Growing Amaranth Greens – A Nutrition Powerhouse

Growing Amaranth Greens – A Nutrition Powerhouse

A leafy green that’s more nutritious than
Kale learn more about Amaranth greens [music] So there are two common types of Amaranth varieties that you can find The first type is the purple amaranth And the second variety of Amaranth is the green Amaranth you can easily buy Amaranth seeds in
a lot of places and in the video description I will also
provide a link where you can buy your seeds Amaranth seeds are usually started
in a seed starting mix the reason being Amaranth transplants
really well and being a cool season crop you can grow Amaranth indoors while your bed is preparing or your containers are
being prepared Amaranth seeds take about 10 to 15 days for germination I usually
leave my seeds to germinate in the green house
it creates a nice humid environment and and increases the
germination rate quite a lot So you can see the Amaranth seedlings
towards the left I’m also growing some spinach in the
same seed starting container and as you can
see if they have germinated pretty well and while the
seed are germinating they do not need any kind of nutrition or
fertilizer till they develop their first set of
leaves an Amaranth has very shallow root systems so you can even sow the seeds directly in
a small container so as you can see here we are using two
kinds of containers one is about a 6 inch high plastic container where you can sow the seeds directly and you
will soon see towards end of this video that the Amaranth has shallow root systems so it’s easy to grow them even in
containers like this baking tray that you see here and you can already see that the Amaranth seedlings have now
sprouted within about 10 to 15 days and it’s now time for us to transplant
these amaranth seedlings into bigger
containers when the seedlings are about 3or 4 inches tall you can easily
transplant these seedlings into a container make sure you
separate out all the seedlings so that they have
adequate space to grow you do not want your seedlings to be
crowded around each other Now what’s the big deal about
growing leafy greens like Amaranth well they are a great source of Vitamin A Vitamin C they contain a lot of
minerals and nutritionally they are actually better
than kale which itself is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition so growing
and eating a lot of greens like Amaranth, Kale, spinach swiss chard will not only give you a
very healthy mind it will also give you a very healthy
body and will also let your body fight a lot of diseases now for these Amaranth seedlings I did
not use a lot of fertilizer while they were growing but the potting mix that I have did
have some added fertilizer in it and that was sufficient for it to provide
nutrition to all these Amaranth greens
that were growing so Amaranth is not a very heavy feeder but if you do not have fertilizer added
to your potting mix then I would recommend that you feed
your Amaranth plants with a nice liquid fertilizer every 3 weeks or so while they grow and they grow pretty fast you can expect
to harvest Amaranth about thirty to forty days after you have
transplanted the seedlings and as you can see the seedlings are
growing pretty well here and this container is not very deep you can even use shallower
containers for growing Amaranth so the Nitrogen requirements for
Amaranth are pretty high which is why you would
use a fertilizer like fish fertilizer or seaweed or an all-purpose fertilizer to
feed your Amaranth plants So as you can see the stem have now become thicker and the leaves are growing
very well and it’s still not time to harvest the Amaranth
Greens…we’ll let them grow for just a few days before we harvest them so at this stage you can see that the
plant has become a little bushy it started growing out multiple leaves from around the stem and at this stage you
can go ahead and harvest your Amaranth greens and as you can see here the roots are very
shallow which is what I mentioned in the
beginning of this video that you can actually use containers
that are not very deep for growing Amaranth so baking trays are perfect you can even grow them in shallow six-inch containers So do you go Amaranth greens? Or now
that you know what Amaranth greens are would you like to
try growing them in your garden? do let me know what you think and I’ll
see you again soon Happy Gardening! [music]

91 thoughts on “Growing Amaranth Greens – A Nutrition Powerhouse

  1. Great info!!. Do you use these cooked or raw?I have a few red amaranth growing. If you take the leaves as harvest will the plant regrow like lettuce?

  2. It looks really good.  Lots of recipes on youtube for this.  Some for the seed, and some for the leaf.  I will try this!!  Thank you!!

  3. I grew the red vegetable amaranth last year, mostly for the seeds, which I heard can be used like a grain or popped like popcorn. No lie, the red amaranth grew taller than me! I had a forest of red amaranth trees sporting bright magenta plumes full of seeds. A very stunning plant once full grown, I received many compliments from the neighbors- most had never seen nor heard of amaranth. But the seeds proved a pain to harvest so this year I think I'll just grow one or two plants instead of a miniature forest. The leaves are good to eat as long as you harvest them early.

  4. Very nice information, this is why I enjoy your videos so much – you show us the entire life cycle of plants and provide great information rather than the other pointless videos of what people do in their garden wearing skimpy clothes LOL. You are an expert!

  5. Another execellent video from one of the best on You tube. I appreciate that you share all the sources for the projects

  6. There are around 60 something varieties i have heard, they come in many heights leaf sizes and colours, i love all the Tri colour plants, with their purples and reds and yellows in the leaves. My Chinese varieties like the purple veined variety shown in the video grow to around 7 foot in my garden, i am always picking it and it gets vary bushy and looks fantastic as a decorative plant. And once you grow it you will alway have it, as it self seeds and they will pop up everywhere giving you en endless supply of greens.

  7. Thanks for Sharing.  Just Starting to Grow Amaranth in The Fraser Valley, Bc     This is what I got So far :

  8. Hi I'm growing Amaranth leaves do I need to put some seeds again for the same pot after harvesting them complete

  9. I have some amaranth, but I did not know you could eat the greens, only the seeds. Since I love sprouting all kinds of greens. I am going to try this now! Can you leave the plant planted and just cut the top off and have it grow back, like you do with purslane? Thanks so much for this very good information! This needs to be more well known. BTW. do you know anything about growing lemongrass? I bought some seed and have six tiny seedlings I would like very much to get bigger! Any suggestions? 🙂

  10. I live in a warm part of Mexico.  I planted the seeds in a potting mix in trays and within three days, they had sprouted.  Within a week The sprouts grew to 10cm high and have now turned quite limp.  Are the leaves and proper stem to develop? what else should I expect? thanks

  11. Until I saw this video I didn't know that what we call Chaurai Bhaji in Bhojpuri was nothing but Amaranth! Is there a common North Indian or Hindi name for this plant? Here in Toronto, both the red and green amaranth grow wild in our garden soil and show up like weeds! My garden amaranth seeds are black and not white like yours in the video, maybe a different species.

  12. hi thank you very much for the nice video..another very useful one for home gardeners .we checked the link for seeds in description..but that is for red leaves..we are planning to grow the green variety. ..could you please share the link where you got green seeds from ..thank you

  13. Thank you for a great video! I am just learning about Amaranth.  Can you tell me the variety of your plant and where I can obtain seeds to grow?  Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Hello..
    Thank so much for sharing so many beautiful videos..
    Received my seeds from amazon.. They sprout very soon but Unfortunately they are growing long thin thread stem with a 2 little leaves!!
    Thank you!

  15. I have an amaranth plant that accidentally became established in a crack in the pavement on my front porch. It also "accidentally" reached a height of about 7 feet, with beautiful, long flower strands. It fell over today, so I need to harvest the greens quickly. It was like a small tree. It started in June! One of the highest conversion rates of sunlight into biomass. Thank you for the video 🙂

  16. In the spring, I grew golden Amaranth. My experience yielded large green leaves, but the leaves were attacked by bugs. I did see some potato beetles on the leaves (they were next to my potato cage), but I'm not convinced that is what did all the damage. Now, I was mainly growing the plant to harvest the Amaranth grain, but had no idea greens were edible, though they usually are and we just don't take advantage of that part of the plant. Thanks for the info. I've been looking at a lot of youtubes for gardening. Your videos are one of the best sources out there with the best quality. Thanks for all your hard work, and sharing your know-how.

  17. I have a plant growing that look like the variegated red and green variety but with no plume. It has what looks like seeds developing on the top but still green, do you feel this is a true aramanth I have that has self-sown?

  18. I've had the hardest time eating greens my whole life. I still wanna try this. Even if I don't like it I'd have to eat less of it. Videos like this are exactly what the world needs! Empowerment of the individual.

  19. Thanks for the informative video!!
    I recently bought some amaranth seeds for sprouting, but that didn't work very well. However, I heard that amaranth microgreens are excellent. I think I'll try that during the winter and grow some outdoors during the regular growing season.

    Thanks again!!

  20. I've just ordered two varieties of heirloom amaranth seeds and I'm going to start growing them as soon as they arrive.

    Want to do a quick stir-fry with them, your idea of using chiles for flavoring is a good one…….

  21. i live in thailand in isaan is it to hot to grow amaranth im thinking of growing on a plot 1600m2 intercropping with teak trees planted 2x2m2 growing in between the teak thank you for any info

  22. I went to local bulk grocery and I bought enough to heavily seed my second salad garden for only 6 cents (US $) it's working great and some are coming us purple and others green.

  23. we call amaranth as spinach in english, but in our languange is "bayam", so when you google translate bayam into english it's spinach

  24. I have a question about harvesting. Do you need to pull the plant or you can cut the plant and it will regrow?

  25. I see some little white bugs on my amaranthus. It's eating all of the plants. I tried neem oil but it's not working.

  26. In Tucson they grow wild next to roads in August after monsoons. It is called pig weed. In Telugu there is broad lead Amaranth called Thota-koora, you should try it. It is a delicious vegetable. They are grown In Carribbean too. Did you try Roselle? Seeds availble on

  27. You should sell seeds from your garden. You can use ebay, There is shortage for roselle, moringa, curry leaf seeds. Not for money, people benefit from useful products that are genuinely organic like yours.

  28. I've got a back garden that's always had a weed problem. Is there a weed preventer I can spread out that will still let amaranth greens grow? Or is my best hope just to actively keep on weeding by hand?

    Also, I saw somewhere that amaranth will re-grow if you snip the plant right above the surface, is there any truth to that?

  29. I've been trying to grow this plant in CT every year with no success. I started indoor and the seem to take forever to germinate. It doesn't matter how many I plant, very few grow, and they dont' grow very much. Any suggestions?

  30. have a pot with a few amaranth plants in it, the leaves started developing these white dots on them, what are they? How do I get rid of them

  31. i am trying to grow Amaranth using no pesticides or any other artificial fertilizer, so can u please help me with what organic i can use to grow???

  32. Great info. Yes, we grow amaranth here in Canada but we harvest then cutting the top then the side shoots grow even larger & we keep harvesting from it several times until frost. Thanks ??

  33. My amaranth has just sprouted. It looks leggy . I am afraid it will go back to soil. Any suggestions please ? I live in south India

  34. Thank you for this video because I am growing amaranth right now and was not sure when to harvest it. Do you eat the greens raw with a salad or do you cook them?

  35. When you separate seedlings that way you severely traumatize them. Maybe start in 4" pots. My approach is to grow a large plant and harvest leaves as it grows. The plants will also put out side branches that can be harvested.

  36. Lovely and informative clip! I have some seedlings growing and will try to get them in the garden. The only thing I miss is where to plant them, shade, semi shade or full sun? Maybe someone can let me know. Thank you

  37. My first batch of seedlings are coming up down. I'm so excited to try them! I planted them densely but I may try and transplant a few to get the larger plants.

  38. Hi!! After watching this video, I planted amranthus in by backyard. The seeds sprouted in 4 days in the green house (I made my own green house with boxes and plastic bags) after it sprouted I don't see any growth it's been more than 2 weeks now. From yesterday I've been noticing that they are kind of looking dried out. Can you please tell me the reason for this. What can I do to improve.

  39. Thank you for this amazing channel about gardening. You are doing a very big service to the community by showing how easy and enjoyable it is to be able to grow our own food. All your videos are truly inspiring and motivating.

  40. Thank you so much for your videos. They are all very informative. I have a question, is there any advantage if we start them in seed starting tray n repot them(for leafy greens)? Also I could see you have 3 plants in that big pot. don't they do well when crowded?

  41. Yes I do have amaranth plants both green n purple. I use them in my cuisines n I m VERY happy to harvest them very often

  42. Great video! I’m curious: is it possible to harvest only a few of the leaves and let the plant continue to grow, like some leaf lettuces?

  43. I purchased seeds through the link you provided shipping was fast…the seeds germinate in 3 days.. the green house you showed in this clip where can I buy those.

  44. I grow lots of amaranth. U don't have to do so much work. They grow extremely well by direct seeding. I don't even bury them, I just sprinkle the seeds on the soil, water that spot heavily and pat em Down to make sure there's good soil contact. I planted one packet last year and they self seeded all over. I harvest the leaves year round and leave the roots, stems, and a third of the leaves there. U can continue harvesting leaves from them all year and they'll keep growing more and even if u keep harvesting off them, they'll still provide u with thousands of free seeds. When the seed heads mature, u can cut em off and save some for planting, sprouting, and microgreens… And if u still have more seed, they make a great grain.

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