Finding A Diet That Will Work – How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Finding A Diet That Will Work – How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Happy new year guys with the new year, many of you might have weight loss
and getting healthy on your mind. So today’s video I’m going to share with
you three tips on how to find the right diet for you to achieve all of
your weight loss and health goals. Hey guys, welcome back
to Led Fit. I’m Serein, certified health coach
and half of Led Fit. Chris certified personal trainer is the
other half and we’ll be back here on Sunday with a guided
beginner’s gym workout. This video is my three tips on how to
lose weight by finding the right diet for you to achieve all of your
health goals. Tip number one, choose a diet that you
can actually stick to. I know this sounds super simple and basic, but it’s the truth and you have to be
honest with yourself. In this moment. Example, oftentimes people get supercharged and
motivated to start losing weight and picking an extreme and aggressive meal
plan. Diets like a juice cleanse. Now, while I don’t believe in juice cleanses, I do believe in giving your digestion
time to have a rest and a break and stop from working, but that’s a whole
separate video. Extreme diets, aggressive meal plans, and major calorie restrictions are
not sustainable and will often lead to relapse, burnout and gaining all
the weight you lost plus some. Trust me, I’ve been there. Being too restrictive and too
aggressive oftentimes leads to burnout, leads to resentment, feeling miserable and just not feeling
good or being able to sustain this way of life, which leads you to fall off the wagon
and go back to your old eating habits or old health habits, which often lead
to more resentment, self-loathing, and just guilt, which is a vicious cycle. You want to pick a plan that you can
actually stick to and create a lifestyle around. Now when it comes
to trying a new diet, be realistic about it,
look at what it entails, and of course it’s going
to be hard. Of course, it’s going to be challenging
in the first 30 days. You’re going to need to take about 30
days to 60 days to really allow your body to adjust, readjust your taste buds and learn to
eat in a new way so you’ll have to track, you’ll have to read labels and
you’ll have to do your research, but realistically, juice cleanses crazy detoxes and severe
calorie restrictions are not sustainable and should be avoided. Tip number two, eat real whole foods with any diet. Now this seems very obvious. Once again,
you want to eliminate processed foods. You want to eliminate
excessive refined sugars, any diet that is selling you a product
and makes you feel like you have to continue to purchase these products
in order to sustain this diet is not sustainable, realistic, or going to be effective because it’s not
teaching you how to eat on your own or be able to live your life and go to
restaurants and still enjoy social activities. Even with a
mostly whole food diet, you’re going to probably come across the
moment when you’re running late or you just are out and about and
you’re hungry. For example, you run into whole foods and you’re
currently practicing a low carb, no sugar, high fat diet. Many of you guys might know that is a
ketogenic diet and you look at the bars section. You pick up a bar that’s
labeled good fat on first look, it looks like you’re only
eating three grams of net carbs, which is in line with your macros plan. It also looks like all of the ingredients
are relatively natural and you can read them. The calories
are around 200 calories, which is perfect to sustain
you if it’s a high fat bar. Big issue here is if you look carefully, this bar oftentimes is
marketed for a high fat diet, but they will add filler fibers in it. Now it’s something that they started to
do because of the trend of a ketogenic diet when they’re adding fibers to fill
in a food so that they can subtract the fiber count from the total carb
count to get your net carbs, which is what you’re worried about on a
ketogenic diet is in reality not going to work. Oftentimes you’ll notice
that you’ll feel hungry faster, which then negates the calories that
you just ate because calories in is calories in. Those are still
calories that you consumed, so if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re eating something
that’s not actually satiating
your hunger and being used properly as fuel and more detrimentally
if you’re doing a ketogenic diet in this situation because of being
pre-diabetic or diabetic, then this could really
throw off your blood sugar, so oftentimes we’re not properly reading
the nutrition label and even though something sounds like it’s a whole food
and it’s using all natural ingredients, it’s not necessarily giving you the
accurate macros of the product because they’re doing these marketing tricks to
make it seem like it’s less carbs than it actually is. When in doubt of an ingredient
and what is actually in there for, you should skip it. The better
option is go to the hot food bar. You can pick up a grilled
salmon, some Brussels sprouts, and maybe even some avocados or go to
the produce section and buy an avocado or a packet of almond butter
that has no sugar added. This is a much better option than
picking up a ready to go bar. Now that’s not to say all
products are bad for you. I love tons of products that help keep
me going and are perfect when we’re traveling. Camping on
road trips or on the go. There are plenty of healthy options and
health foods and health products out there, but what is actually healthy
depends on the diet that you choose, no matter the diet that you choose. I always recommend focusing
on eating real whole foods. Tip number three is what is your why? And you have to be truly honest with
yourself because just wanting to lose weight is not going to be enough to get
you to your goals and keep you there. Wanting to lose weight is a superficial
result of a bigger why and this is something that I really encourage
you to sit down with. Journal free, write, brainstorm. What is your why. Almost all of us can do something
for a short period of time, especially if we know if there’s
an end date. For example, I know somebody who is
incredibly competitive and
really excels at group weight loss challenges and will win
and drop 30 pounds or more, but what ends up happening is because
it’s so extreme and so quick and really only motivated to beat everybody
else and not for herself, she will gain the weight back almost
immediately after the challenge is over plus additional weight. Now, what is so detrimental about this as
that extreme weight loss and weight gain will throw your body out of balance, it will cause messed up hunger
cues, hormonal imbalances, and so much more havoc to your body. Your body’s going to hold onto what it
understands as normal and it’s going to take time for it to slowly come off. Now the good news is the more sustainable
and slow that the weight comes off, the more sustainable the results are
in the long run because you’re actually creating a lifestyle change. It should take you some time
to be at your goal weight, goal weight and I use that loosely
because weight is not the only determining factor of your health and it should really
be more about your body composition. If you know your why and it’s beyond
weight loss and looking a certain way for vanity or competing against
other people in a group, you will have a more solid commitment
and you will be able to have your why to get you through the really hard
times which are going to happen. It’s going to be hard to get off of the
sugar to get off the processed foods. It’s going to be hard
to create a new habit. New habits take around 30 days to develop
and really you have to be practicing this new habit two to three months for
it to become a new lifestyle and it might not be for two to three months before
you start to really see some change. It’s all about how you feel in nourishing
your bodies and fueling your body with the proper nutrients to live
a longer, healthier life. It wasn’t until I was clear with my why
and you can check out this video over here. If you want to learn more about my why
before I was able to really truly make changes and keep those changes
and maintain those changes. Cause anytime I fall off the wagon, anytime I’m depressed and dealing with
anxiety and depression and want to binge eat or emotionally eat, I have a clear solid why as
to why I want to get healthy, why I want to stick to my plans and
it’s not that I don’t go off plan. I do go off protocol but I like to plan
those and have control over it and know that I can get back to my baseline
which is my healthier lifestyle. Knowing your why will help get you through
the first month anytime you want to quit because it’s going to be hard. Anything worth doing though is worth
effort and the hardship and I promise you after the first month it will become
more of a habit in month two and by month three it is your new
lifestyle and it’s worth it. These are my main three tips on how to
choose a diet that’s going to work for you to help you lose weight and all
of your health goals. Number one, know your why. Whenever you’re starting
a new plan, a new goal, a new lifestyle, know your why. Number two, know what you’re putting in
your body to fuel your body. Always be very questionable about
ingredients you don’t understand. If you don’t understand it, avoid it or do the research
and figure out what it is. Be realistic with the diet you choose. Pick something that you’re going to
be able to sustain and that you enjoy. If you hate fish, becoming a pescatarian is probably
not the best choice for you. At the end of the day, all diets
work. You just have to stick to it. If you enjoy this video, make sure you subscribe and
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If you have gym anxiety, make sure you check out
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2 thoughts on “Finding A Diet That Will Work – How To Lose Weight and Get Healthy

  1. Great tips and hope more ppl will watch this.
    I gave myself 1.5 years to reach my goal and it was very helpful in allowing me time to research, trial and error and let my body adjust . I’m now passed my goal and very happy 😃
    Another personal share… my why was to become healthier and to look good lol. That was my motivation … simple, but hey, it kept me going 😉

  2. I'm glad you posted this on your IG stories today. I have my bell on and this never appeared in my feed, ugh. I find that since I started eating healthy a while ago, my taste buds really changed. Of course I still have the occasional pizza but somehow it doesn't taste as good as it did before. There's even some vegetables that I used to hate and now I love. Isn't it amazing what the body can do and change your taste buds like that? Or is it my mind playing tricks on me? I love your info.

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