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Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen And today we’re going to focus on the lunchbox back-to-school is here and I know a lot of you are getting ready to Make your kids lunches and send them off with a good nutritious meal today I’m gonna share with you an idea not an original one, but a delicious one nonetheless. We’re gonna be making these Garden vegetable peppered turkey pinwheel sandwiches. Let’s go see how these all come together Okay, we are gonna get started making this super simple Lunchbox idea now back to school is coming up. Maybe some of you have already sent your children back to school for the fall semester My girls will not start their college classes up for the fall semester For I think a couple of weeks they just finished their summer semesters So they’ve been working hard all summer, and I’m really proud of them I don’t have to pack lunches anymore so much, but I know a lot of you do I know sometimes we get in a rut and it’s hard for us to come up with new ideas Our kids get bored with the same old same old so I know this isn’t probably an original idea And I know that you maybe have already made these but this is just an idea to throw out there Maybe you haven’t thought of this or maybe you haven’t seen it. So we’re gonna make some delicious pinwheel sandwiches with Pepper Turkey our garden vegetable cream cheese spread and some burrito sized tortillas That’s as easy as this gets really simple So I have some peppered turkey over here from the deli You can use roasted chicken. You can use roast beef ham whatever you like, but take a couple Tablespoons or so maybe even just a tablespoon of this delicious spread now Remember this is made with cream cheese and goat cheese and All sorts of fresh veggies and herbs and if you didn’t see my video on how to make this I will leave a link there Will be an I card on the screen and there will be a link down below As well as an information card at the end of the video just spread that as much or as little as you like ease Evenly as possible across the tortilla you don’t need to worry too much about getting it all the way out to these edges because you’re gonna end up cutting most of Those off so and I’m just gonna shingle some turkey movie three or four slices Remember, this is for more than one person and this is also a great option for the holidays you can also put some red pepper strips roasted red pepper strips in here or Sliced long sliced cucumber if you want to sneak some extra veggies into your kids diet That’s always a great option to ultimately and in a perfect world What you would want to do is wrap this in plastic and put it in the refrigerator For a couple of hours to set up before you slice it but what I like to do is go ahead and let’s cut off these ends because And those can be Cook Street or you’ll find somebody to eat them And there are a couple ways you can do this you can cut it like sushi And just cut it like a couple of inches or you can cut it a little bit smaller than that So if you do it just like pinwheel style you can cut it that way if you want it to be more like sushi You would cut it that thick like so you could also do it on a bias and give it an even different look So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go ahead and set this up as if we were gonna send it to school with our kids and then I’ll just give you a little creative idea of how It would look if you were gonna do that in the morning or if you make these the night before or if you make these All on a Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon in preparation for the rest of the week Leave them whole slice them up as neat it and send them off to School with your kids and that makes getting lunch ready in the morning even that much more easy. So I’ll be right back well there you have it our Garden vegetable peppered turkey pinwheel sandwiches. These are delicious we’re gonna be eating these for lunch today and Rick already ate some so he says they’re really good and I’ve had a taste of them and they are really good now Depending on the age and size of your kid, you’re gonna want to adapt or adjust the amount that you send them This would be plenty even for me to take for lunch if I were going to work with this I’ve also put a half of an apple and this is a new Apple It’s called a co root apple we found these at our local market and they’re from New Zealand They’re a new hybrid and boy are they delicious I had daresay that they’re even more delicious than a Honey Crisp They have a just a delicious flavor. They’re not too sweet. They’re super crisp They’re a little bit tangy and they’re just really refreshing. But if you love a good crisp clean Apple look for these in your store. I’m sure that they’re making their way across the country. They’re called Co root apples. See that’s K Oru, Ric happened upon the other day. We bought all ours at Walmart So I’m sure that you’ll be able to find them in your area as well. That’s how you make these delicious sandwiches I hope that that gives you a nice fresh Idea of how you can send your kids back to school and help keep the boring out of the lunchbox if you like the idea Please consider giving me a thumbs up. And if you are new to my kitchen, welcome, welcome welcome I always I’m so glad to invite new friends into the kitchen and and Have them join me when I’m making all these delicious things as always If you are a tried-and-true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family Please remember to hit the bell notification button so that you don’t miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right from our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen So I hope you give these garden vegetable pepper Turkey pinwheel sandwiches a try and I hope that you love them and until next time I’ll see you

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