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Hello, It’s time for breakfast ! I’m gonna show you what I eat And then I am going to cook ! Here is my breakfast, It’s always the same, Rye bread, Peanut butter and one banana Now I am going to try an avocado brownie recipe I’ll show you how it looks like I am going to start the brownie I just pre-heat my hoven at 180°C ( 350° F) I am doing an avocado brownie, to replace the butter, I show you my ingredients I also put my beautiful japanese apron Let’s go ! Here are the ingredients I need, to prepare my brownie One avocado, Three eggs, non-sugar cocoa, complete cane sugar, Dark chocolate, and corn starch + wholemeal flour At the end I will add small walnuts ! I am melting my chocolat in a double boiler my chocolate is melted, We are going to add it in the batter I just got it out of the hoven I am going to unmold it, and show you after, but mostly, we want to know if it’s good !! Here it is, I cut it ! I am waiting for Seb, to taste it verdict later I think it’s quite pretty ! For lunch, I did something really simple, there is no more left in the fridge, 2 eggs, rye bread, and a salad made of cucumber, tomatoes and feta it’s time to go food shopping ! So it’s time for the verdict Seb is going to try the brownie I made earlier So this recipe is great ? Avocado instead of butter ! It’s really good Hmmm it smells good ! This avocado thing is crazy Not dry at all ! It’s really great Great recipe We are going to the grocery store ! Come on, vamos We’re here Let’s go Wholemeal bread I heard this appelsauce is super good It costs 3 € the jar, it’s good I would like some peanut butter, but I can’t find it.. There is almond butter Found it ! Apple / Strawberry, Apple.. I am going to take this (Maple syrup) because I heard it was less calorific than agave syrup, just to change a bit We are going to take wholemeal tortillas to do fajitas on this week end I am taking chickpeas to prepare falafels For a little cheat.. To go with a small hot chocolate.. Do I take the white one ? You don’t have to cross these shelfs.. Oh my god, nightmare.. They are not beautiful The store had a breakdown.. “craving for freshness” They add a chewing-gum shelf.. they are crazy.. It’s nonsense We found a small shelf of vegetarian products we are going to try that out I’d like to try this in the fajitas We are going to buy this, we would like to do the beef/ cheese brochette, you know that there are in japanese restaurants, We are going to try to do this and take some “comté” (french cheese) This is what we are taking to do the beef&cheese brochettes Do we know these ones ? No What we see over there is our scooter we just finished shopping Come on, let’s go ! We just came home, and we are soaked.. Pleasure to have a scooter ! Here is all the vegetarian products we bought we are not vegetarians, but we like to change our protein sources and we eat less and less meat, there it’s vegetables, and legumin Sweet potatoe, chickpeas to cook some falafel aspargus, and spinach then we have all our desserts, unflavoured soy yogurt, strawberry soy yogurt, and different non add sugar applesauce to treat ourselves, we bought what we need to do fajitas we also bought what we need for breakfast, wholemeal flour, peanut butter, maple syrup and organic chocolate/hazelnut spread so, I have some cheese, some thin slices of beef I take one slice one piece of cheese, I take off the crust And I wrap it We are going to put toothpick on each side, to help us when we cook these and you do like you are wrapping a present here it is it’s even better than at the restaurant it was super easy to do, isn’t it ?! It’s so good Have you finished ? Are you tired ? Let’s go out the lights are turned off, the gym is closing Show me your eyes, they are so red What about you ? Come on, high five Are you okay ? Show me your little biceps Made with soy I am trying to grill it a little Yes it’s working Rice, vegetarian spicy sausages, tomatoes and feta There you are Hello Are you tired hon’ ? You did a big workout ? Good night ! Bon appetit ! Thank you

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