Fruits et légumes, et pesticides, info ou intox ?

Fruits et légumes, et pesticides, info ou intox ?

We all know it, fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly
allies for our health. But sometimes, you hear
that they’re full of pesticides and could present a risk. So is that a fact or fiction? Here’s precision to clarify the situation: pesticides should not be mixed up
with pesticide residues.  Pesticides are natural
or synthetic substances that can be used during the production
of fruit and vegetables to protect them from predators:
insects, molds, rodents…  Following these treatments, tiny traces may remain in the food, that’s called pesticide residue. In order to guarantee healthy products
to the consumer, the presence of these substances
is strictly regulated with a value
for each residue not to be exceeded, set food-by-food
on scientific assessment. Every year the authorities
carry out thousands of field checks up to the store to ensure
that these values are respected.  The results of this monitoring are clear: according to the latest data
available in France, in 97% of the cases,
the regulations are complied with and in one out of two cases,
no measurable trace of pesticide residue is found. So talking about pesticide-laden fruits
and vegetables is clearly fake news.  To learn more about fruits and vegetables,
visit Graines de savoir. 

One thought on “Fruits et légumes, et pesticides, info ou intox ?

  1. C'est quoi cette PUB de merde? J'ai été agriculteur, j'ai étudié le cas des produits phytopharmaceutiques, dire que ça n'as aucune incidence sur la santé est faux, résidus ou pas. On parle aussi de leurs emplois? Tenue complète avec masque, gant et botte. Les jonctions doivent être bouchées à l'aide de scotch. C'est pas un peu vénère pour des produits soit disant inoffensif? Vous voulez foutez de la gueule du monde.

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