Gutfeld: Why is Obama tweeting about economy instead of supporting Biden?

Gutfeld: Why is Obama tweeting about economy instead of supporting Biden?

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  1. Oh yeah…..The same idiot President who stole $1600 for two years, because my wife and I couldn't afford health insurance!!! I got three words for Obozo…. GET A CLUE!!!

  2. Under Obama in 2015 my 20 year history with my employer med insurance deductible was changed from a $2,500 deductible I totally paid this $2,500. through a medical savings account each of those 20 years. After Obama's Obamacare "mandated med insurance plan" my deductible and copayment out of pocket went up to $5,500.

  3. Under President Obama there was growth there is no doubt about that, however when you look at President Trump’s presidency, you will see that President Trump brought back so many Obama policies that his so-called “legacy” it’s not really aplliable to the economy anymore

  4. That note Obama sighed was a plant for a time such as now; if HRC got in she would have finished what Obama started and that is the destruction of our great country. We see very clearly… My opinion is Obama will be disgraced for what he has done to us; us meaning, the folks that are aware and tuned in to reality and those that are ignorant to what is goin on around them.

  5. Obama wants all the credit and none of the blame, same as all other presidents. He would blame the rise of ISIS in 2014 after the withdrawal of most US troops in 2011 before the Iraq govt & defence was ready on the president at the time except that he WAS that president.

  6. I think the reason why Obama selected Biden as his running mate is because he knows Biden was stupid and he will agree to whatever Obama wants to do. That's why more people were on poverty and on food stamps because Biden didn't have a clue. Biden must be really heart broken that Obama didn't want to endorse him but instead endorse Bloomberg.

  7. There is a really smart guy out there that said something that nobody ever considered. Trump has spoken many times about how well the economy is doing, but the left/media continues to say otherwise. When Obama shoots his mouth off and takes credit for the current state of the economy, he is in fact stating the the economy is doing well. Correct me if I am not right. In other words, he is verifying that the economy is doing well or he would not take credit for it.

  8. Just wait until it comes out that Obama, Biden and Holder conspired the Sandy Hook staged event in order to disarm you.

  9. Barry's legacy is in tatters. He still thinks he's president. Delusions of grandeur, treachery, spying, collaborating and a lot more to answer for.

  10. Oldfarmer ( he is getting his inspiration from visiting the sewerage farm because that's all he can talk ) sorry that it takes a long time for your pee brain to respond to what is happening in America it did not become a communist country like you demorats planed but a better America under Donald Trump administration I wish I was younger so that I could have applied to move to America so wake up you're going down the drain to where you and your rats belong 👎👎👎😈

  11. Why? Because Biden is a 2 time loser and a racists. Biden says foolish things and is very indecisive.
    Biden is the definition of a political failure. Who would endorse this Malarkey?

  12. Yea, the antichrist dictator that more than DOUBLED our National Debt is talking about our economy. What a hypocrite. WHY CAN'T WE GET RID OF OBAMA AND MIKE?? NWO.

  13. The military was totally run down under Obama. Leaving USA open to be invaded easily. Also no money spent on infra structure. He didn’t look after sick vets. Vote Trump .. he’s the real thing.

  14. History wasn't that long ago when. NBC CBS ABC CNN MSNBC all said that Trump didn't have a chance. Now Fox is getting involved. Which makes Bernie Sanders even stronger. Good job media. Whatever MSM wants, We don't.

  15. Everything wrong that happened when Obama was president was because of Bush. Now Obama is claiming everything good happening is because of what he did it 11 yrs ago. RIGHT !!! oh, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

  16. Former President Obama, analysis of the economy, is akin to Rosie O’Donnell giving beauty secrets.

    Former President Obama, does not have an economics degree, this would preclude him, from the most minute, grasp of how an economy functions, and or its history.

    I do not recall him, ever even running a lemonade stand, for that matter.

    Merely being present at the time of economic growth, does not entitle you to take credit for it. I believe it was actually, former President Bush administration, who came up with the tarp bailout.

    I do not agree with tarp, I believe it was a huge mistake. There were other remedies at hand to handle the situation. I believe we were forced by the Fed to engage in this monstrosity. Barry Soetoro and Mitt Romney see no problem with the feds actions.

    Do you?

    What will those consequences be?

    Who will bear the burden of those consequences?

  17. It matters to me Obama done nothing for American,other than fill his own pockets ,He is a trader and should be locked up.

  18. The ARRA act…2010
    I was an HR person in large company at time that had huge layoffs…it even led me to wait in carnival/disney type lines at the unemployment office myself. No joking. Obama made this statement many..many times during his Presicency…and it rang true…
    "America is undergoing a TRANSFER OF WEALTH". The transfer of wealth was from every American citizen to a corrupt fraud bank bailout. I went from always working to countess unemployment lines.

  19. The obama man just won’t let go…he wants to be in front of the cameras…such a loser, liar, thief,and he’s a muslim

  20. Joe Biden: you don’t get the billion unless you fire the prosecutor.
    President of Ukraine: you’re not the president, you dont have that kind of authority.
    Joe Biden: CALL HIM (President Obama).

    Prosecutor gets fired.

  21. The High Definition TV is killing these Fox Hosts ( bad teeth,aging faces, hair color ) The Dems are not their biggest enemy. Technology is. You can really see the blemishes. Image isn't taken into consideration at Fox with the size of Gutfeld's nose? What is that hair dye? Face it Greg You aren't aging well and not even 50, are you?

  22. Because 44 doesn’t want to lose his term of office. ….. although BHO is a good community organiser but a lousy leader trump has that title hands down

  23. Where else have you seen a president whose performance is rated after he leaves office yet he was in it for 8 years? 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Obama taking credit for the current economy, is like an incompetent, fired football coach whose team was in last place for 8 years under his leadetrship claiming that it's his doing that the team – after 3 years under a new coach – is now in 1st place. Never underestimate some peoples' capacity for self-deception.

  25. Obama has only ever cared about Obama. It's a clinical narcissism coupled with psychopathy. He one said in an interview that he doesn't cheat on his wife due to the political risks. I'm still curious, however, why the great Obama waited until Trump took office to turn around Obama's economy, after claiming in 2016 that even Hillary wouldn't be able to fix the damage he did.

  26. Obama: creator of the multi-job, minimum-wage household. Congrats. Creating millions of part-time, minimum-wage jobs is your legacy…

  27. Obama is not going to back anyone until it's time for Hillary or Michelle to take center stage.
    I THINK it will be Hillary, but Obama may be grooming Michelle in the shadows, getting "her" ready to make "her" move.

  28. So, Obama wants to take credit all to himself for the booming economy. Yet, he told business owners that if they have a successful business, "You didn't build that". How can he take credit for the biggest economy in the world by signing a bill, but people who woke up early, stayed late, risked their life savings, and probably borrowed money,and tried to comply with excessive regulations they didn't deserve credit?!?

  29. administration needs to fix the homeless, before, we take care of other countries.. his numbers don't look so good when u.s.a. people are begging on every street corner.

  30. Takes a lot of gall to say Obama created this economy. What a crock. Only an idiot would believe it. If the fake people pump this as truth,,,,,,, and John Q. Public buys into it,,,,,,,,lord have mercy on the boy from down in the boondocks.

  31. Interesting how obama spent 8 years blaming Bush for everything during his presidency and now taking credit for everything President Trump has accomplished

  32. ATTENTION YOUTUBE: Are you f**** serious? You're going to make me watch these entire Bloomberg ads? All you're doing is making me more determined to re-elect Trump as president! Keep up the great work YouTube Maybe you are influencing more people to vote for Trump!

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