Foodka Darjeeling Local Food Trail | Keventer’s to Glenary’s ft. Happy Valley Tea Estate & Kunga

Foodka Darjeeling Local Food Trail | Keventer’s to Glenary’s ft. Happy Valley Tea Estate & Kunga

100 thoughts on “Foodka Darjeeling Local Food Trail | Keventer’s to Glenary’s ft. Happy Valley Tea Estate & Kunga

  1. #Foodka #Keventers #Glenarys

    Foodka aka Indrajit Lahiri and Bhaipo aka Mir Afsar Ali continue their Darjeeling local food trail. This time they cover Keventer's, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Kunga Restaurant and Glenary's.

    Google Map Locations:
    Happy Valley Tea Estate:
    Kunga Restaurant:

  2. This channel is simply awesome i got to know so much about the culture and food of kolkata. I just have a request please add subtitles to your videos so that the non Bengalis could also enjoy them, all the best 😀👍

  3. Ato sundor o j food vlogging hote pare, vaba jayna, all is possible only because of FOODKA, others must take inspiration, but India's audience being nalla only subscribes or follows to those bullshit channels. Harsh reality of indian audiences

  4. Love the show. I am a vegetarian. I eager to know, if there is any restaurant which delivers good vegetarian food and Darjeeling. Please reply me.

  5. Foodka tomader k out of westbengal like Delhi, lukhnow, north Indian food er review din …jemon lukhnow er galoti kebab, delhir paratha wala gali ei gulo explore korun please..and odur future apnader k bidesher mati te food explorer hisebe dekhte chai…dhonnobad..

  6. দার্জিলিং যাত্রীদের জন্য আরেকটা কথা। Keventer’s থেকে খেয়ে দেয়ে বেশ খানিকটা ওদের নিজস্ব ডেয়ারির চিজ কিনবেন। অসাধারণ উচ্চমানের মেল্টিং আর অন্যান্য চিজ বিক্রি করে থাকেন ওরা।

  7. I love the way you present!! Really brilliant job has been done by Billionaire of the channel.
    I proud of you, and the Song is also awesome with the Nepalese.
    Mr. Sugarto sen you are in my heart always.
    Thanks to to the Foodka team to show us the all around and we love to see you many another place also from another state.

  8. Your “poke” looked quite different (not appetizing) from the pork I have eaten in the USA n Europe.
    Sausages are minced pork encased in their intestine.
    Bacons are the umami in the American food world.

  9. মন ভরে গেল দেখে। কিন্তু একটা অভিযোগ কি কি অর্ডার দেওয়া হল সেটা পুরোপুরি বললে আর ভালো লাগত মানে ফুডকা রেকমেন্ড কোন গুলো বোঝা গেল না

  10. Surprised Mr. Lahiri didn’t offer any info on chocolates!

    It is a Classical Nahuatl word xocolātl which in turn has become chocolate by the Spanish conquistadors.

    The majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Mayans and Aztecs.

    Mexican sauce molee ‘s main ingredient is chocolate.

    Some of the best chocolates of the world come from South America. No, it is not nearly what your Amul chocolate is!

    There are three types of chocolates: criollo, forastero n trinitario.

  11. হঠাৎ যদি উঠলো কথা চকলেটের (মেহিকোতে বলা হয় সোকোলাতে) তাহলে চকলেটের লিকিঊর চেখে দেখতে অনুরোধ জানাই।গোদাইভা সবথেকে উৎকৃষ্ট আমার মতে।
    যাই, চকলেট ট্রাফল খেয়ে ঘুমোতে যাই।

  12. অনেক আশা নিয়ে জীবের জল ফেলতে ফেলতে keventers গেছিলাম, কিন্ত খুব monotonous খেতে… ওরা commonly available sausage salami কিনে বাজে তেলে ভেজে দিচ্ছে.. Poached egg টাও ভালো না… কিন্ত গুরু ambience.. ওফ.. হাতে এক মগ হট চকোলেট (যেটা Complan এর মত খেতে) নিয়ে বউ এর সাথে বসে দেখবেন.. শেষের টা optional…

  13. Your content is good but please drop this sugarto sen. He is not funny only irritating. Nothing personal against anybody just his character and cringy jokes. Mir is enough for the fun factor.

  14. Meer ektoo bhool kore felechen. Tiger Hill er height ta bolte giye Foot arr Meter e ektoo guliye gelo je. Correction er ki kono rasta aache ?

  15. Thank you for the upload 😊
    Just a couple of points –
    – Some details about the must haves at Glenary's could have enriched the video and;
    – It appeared that a lot of food was wasted 😥
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  16. I am so happy j ei episode ta jokhon tomra korte giyechile tomader sathe dekha korechi plus chobi tulechi yayyyy…r sugarto sen hol cherry on the foodka

  17. 11:07 … Momo round shaped holey ekta steamer a beshi momo eksathe steam Kora Jay, seta besh subidhajonok. Setai Karon.

  18. Keep going THE Mr Indrajit Lahiri U are doing great episodes Please continue great work ….I think people get annoyed by MIR s overacting clearly seen in video…

  19. Loved the video. However, I still don't understand the purpose of Sugarto Sen in these videos. The man isn't remotely funny, and his presence is irrelevant to where Mir and Foodka eat. So why?

  20. Taste of Glenary's, Kunga is always unbelievable and very reasonable also. Darjeeling pray e amake tene nie jay Tai Keventer's, Glenary's, Kunga era sabai Amar khub kacher, eto travel Kori kintu foodkar bhaipor dekha paina kothao. Uttarpara basira sotti khub e lucky. Ashay aachi ebhabei hoyto Kono din kothao foodkar bhaipor sathe Amar dekha hoejabe.

  21. Mir sir ami apnar khub boro fan…
    Amar o bari Murshidabad..
    Apnar Narration amar khub valo lage.
    From Sunday suspense to foodka…
    I feel proud for you as a habitat of Murshidabad…

  22. "মীর".. আপনাকে তো "পর্ক ".. খেতে দেখলাম না.. অন্য কিছু চিন্তা করার অবকাশ নিশ্চয় আপনি দেবেন না.. এটাই আশা রাখলাম 👍

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