the planet and the animals!!

  26. Fight globalism…dig deep primary water wells for pure fresh water. Stop the geo engeneering in our skies. And eat more beef.

  27. US agriculture, that which is comprised of animal ag and human food production, contributes to only 9% of total emissions, so I don't know where the hell this video get's it's information. I guess falsifying data and out right lying is justified by extreme animal right vegans. Also there is no mention of grazing animals actually keeping carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere called carbon sequestration. Eating less meat will do nothing to combat climate change, but tilling up farm land each year to keep up the demand for a false vegan diet will release more carbon. Please get your facts straight. I will continue to eat meat, thanks.


  29. You are seriously lacking scientific application. Every molicule of carbon dioxide that cones out if an animal has to be consumed by the animal. They don't magically make carbon. Add to this that over its life an animal is actually a store of carbon because all life on earth is carbon based. So net carbon emissions from animals is less than Zero. You have need brain washed by the oil industry, Peta and vegans and other to believe is false science to push as agenda. The real cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels that were stored underground taking them out of the atmosphere and then adding to this the reducing amount of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere due to deforestation and reduced absorbtion by plant life in the ocean.

  30. Man made climate change is a scheme to convince people to accept the poverty of socialism. Socialism is a poverty cult. Temperatures are not higher or rising faster than in the past. Carbon dioxide is not higher or rising faster than in the past. Its is a farce

  31. It's really super easy to go vegan. Just switch to the delicious vegan alternatives, such as soy meat, seitan, vegan burgers, hundreds of varieties of plant milk, vegan yogurts and cheeses. You do not need to give up anything when you go vegan, on the contrary, you will gain so much, save animals, save the planet and your health.

  32. i am vegan no matter what hell happen to me i will be vegan at all. and beleive me its not hard to leave meat.

  33. Being vegan doesn't have any negative effects on one's physicality or health at all and it greatly improves one's chances of avoiding cancers.

  34. I'm problay not going to go vegan not even vegetarian but i only eat beef once a week and chicken every 3 days i don't eat/drink any dairy products. I think everyone should be more aware on how much anmail products they consum. i mean i don't see everyone going vegan or vegetarian i this hope people stop eating it every single meal.

  35. I am very keen to do my bit for the environment but am careful not to follow trends before I do some research.
    So can anyone answer some simple questions about a vegan diet and the environmental benefits:
    I follow a ketogenic diet for health reasons(very low carb), it seems this would be extremely difficult going vegan.
    I have read many reports about negative health effects of a vegan diet. Such as digestive system and skin problems.
    Greenpeace say the main reason for deforestation is palm oil not livestock.
    Doesn't monoculture for producing crops have a more detrimental effect on small fauna than livestock.
    I need to resolve these contradictory facts before I embark on such a big change to my diet.
    Can anyone resolve these things for me, thanks.

  36. Also for Environmental Destruction eat less meat!

    The Animal Agricultural sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land.
    Apart from Greenhouse emissions, Animal Agricultural’s environmental destruction also includes: species extinction, ocean dead zones, soil and water degradation, water scarcity, majority of the world's Deforestation- directly and indirectly, Habitat loss, Biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration.
    Animal Agricultural contributes to Antibiotic resistance, destabilization of communities, world hunger, and an inefficient feeding of a growing world population.


    What these people do to other animal individuals is abhorrent!

  37. How can a cow generate 64 gallons of methane a day and do u mean to say that cows are harmful to environment?

  38. It's really super easy to go vegan. Just switch to the delicious vegan alternatives, such as soy meat, seitan, vegan burgers, hundreds of varieties of plant milk, vegan yogurts and cheeses. You do not need to give up anything when you go vegan, on the contrary, you will gain so much, save animals, save the planet and your health.

  39. Comments are full of vegans and vegetarians patting themselves on the back. Lend something to the conversation you pretentious assholes! And with that said, while everything in this video is factual, the numbers are grossly inflated to create a sense of urgency. Which I get it, every burger and pork chop not eaten helps save the planet. Question: in a perfect world everyone stops eating livestock tomorrow, would all of you so called animal activists be okay with killing all remaining livestock to stop the effects of their methane production on our environment?

  40. The problem with meat production comes from the use of soya concentrate in feeds rather than the actual animals themselves. Animals that are raised on grass free range pastures significantly reduce the production of CO2. Lamb from New Zealand only produces 650g/kg of CO2 per ton. (Weidema et al. 2009 & Williams et al. 2008) this comparable or less than chicken. It is not significantly higher than Tofu which can vary from 350g/kg up to 900g/kg for Tofu (Meijia et. al 2017)

  41. Look how the chickens cows sheep live next to each other and thats what they can do just eat sleep give birth die

  42. The consumption of meat is NOT the leading cause of climate change. That statement is simply not true, and gives a totally false understanding to people about climate change

  43. All agriculture including livestock makes up only 9%of all greenhouse gas source EPA. Don't believe vegan propaganda.

  44. I hope it's not a trend but rather an awakening to the senseless and
    cruel treatment of animals someone told us is food. It's bad for
    humans, bad for the environment and bad for the animals. The only ones
    this rotten business is good for are those who profit from taste
    addicted/manipulated disconnected people who proudly claim to love
    animals but never consider what's done to them before they eat them.

  45. Yall are idiots, don't force me to be vegan, THE TRUTH IS THAT THE MAIN CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE IS POLLUTION!

  46. Get rid of cows… Why ? Possibly
    the most productive animal we have to feed our ever increasing population. Cows
    provide dairy products – milk,cheese, butter, cream, ice creams, yoghurt. A
    staple in meat meals from mince in burgers, lasagne, pies, sausages, steaks,
    stews, High protein, high energy, and milk and all round nutritious food etc.
    The answer given the land could be used to plant things Ok – Like what ???-
    fruit trees – see how long you will survive on fruit, and don't forget the
    sprays and how susceptible they are to bugs/diseases/weather etc. Or a wheat
    crop /soybean or some vegetables they all require crop management/ rotation
    /bug/disease susceptible etc. The Irish found out what it was like to rely on
    potatoes in 1847 when the potato blight hit. Most starved to death or left to
    go to places like America. As for health the biggest problem we have is
    actually with sugar which comes from plants, sugar cane , sugar beet and High
    fructose corn syrup by product of corn manufactured in the 60's this has led to
    obesity, diabetes, cancers and numerous other problems and they all plants.
    Fats have been demonized for 30 years and we now have reduction in fat but we
    have substituted it for an increase in sugar and guess what. Since 60's all the
    obesity, coronary, diabetes, cancers have drastically gone up.
    These people suggesting we get rid of something that is tried and tested and
    natural are very dangerous and what they suggest is environmental suicide not
    to mention a change in human diet that has evolved for 100's of thousands of
    years.( We are omnivores ) When she talks about the things they have made that
    taste like meat/ burgers or the things that taste like butter these highly
    processed food are not as good as the real thing and are generally untested as
    we are now finding out about many of the GMO Genetically modified plants/food
    that has been be cultivated to be sprayed with roundup. ( they are deficient)
    Farmers do need to clean up their act with run off that pollutes rivers,
    overusing fertilizers and pesticides. But that is cleaning up the industry not
    getting rid of it. As for the climate change and methane this is just
    ridiculous nonsense spouted by people that have no idea about the
    insignificance of these minor greenhouse gases like CO2 and CH4 . There is
    basically no methane in the atmosphere it converts quickly to other forms. The
    major greenhouse gas is water vapour accounting for 90+% of the greenhouse
    effect which incidentally is very minor to the cycles /orbits/intensity of the
    fusion reactor the Sun and planets and atmospheric pressures, cosmic rays etc.

  47. Propaganda garbage for the simple. Lesson from history in 1847 the Irish had pretty much had a vegan diet they lived on potatoes and guess what they mostly starved to death when the blight hit.
    And by the way the climate was not ideal back then and CO2 was lower . Go figure

  48. I'm not vegan; how-ever I do eat veg burgers; from the store & or Burger King tastes good! & is Guilt free!
    HeY; we can feed cattle; beano!

  49. Dude why do you keep saying being vegan is so hard? It's never been so easy. And there is no amount of convenience to us that could ever outweigh the suffering and destruction that is the necessary condition of any diet/lifestyle based on animal consumption.

  50. You don’t dictate to me what I eat. Period. I’d live on Bison if I could. Native Americans did for 1000s of years.
    This is a perfect example of “lying with facts.” But, 2+2 don’t equal 5. Never has. Never will.
    Nazi Germany promoted the same “eat less meat” idea.

  51. Are the people watching this video realizing the numbers in this video DON'T ADD UP!

    For example he says we eat 720lbs of meat a year, that's like every man, woman and child on earth eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. ?????????????????? That makes no sense, unless you live in a fantasy world.

  52. (1)I don't get it, they say that the cows are producing green house gasses and that's bad (2) then killing and eating the animal is bad and then making more room for them is bad for the forest so then (3)how is it good to stop eating meat if we are going to do one of these 2 anyway?

  53. BS. Climate change is cyclical. It's driven by solar activity and the sun's effect on water vapor. It has NOTHING TO DO with C02 or meat.

  54. You aint taking my meat for the LIE !! NEVER !! we will NEVER stop farming EVER !!!. You climate alarmists are a bunch of SOB'S !!!!

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