Hardgainer Eating Plan (FULL DAY + TIPS!)

Hardgainer Eating Plan (FULL DAY + TIPS!)

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today we’re talking about Hardgainers. Hardgainers. JESSE: Who you callin’ a ‘Hardgainer’? Look… JEFF: Easy. Easy, soldier. Hard gainers. Honestly, when it comes to hard gainers, a
lot of times we can call them ‘under eaters’. We know, nutritionally, it’s very difficult
to add muscle when you’re very, very much an under eater. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: When we talk about that, I’ve always
been on the side of the fence that you don’t want to sacrifice – never sacrifice – nutrient
dense foods. Nutrient dense food is sometimes just as important
as the overall amount of food you bring in. Jesse was, at one point, very much eating
a lot of food, but nothing good. Right? JESSE: No, it was all shit. It was cheeseburgers – well, not good cheeseburgers. Like, McDonald’s, pizza; crap like that. JEFF: Right. Ice cream and cake. That’s all he ate. It’s very difficult to build high quality
muscle when you’re eating nothing but garbage. When you trade off for some nutrient quality,
here’s the problem – and this is where I think a lot of Hardgainers trip up. It becomes very difficult to eat calorically
dense foods when you’re eating nutrient dense foods. I’ve just said a mouthful there. When you’re eating nutrient dense foods,
a lot of times they’re not packed with many calories. I’ll give you some options later, but they’re
not really packed with many calories. So, as you start to clean up the quality of
your nutrition – and Jesse is an athlete. I believe in high quality nutrition to fuel
athletes. Then it becomes more challenging for you to
eat more. So, what I want to do is in this video is
show you and give you specific strategies that Jesse has even used himself, to try and
allow himself to eat more. Guys, it’s just like training. There’s a process to this. It doesn’t happen overnight. The very first thing you want to do is, you
cannot try to cram additional calories into the same number of meals. Let’s say you’re eating three times a
day. Trying to cram additional calories, or a significant
amount of calories into those three meals is, often times, setting you up for failure,
as Jesse can attest to. And someone – not even three meals, no? JESSE: No. It was two meals. I wasn’t eating breakfast. It was lunch and dinner, but it was never
anything that great. But even when I tried to add more food to
those two meals, or even if I had breakfast and tried to add substance to those meals,
I’d feel sick. I’d feel nauseous or uncomforted. Too full, too fast. It wasn’t working. JEFF: It’s the equivalent of going in – if
you’re a 225lb bencher and going to try and bench 400lbs. It’s not going to work. What you need to do is increase the number
of times you eat in a day. It’s not the magical six meals. We’ve proven that’s not even necessary
for building muscle. But for Hardgainers what it does is, it gives
you more eating opportunities. So that’s the very first thing you want
to do. Piling on top of that is something Jesse did,
which was physically setting reminders to eat. JESSE: Yeah. I set reminders on my phone for every few
hours. Just general reminders- JEFF: It’s the concussions. The 20 concussions that make this mandatory
for Jesse. JESSE: That’s part of it. That’s part of it, but sometimes we get
so caught up in work, as students we get caught up in school; everything like that. Honestly, sometimes we just forget to eat
and when you’re not hungry all the time it’s easy to skip those meals. So, I have an alarm on my phone that, every
couple of hours, it says “Eat your breakfast”, “Eat your snack”, “Eat your lunch”. JEFF: Guys, it’s going to feel like adding
weight to the bar. If you know you have to add weight to the
bar in this workout to be progressing from the last time you trained, you still need
to bump up your calories progressively as well. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: So, it becomes a mandatory part of the
process. The next thing is chronicling the food you
eat. I’m talking about doing this, guys. I’m not a guy who talks about and advocates
writing down everything you eat. That becomes monotonous and defeating over
the long term. But when you’re a Hardgainer, the one thing
I have – forget Hardgainer. Guys trying to lose weight and guys trying
to gain weight, the number one thing I ask for – I ask for one thing and I’ve told
you this story before. I ask for one thing. Write down two or three days of what you eat. Every, single thing you put in your mouth. To this day, I still think I’m only at about
5 that I’ve ever received back from somebody. Do you know why? Because when you ask somebody to chronicle
what they eat and everything they put into their mouths over the course of a couple of
days it becomes eye opening for them as well. What happened to you? JESSE: I was embarrassed, honestly. I saw how little I was eating. I thought I was eating- JEFF: He thought he was eating a ton. A lot of times what people do is tend to not
eat anywhere near what they think. When the people that are struggling with weight
loss start writing down what they eat and forget all the little things they ‘forgot’
they ate, it becomes very apparent that they’re eating too much. The next thing you want to do is appreciate
the value of liquid calories. Liquid calories are a lot easier to consume
than sometimes chewing, and chewing, and chewing more, and more, and more solid foods. JESSE: 100% fact. JEFF: Okay. So, give me a couple of examples of what you
did. JESSE: I started off with smoothies. Mostly now I like to have protein shakes or
a milkshake and throw some whey in there because I feel like it’s tasty and I’m able to
get that protein, and those calories- JEFF: Guys, people have used a gallon of milk. JESSE: Oh! JEFF: I think Jesse actually had a little
bit of- JESSE: Oh, don’t get started now. JEFF: Guys, I’m not an advocate on milk,
in all seriousness. A lot of times what happens is, yes, there
are a lot of calories in the GOMAD approach. However, it does start to very much interfere
with your ability to tolerate and want to eat additional solid foods. You were- JESSE: It wreaked havoc on my stomach. It was awful. JEFF: It’s difficult, but milk itself is
a very viable, calorically dense food that you can eat that is in liquid form. JESSE: Yeah, I’ve added a glad of milk to
my breakfast and to dinner as well. Just because it’s a few extra calories and
it’s easy to drink. JEFF: So, I mentioned calorically dense. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: The last thing you have to do is start
making the calorie dense, nutrient dense foods staples within your diet. What do we mean by that? Well, there are some that meet both criteria. I mentioned in the beginning how challenging
it is, but some of the things that meet that criteria, you’re talking about natural peanut
butter. JESSE: Yes. I love peanut butter. JEFF: Avocados. JESSE: Yep. JEFF: Eggs. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: Anything that you’ve eaten? I know we’ve mentioned milk. JESSE: I like to have a can of nuts. Usually almonds, or peanuts just because I
like to have a little bit extra protein. JEFF: People never eat a handful of nuts. JESSE: No. JEFF: Usually you- JESSE: It’s a big handful, numerous times
throughout the day. JEFF: So, healthy fats, those are things that
I think when you’re trying to gain weight, they’re not optional. They become staples. They need to become staples of your diet each
and every day. JESSE: Yeah. For a few weeks I was – every, single day
– it was three peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Just to have throughout the day because one,
I love peanut butter; and two, I love banana. But also, it was giving me those extra calories
and, as you were saying, good. It was good food. JEFF: So, guys, we’ll get into this in another
video about whether or not Hardgainers – you’re not doomed by being a Hardgainer. There are differences in skeletal width, as
I’ve talked about in the video where we compared Jesse’s skeleton to Jinder Mahal’s. There are differences in the amount of muscle
you can pack on a frame because of that. But it doesn’t mean if you’re skinny right
now that you’re doomed to be that. There is a great capacity to be able to change
from being a Hardgainer to becoming someone who’s much happier with how they look. But a lot of times it starts and ends with
your nutrition and making sure you’re eating more of what you do. Hopefully these strategies are going to give
you guys a way to do that. If you’re looking for a step by step plan,
and nutrition plans that map this all out for you guys, head to ATHLEANX.com right now
and get one of our ATHLEANX training programs. We have our meal plans built in with options
to help you not only consume more food, but smarter food choices to do that. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re happy Jesse’s back, leave your
comments and thumbs up below. Just not too many. JESSE: Oh, come on! JEFF: All right, guys. We’ll back here again in just a couple of
days with another video. Make sure you subscribe and turn on those
notifications, so you never miss a video when we put one out. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  2. I do keto and IT and I'm building muscle and losing fat better than some high carb garbage diet. Have fun eating man made grains legumes and sugary fruits

  3. Jessie looks like UFC's veteran Johnny Hendricks….?.
    Henriques Super heavy weight(weight issues), Jessie maybe 145-155 lbs?

  4. I ate nutrient filled foods for about a month. Meal prepped foods just for me. I tried eating McDonalds for the first time yesterday and could barely keep it down. I was proud of myself lol Got so used to eating good that my body rejected garbage

  5. Filipino's cannot afford this meal plans, we usually eat rice and dried fish,eggs,fermented shrimp, chicken. Beef is like 1 in every two weeks. Thats the reason why we are trying our best to find a job in a non-corrupt country to earn more money to afford this kind of lifestyle or to survive then most of our employers judge as of being scavenger or sometimes abuse as. People are awesome.

  6. What do you do if you don't have enough money for more food, and you are lactose intolerant for the cheap liquid calories like milk

  7. on a quick side bar here, I noticed 4:26 in Jeff grabs Jesse's arm and pulls him in the frame lol ….hella cool lol

  8. I keep trying to find ways to get easy calories.that are healthy. Like my homemade gainer shake thats about 1200kcal in 2 servings and yoghurt breakfast or supper which came out at 2099kcal..

    still dont know how both will affect me in the long run, but anything below 4500kcal and i stay skinny

  9. I’m about 115 lbs rn and 5’7”… yea i’m a skinny dude. I’ve been working out for a few months but obviously really realized that diet is 90% of gaining. My upperbody is small but chiseled but I want to gain ahhhh. I want to get up to 130, and in order to do that i have to eat about 3500 calories a day. I’ll be back to check in on my progress. Thanks!

  10. you should gain weight naturally, and slowly over time, some people are just not meant to be big, being healthy and being strong doesn't equate to being big, eating too much over works your stomach and will eventually cause it no to function properly

  11. 3 months ago, I watched this video had realized how hungry I was despite not being aware about it. I’ve added 1500 calories of dense foods and I’ve made some serious gains the past 3 month. I am very grateful

  12. I have visible body fat just around my belly and chest. How do I loose that fat but simultaneously gain muscle mass? Should I completely stop carbs?

  13. The word “hardgainer” shouldn’t even exist. All it is is a way for skinny guys to make excuses that they can’t gain muscle when in reality they just have to try harder (eating more)

  14. Dunkin donuts for breakfast, processed meat n cheese for lunch with a soda, wawa for dinner(good quality east coast company) and writing it all down helped me start making my own meals and taking my health seriously. Mind you im 130, my goal is 150 next year

  15. It’s not even hard trying to eat that much, it’s just hard to fucking cook it and have to bring all ur food places with you and keep it cool. Imagine not being able to go to a party because you have to have fucking dinner

  16. Pasture Raised Butter is nutrient dense and calorically dense.

    Coconut oil is nutrient dense and calorically dense.

    Pasture Raised Eggs are nutrient dense and calorically dense.

    Pastures Raised Beef and Chicken are nutrient dense and calorically dense.

    Avocados are nutrient dense and calorically dense.

    All of these are Keto as well…

    All of these are ALSO higher fat, which is 9 calories per gram as opposed to 4 calories per gram, making them more than double the density of carbs and protein.

    Just replace the junk carbs and processed foods in your diet with real wholesome healthy fat rich foods.

    How many “healthy” athletes are now being diagnosed with t2d, hypertension, and autoimmune diseases?

    There’s essential proteins (amino acids), and essential fats (fatty acids), but there are ZERO essential carbohydrates. Your body does not need them.

    I doubt Neanderthal man was having six plus meals per day with rolled oats, and he was either athletic or dead.

  17. Hey Jef bro,

    I have a question i just saw the 6 meal plan for hard gainers as myself.
    What if your a hard gainer and cant eat some of the fruits and some of the veggies than what do you do?
    I have thought about replacing those i can't eat. But to be honest, am very bad when it comes to Nutrition plan.
    i am right now 144lbs, but want to be as an athlete because i like to play sports and perform. so i need to be at 170lbs of muscle. it's 65KG and needs to be at 78 or 80KG of pure muscle just like how you look, to be honest;)
    You are a great example of how i wanna develop as a person!

    My honest question is can that be done with 7months? is that realistic?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  18. Eating right takes practice. You will fail at first.. It IS the hardest part of bodybuilding.
    You have to actually make some meals for the entire week. Pick a day to do it. You CANNOT do it on the fly. That would be like gathering firewood on the fly to keep a roaring fire going. Wrong. You must gather all the wood in one place and THEN start the fire. You likely will even fail at this at first. why? Because it is one thing to KNOW how to do something, it is another to have the HABIT of doing it. You may forget what it feels like to be hungry as you are eating so much it never happens. That can be a drag.
    YOu have to want i t…thing is after a while it becomes second nature..good luck…now go order those meal trays from amazon and make those effing meals !

  19. I was wondering, does the amount of calories you eat directly effect how much you can lift? I am a skinny dude who is building muscle and feel like I have capped out. Do you think that adding more calories would help me keep adding weight to the bar?

    I’m 6’1 and 165

  20. Don’t get me wrong but protein shake does interfere your appetite for normal food. It contains sugar and fills you up plus creates an urge for it. So that you don’t wanna eat food but just drink protein shake.

  21. I used to be a hard gainer and it was really hard for me to consume food but I changed my mindset that I can actually eat a lot of food. NOW I gained around 10 kg muscles in 2 years

  22. I used to be very similar to how Jesse was – skipping breakfast almost every day, eating lots of high-sugar snacks throughout the day and not eating enough nutritious food at other meal times. My metabolism kept me skinny but I was unhealthy. Several times I tried to start an exercise plan. Each time, the same thing happened: I pushed my body too hard, got injured, and had to stop. I thought I was just genetically weak and gave up training for years.
    Realising that I needed to fix my nutrition first was the step that got me on the right track. It seems so obvious in hindsight, but when sugary snacks are so normalised it is easy to be in denial about having a problem. Furthermore, when they represent such a convenient, quick source of energy, it's hard to replace them unless you find something just as tasty and convenient. I replaced my sugary snacks with a powdered meal replacement product (I won't name it in case anyone thinks this is a plug, but it is made from oats, pea protein, essential fats and vitamins). I usually have a shake for breakfast, and one more in the afternoon. I've made my other meals healthier too thanks to guides like this video.
    I've now been sticking to a regular exercise plan for 3 months – which isn't long but is longer than I ever managed in the past. I'm lifting more weight without injuring myself, and feel much healthier. The inspiration from Jeff's videos has helped enormously too.

  23. Breakfast : a boiled egg, a bowl of steel cut dry oats, and some berries, lunch : a protein shake, dinner : some type of meat and brown rice, I'm 16 years old, 5ft 3in and 94 pounds

  24. I trust Jeff 100% when it comes to fitness and training but when it comes to nutrition he really falls flat for me. He recommends foods, like milk, that are clearly not good for your development or your long term health. Milk is HIGHLY estrogenic, loaded with antibiotics and other hormones, and dramatically increases your risk of heart disease. This is just one example but he recommends eating plans with ingredients like this all the time. I think you need to step up your game Jeff and take not just your strength, not just your physique, but your long term health to the next level.

  25. Olive oil,peanut butter,black chocolate,milk smoothies+protein…trying and trying and trying…it's not easy ,I am 52,so it;s difficult to be able to build muscle and the same time have a healthy quality calories dense food !

  26. Milk as a viable option? Our bodies weren't meant to have dairy past the age of 8, don't drink milk. Look at all the research around women's breast cancer and how it's largely tied to diary consumption.

  27. I think that's hell lot of food and impossible to follow for working professionals. Honestly, as a skinny guy , we're not aiming to be arnolds or Ramboz. We just want our clothes to fit better and a healthy rounded face.
    I suggest banking on eggs,bananas and milk. Most importantly, stay happy. If it works,fine, otherwise do not lose your peace of mind.

  28. I've been trying to eat more for couple days now, writing down what I eat definitely helped me to gain inside in my calorie intake. Funny thing I noticed is that I actually get hungry way quicker than before, it's like my body is getting used to eating way more.

  29. The worst problem with being a hardgainer for me isn’t the food I have to eat, it’s the fact that the easy to eat calorie dense foods such as oats and peanut butter give me acne which is much worse than being skinny. I’ve gained about 4/5 kg over the past 4/5 months but a lot of it has been fat also due to eating crap. Sometimes genetics really does doom people.

  30. So I’m trying to stay low on sugar and sodium. Does anyone recommend any good healthy trail mix AND also what type of bread to eat with my peanut butter and banana .

  31. The hardest part of eating more has always been being too lazy to cook for myself. Recently got my girlfriends mom to do meal prep for me and added the smoothies to the diet. It's definitely working. Now I just need to add more milk, didn't know about that one.

  32. Self-made weight gainer which works just fine:
    (if you have a mixer at home)

    dry mix 2kg (or more) oats into a fine powder, 
    add 200g dextrose powder
    add 400g corn starch (powder)
    add 600g protein powder with a taste of your choice
    stir all of that (or mix it again for even finer powder)
    (in a concealable bag/box edible for a few months)

    to consume: just put it in a shaker with milk (or water/soy milk) and shake, shake, shake

  33. i feel like this diet has a huge percentage of fat, any tips on avoiding as much fat but still getting a lot of calories?

  34. I would highly not advise to follow that simple mealplan everyday simply due to the fact of how many proteins are from dairy. Beware of dairy…

  35. Question for Jesse ! What are your current macro percentages roughly and what’s your goal weight? I’m always playing with my diet but our body types are very similar so I’d like to try what you’re doing if its any different from what I’m doing now. Thanks bud!

  36. THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch.


    AND there's NO SUCH THING as "forgetting to eat." you simply don't eat. we don't "forget" to sleep. sometimes we just stay up late and don't go to bed. IT'S A CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

  37. I've Really shifted my diet from the idea of 6 meals for the sake of 6 meals.

    it's mainly
    plus Cereal
    plain Greek yogurt
    chicken breast rice veggies
    almonds for snacking.
    chicken wraps
    and just now protein shakes

    now I'm trying to integrate it properly. 2 weeks of this and I've noticed a better difference. ill take this info and implement it 🙂

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