Guavas Benefits During Pregnancy | Guava Nutrition Facts And How To Eat Guava Fruit Seed

Guavas Benefits During Pregnancy | Guava Nutrition Facts And How To Eat Guava Fruit Seed

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Channel, in this video, we are going to explore benefits of guava fruit for pregnant women
and other important things those who are not pregnant should know. What To Expect in this video. 1. Nine Benefits of guava for pregnant women. 2. How to eat the guava fruit. 3. benefits of guava seeds. 4. benefits of guava leaves. 5. guava nutrition facts. In our next video, we will explore common
side effects and more benefits of this nutrition rich fruit. Before we proceed, if you have not subscribed
to the channel, consider subscribing now using the subscribe button and bell icon. Guavas are small tropical fruits common in
tropical regions. They come in seasons and their rinds can be
red or yellow or green. This fruit can be eaten in its raw form or
with other fruits or juiced into liquid for drinking. The guava fruit, seed, and leaves have great
benefits which are neglected by so many people. Benefits of guava for pregnant women. Pregnant women tend to gain a lot from consuming
guava. Some of these benefits are. 1. Guavas help in maintaining the blood pressure,
which is important in avoiding premature births. 2. For regulating blood sugar level. 3. Increased hemoglobin levels, which is a requirement
for good red blood cells formation. 4. Eating guavas helps in boosting the body�s
immune system due to the antioxidants and high vitamin C content. 5. Hemorrhoids are prevented when pregnant women
eat guavas because of the rich fiber content. 6. Guavas contain magnesium which is a good relaxant. This helps to keep the nerves and muscles
relaxed, thus, reducing stress and promoting rest. 7. Guavas are rich in calcium, an essential element
in the formation of fetus bones. 8. For controlling morning sickness. Eating the guava fruit without the seeds is
a good way of regulating the early morning nauseous feeling of pregnant women. 9. In the development of the fetus� nervous
system. Guavas contain folic acid, a vital nutrient
for the development of the fetus� nervous system. How to eat the guava fruit. There are several ways to eat the guava fruit
but all begin with first knowing whether the fruit is ripe or not. To know if a guava is ripe, after picking,
press onto it with your fingers; if it is soft and yellow then it�s ripe. After picking a ripe guava, make sure to wash
it well and start eating or blend it to make a juice from it. If you don�t care for the rinds, then you
can slice the guava into two and scoop the inner part using a spoon. Benefits of guava seeds. Virtually every part of the guava has great
health benefits. Eating the seeds helps in the prevention of
diseases such as diabetes and cancers. In addition, eating the seeds is a good source
of iron and vitamins that can help to prevent coughs and colds. Benefits of guava leaves. The guava leaves contain anti-inflammatory
substances which are important for relieving the body from body pains. The juice of guava leaves has potent oral
properties that make it good for the teeth and gums. Nutritional facts of guava. Guava contains much water with low carbohydrates
and fats content. In addition, guava is rich in antioxidants
like lycopene and thiamin, and vitamins such as vitamins C, E, and K, which are essential
body nutrients and help in the prevention of diseases. Adding guavas to your daily diet is a good
way of filling you with the body�s required nutrients. For more motivational and natural health videos,
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