Handmade Lasagna As Made By Joe Sasto • Tasty

Handmade Lasagna As Made By Joe Sasto • Tasty

100 thoughts on “Handmade Lasagna As Made By Joe Sasto • Tasty

  1. Woowwwww!!! Amazing recipe! I am also a small youtuber who loves to cook!!! I love your recipe they inspire me a lot! Please check out my cahnnel and show some support!!

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  4. Mr. Sasto, i am irish & i assume you are Italian, great recipe, many folks on here are confused because they have never had lasagna agi spinachi, it is great, i also like fettucini al fredo agi spinachi, delicious. If they would try it , they would really like it as the spinachi is not overpowering & i think the green color has them confused. btw, nice moustache my friend, i have one also.

  5. I'm on my way to the mall and I'm changing my plans! Whatever I had in mind before, now it is flour, milk, meat, cheese and tomatoes! 😀

  6. Perfect, I was JUST making lunch, was going to make Spaghetti Bolognese, all from scratch, so I have my raw tomatoes on the stovetop simmering away as I watch videos, and I already kneaded my pasta dough which is resting in the fridge. But now I want Lasagna instead, so I guess I'm not having Spaghetti today.

  7. Yeah – I'm not making my own pasta dough! Too intimidating and I'd hate to ruin a lasagna by my lack of pasta making skills

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