Healthiest Diet EVER? 5 Tips For Your Healthiest Diet

Healthiest Diet EVER? 5 Tips For Your Healthiest Diet

Hey guys, it’s Anita Tee from Today we’re going to be talking about what type of diet is right for you, and what the best diet is, and what you guys should be living by and eating on a daily basis. Let’s get started! So I get a ton of questions about what people should be eating on a daily basis, like literally every single day, my Twitter inbox is filled with questions like, should I eat raw vegetables at night, or how many cashews should I eat in a day, or just honestly the list goes on and on, but there’s a lot! As a nutritional scientist I wanted to make a video for you guys that sort of addresses all of these questions, and tells you what the best diet of all is, because I’m sure that you guys have noticed, if you’re into health at all, that when you start looking up or researching on any sort of diets, or what you should and shouldn’t be eating, really really quickly you’ll find that there’s such conflicting evidence, which is horribly confusing. For example, some people advocate the 80-10-10 diets, which are super high in carbohydrates and some super low in fat, and they say this is the diet to live by. And then, at the other end of the spectrum, you have people advocating the Ketogenic diet for example, which are basically the opposite macros when you’re doing super high fat and super low carbs. And so, with ideas this conflicting, it’s super easy for you guys get confused, and I definitely want to clear that up for you today. So basically, I just want to start by saying that one of the reason there’s so many different types of diets and so many advocates, is there’s a lot of evidence for all these different types of diets, and there’s no actual one diet that’s been proven scientifically to be the end-all be-all of diet, so if anybody’s ever advocating that to you, then that sort of should be a red flag for you guys, because again, as a scientist and as a nutritional scientist in particular I’ve looked at thousands like tens of thousands of studies and there is definitely not one saying that this is the best diet about there’s one suggesting that there may be this one other than that one but there’s definitely not one saying that everybody needs to live by a certain diet so that’s something to cross off your list right away even though all these diets and advocates of diets are so different though one thing that you guys can notice they have in common and draw from every single diet though is that they all tell you to eat vegetables like they all encourage the high consumption of vegetables and because vegetables are universally good for you and that’s definitely something that we know in science vegetables you should eat all colors of vegetables all kinds of vegetables eat as much of a variety of vegetables as you can unless of course you’re sensitive to certain foods or something eat just whatever variety of vegetables you can they’re all great for you vegetables are also really high in fiber which is a great thing for your diet because it helps to maintain a healthy bacterial balance and it helps your body to detoxify through elimination so promoting those healthy bowel movements I’m so fiber is a really great aspect of having a diet that is high in veggies so that is my first rule of thumb is just eat your veggies I know it seems simple and straightforward but it is simple because it works my second rule of thumb may actually surprise you guys because I’m a nutritionist and people always assume not my guy is 100-percent perfect you know I’m always going to parties or gatherings and people are like oh I would never expect you to touch this food cuz you’re an intuitionist or something like that so I get that you guys may see me as may be the perfect image of eating but I actually eat everything in moderation so I put the biggest focus on healthy foods I definitely eat you know as much healthy food as I can and although stable growth groceries are really healthy and great food but on occasion i’ll eat things that i may not eat every single day and they may not be part of my daily diet but it’s just to keep out that mentality of restriction and interestingly enough the less that i restrict foods on the more I sort of crave healthy foods so my sort of like cheat days have kind of turned into you know in the day they probably would have been like eating as many doughnuts as I can turn something I got I’m from Canada so I eat as many timbits as i could probably um but now it’s more like you know on a weekday if I’m really craving like some honey on sourdough bread or something like that that’s not something that I would have every single day or with every meal but I let myself have it because the stress of not eating these things is for me personally a little bit um it creates a little bit about health and balance because your mentality part of that and you don’t want to be stressing yourself out always over a food if you guys watch my channel some of you may know that there was a time when I did eating really really strict diet I was really really strict ketogenic diet I did a really low sugar diet the love sugar went on for a few years you know was for like a year year and a half but the reason I was so strict about it was because I was sick I was really sick for a long time as you guys may know if you’ve on followed me and so I kind of had to eat that way because I was reacting to like all foods and I couldn’t really eat a whole bunch of soup so some of you guys who are may be experiencing like adjusted disorders or some sort of chronic illness you may not be at the point where you can eat everything in moderation yet even if they are healthy and natural foods and that’s okay like I do talk in my channel but a lot of interventions to help repair fee status and your guts so if you follow those you’ll slowly get there I’m slowly be able to reintroduce the foods that you can eat keep in mind that if you guys are happy eating like a really strict low sugar dieter keto diet or something I thought I’m not saying that you guys need to be v8 from it it’s just totally up to you for me personally I’m Lebanese and I grew up in a family that was sort of all about eating and is surrounded by food so I just found the social situations and the family situations really stressful when I had to eat very very specific thing and over time for me personally that stress actually built up and it kind of never really went away for those few years I got better coping with it but it was still always there and so through that I decided that reintroducing foods and just eating in moderation was what would balance out my health goals in terms of mental health and physical but for you guys if you’re so happy doing like a really strict diet that’s just super healthy all the time then I mean all the power to you so my third will of thumb is to trying a variety of foods and the reason for that is because um basically the more variety of foods you eat some more variety of nutrients you’re going to get if you’re eating the exact same foods every day there’s there’s a few problems with that but one of the big issues if you’re eating the same or similar foods is that you’re kind of going to be repeating the same or similar levels of certain nutrients and some nutrients can actually compete with each other so if you’re getting really high levels of one it may actually drop the level of another and you may actually end up missing a certain nutrient or overtime feeling some effects of that so getting a variety of foods is great for that and it also helps to promote a varied intestinal bacteria and we’ve seen that when you have variations in your intestinal bacteria that actually leads to a healthier got and healthier people so eating a variety of foods is definitely something I try and do keep in mind like I said I know that some of you guys may be on sort of got repair routines and you may not be able to eat such a huge variety of since I do have a lot of clients who come to me and they tell me they feel like they can’t eat anything right now and so I understand that and like I said that’s something to work towards repair on I have a lot of interventions on my channel that you can take a look at and slowly those will help you be able to reintroduce a lot of foods and then you guys can get back to that variety and make sure that you guys are getting all your nutrients and being really healthy okay rule number four um I shouldn’t I’ve not done disliking calling these rules because they’re not really rules as I mentioned earlier one of the things is to not be so restrictive with yourself and set these rules so i’ll call them guidelines guideline number four is to eat what makes your body feel good you guys want to be eating things that work with your body so like I said there was a time when I ate really strictly and my foods list was really narrow but that’s because that was all that was working with my body I was getting reactions after my meals like I would be floated after every single meal or I get breakouts their hives or like I’ve even fainted before so obviously there was a lot of foods that we’re not working with my body and so when I say eat everything in moderation I mean that within the context of what is making you feel good and what is healthy for your body and what is working with your body to not produce any sort of symptoms that you don’t want there this is the issue with diets that advocate that like there’s one end-all be-all of dieting because um for example like if somebody’s encouraging a really really high fruit diet but doesn’t mean you need to eat a high fruit diet if you’re eating it and getting all these digestive symptoms after it and your body’s just not seeming to adjust to it some people are actually sensitive to excess amounts with fructose and this kind of goes for any type of diet like that so there is no one way that you have to have to do and just make sure that you’re doing what makes you feel good because when you think about it our biology and our background and our origin and everything about us is so different are all of our genetics and everything is just so different from one another that somebody’s diet may work great with their body but it may not work so well with yours if you guys look around and you know thought of the probability of just going for a walk like to the grocery store and running in somebody who looks like identical to you like the same space same body like that seems crazy but the probability of that happening is actually way higher than meeting somebody who has identical biology to you so you guys can just buy that statement you know you can guess how crazily different we are and why some of those diets may not be your perfect diet as long as you’re following the basic rules of eating things that are minimally processed foods Whole Foods nutritious thing then you know as long as they’re working with your body and they fall into these categories that’s great so my last and probably absolutely favorite out of all these guidelines that I’ve given you today is I do try and live a low sugar lifestyle and the reason for that is there’s a lot of studies that do show the downside some pretty major downsides of having a high sugar diet and if you have a bit of a sweet tooth like I’ve you is a little bit of a bummer but i’ll tell you have some tricks that I use get past it one of the reasons that these guys are negative for you is because studies show that a high sugar diet actually contributes to an imbalance bacterial for a while and this can start to cause things I digestive symptoms ideas mood disorders and lead to a whole bunch of other issues because the bacteria’s just involved in basically every process in your body so having a high sugar diet is able to promote that kieriell imbalances it’s also able to promote inflammation as well so that’s something that sort of is at the root of disease so again that’s unfortunately a negative of having a sweet sweet life one more reason that may be a bit closer to home for you guys is the whole influencing I’m obviously having a lot of sugar will make your blood sugar a little bit in balance because it causes spikes and dips and insulin and blood sugar and so basically if I’m getting sources of glucose than I prefer to use like slow carbs so things like sweet potato or beans are what I go to instead of having something that’s like straight sugar or even white bread or something like that these these types of foods contain a lot of fibers so they won’t really spike your blood sugar and then on top of that they’re going to balance your energy levels throughout the day so you’ll actually feel more consistently energetic and avoid any crashes in the middle of the day over the years I have you come up with a lot of ways to cope with the low sugar thing because um you know your cravings do you sort of go away but if you just really enjoy eating sweets or like always had a sweet tooth been like it’s just a nice to enjoy them so I come up with ways to curb that be cute and it changes sort of depending on the day and how I’m feeling but right now for example I’m like so obsessed with dark chocolate and peanut butter and I take like a little dark chocolate piece it’s like 20 grams and I have it once or twice per day and it’s eighty-five percent dark chocolate and it only has about three grams of sugar in it so and it’s organic cane sugar which is you know much better than the refined stuff and then I take a tablespoon of peanut butter and I just sort of put it on top and honestly guys it tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup I’m like so excited right now I’m actually about to go have lunch and I’m really looking forward to it but yeah things like that that are sort of like dessert substitutes that aren’t so extremely feet will curb your sweet tooth in your taste buds will calm down over time to not expect that massive hit of sugar and they’ll really adjust and find things like this really sweet and satisfying so anyways guys those are my main guidelines for living a healthy nutritious lifestyle a lot of vegetables eat all foods in moderation eat a variety of foods eat what makes your body feel good and don’t overdo it on the sugar I hope this video helps to answer some of those questions that are pouring into my inbox and if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up below so that way I’ll know to make more videos on this topic of what you guys should be eating thank you guys for hanging out with me and remember if you guys want a scientist on your side to improve your gut health with facts that are totally off the books then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel below see you guys next time you

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  1. love your vids Anita, much appreciated, have you heard about Ray Peat (he for one is not that big on veggies)? what you wrote about in the description box reminded me of this btw:

  2. Very informative. I subed and will definitely be sharing your videos.
    I've been living with uncontrolled intractable pain for the past 20 years and I find eating very difficult at times. Most often I don't get enough pain relief to eat till almost dinner time. My nutritionist keeps pushing me to eat three meals a day but I find it quite impossible most of the time. So I've been looking for ways to maximize that one meal a day. It sounds like you've had some health issues in the past and I was wondering if you had any thoughts or videos out on this?
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Back in 1982, I transitioned from an average fast food American diet to become a raw food vegan. A few years later, I changed my lifestyle diet to vegan cooking. I haven't had a common cold or the annual flu since 1982. My biggest challenge is staying aw3ay from processed sugars. To compensate, I eat a lot of ripe fruits especially during the summer.

  4. i think eating is always unique. I can't eat much sugar, keeping my blood sugar level is my focus. No gluten, no dairy. YES, veg. w brown rice. An avocado a day,

  5. High protein low carb diet for me. An hour on the treadmill a few times a week. Still have about 40 ponds to do to get to 250.

  6. Being able to walk around the beach shirtless, without having to worry about hiding your hives can be quite the relief. If it's been 2-3 weeks and you haven't been able to make them go away, you might be interested in Shane Zormander's Hives Cure, try googling him.

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