Healthy Eating with Type 2 Diabetes

Healthy Eating with Type 2 Diabetes

[music] Hello, my name is Carleton Rivers and I am a registered dietitian with NCHPAD. Today we are going to be discussing how to
improve your diet after a diagnosis of diabetes. Now these strategies are not just for those with diabetes. I encourage everyone to apply these tips to their
diet every day. So let’s get started. The first thing that you want to remember is
to monitor the amount of carbohydrates you eat. That way you are able to control your
blood glucose levels or blood sugar levels. So what is a carbohydrate? Well carbohydrates are found in bread, rice, and pasta and other starchy things like potatoes, corn, and
legumes which are beans and peas. Carbohydrates are also found in sweet foods and drinks like
fruit, milk, and yogurt, as well as sugar sweetened beverages, fruit juice, and some candy,
and of course and sweet desserts. So the type of diet I’m going to be
emphasizing today is the mediterranean style diet. Now this diet has huge amounts of research that have shown wonderful benefits in improving cardiovascular health, and also increasing insulin sensitivity. Which is necessary for someone with type 2 diabetes. A mediterranean style diet is rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats like fish and nuts and avocados. and then it’s gonna be moderate amounts of cheese, and dairy products like milk and yogurt it’s gonna be moderate amounts of lean protein and eggs, and
then just minimal amounts of red meat and sweets. So if you notice over here, there still are
carbohydrates in the mediterranean style diet. And this is where carb counting comes into play. So, I find that carb counting is the best way
to monitor the amount of carbohydrates you eat and drink at meal time and for snacks. So what I
have done here is I have portioned out the carbohydrate containing foods into one carb serving. So what does that mean? Well, 15 grams of carbohydrates equals 1 carb serving. So let’s take this piece of bread for instance. This
piece of bread contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates So we’ll say this is one carb serving. Now if
you’re recommended to consume 2 carb servings for breakfast Then you want to limit your carbohydrate intake to 30 grams that breakfast. The American Diabetes Association recommends a good starting point
as 3 to 5 carb servings per meal That would be a sandwich made out of 2 slices of
bread, you could put meat and cheese in it, along with a bunch of non-starchy vegetables, and
then a small side of fruit. And there you go. You have 3 carb servings. So, what
I’m gonna do today, is I’m going to show you how to make the most out of this diet. So I’m going to take, a little over one cup of
spinach, and then I’m going to grab some tomatoes and a raddish. And what’s great about these vegetables, is that they’re very low in carbohydrates. So we call them ‘Free Foods’, you can pretty much eat as
much as you want of these foods and not raise your blood glucose levels. So I’m going to add this to the salad. And I always love adding a salad to any meal
because it just helps fill you up. So we’re gonna slice up some of this radish, and add
it to the salad. And then we’re gonna grab some walnuts, which are filled with really healthy fat, they’re
really great for your brain health. and to raise your good cholesterol, your HDL cholesterol. So I’m just going
to crush some of that. Now one serving size is about one palm-full. Which is one ounce of nuts. And then I’m gonna
add in some mozzarella cheese. Just slice it up. And sprinkle it on. And then we’re gonna do salad dressing,
so, it’s really just one tablespoon of olive oil and a half a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
or whatever vinegar that you prefer. So I’m going to drizzle it over, and now of course
you can buy salad dressing in the grocery store but it’s probably more expensive and if you get the low-fat version,
then it is going to be high in sugar. So I say go with homemade, it’s usually better anyways. So I’m also gonna add in about 3 ounces of
salmon fillet. And so there you go. So, this meal actually does not have many carbohydrates. It does
not even have a full 1 carb serving. So if you want to add carbohydrates to this meal, you could add half of a sweet potato, which is about 15 grams of carbohydrates You could add one cup of strawberries, which is one carb serving. And then you could add half a cup of grapes. So not all fruits are created equal. There are some
that are higher in carbohydrates than others. there are some that are higher in carbohydrates than others. For instance, berries are going to have the lowest amounts of carbohydrates
whereas grapes are a bit higher and so are bananas, so one carb serving of banana,
is gonna be half of a banana. And then for an apple, one small apple,
it’s gonna be one carb serving. So if you have a big apple, you’re probably gonna want to
cut it in half to monitor your carbohydrate intake. So remember, when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change involving your diet It’s not that difficult, look at all of the
wonderful food that you get to eat. All you have to do is make sure you’re eating
nutrient rich foods. So, high in vitamins and minerals the yummy fruits and vegetables, whole grains.. Things that
are going to fill you up and keep you satisfied. They’re also going to improve your
health and just make you feel better. So when you’re adjusting your diet to control your blood
glucose levels or your blood sugar levels, go low in carbohydrates and high in those healthy
fats like olive oil, avocadoes, and salmon, It’s gonna take a little more preparation but
I know you can do it. So eat up and enjoy, happy eating!

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  1. I've also read a lot of good things about the Mediterranean diet. it's not only good for diabetes, it's also good for overall health. I think the fewer carbohydrates we have in our diet the better.

  2. Carb counting is most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!!! It doesn't work and very confusing!!! Not sure why Legumes are bad? They are the best thing to have if you are a diabetic—specially type 2 and any sort of cardiovascular issues. Add leafy vegetables, whole grain, whole fruit, nuts in your diet and give up obvious things like-candies, pop, cookies, sweet deserts, anything processed and made of white flour.

  3. I've been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.. Thanks for posting this. it is infomaitive .

  4. I hope this does work I have been doing so well for while then out nowhere my blood levels have been out of control


  6. Good info but a bit outdated. There is no need to count carbs if you abolish animal foods and dairy. I had blood sugar at 391 and now it's under 100 without insulin or drugs. Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle is the definite solution. No carb counting, no calories counting.

  7. So what if you have a allergy to seafood? I'm so tired of every cooking demonstration including salmon and other seafoods. Couldn't these dietitians broaden the spectrum a little and consider that some people cannot eat fish? Ughhhh.

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  11. What about cucumber. for diabetics ??? Thanks. for mentioning radishes , what about red cabbage or. regular. cabbage. ???
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  12. Please tell me what to use in place of meat for good diabetic diet. Been vegetarian my whole life. Not vegan. I eat cheese and yogurt

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  14. Apple Banana, sweet potato, grapes spikes my insulin levels. They are out of bounds for most Diabetics and so is bread potatoes pasta and rice

  15. I can’t get my sugars under control!!?I feel like I’m letting my parents down, I’ve had diabetes since I was 7 and that was 7 years ago?some give me tips please

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  17. Mediterranean Diet is good and I don’t really think of it as a diet. Lots of great one pan recipes.
    You are taking about a very high carb count per day
    Diabetic cookbooks have terrible recipes for diabetics most have too much sugars
    Bananas closer to the edge of green are better than over ripe bananas. The more ripe bananas are the more they have increased the sugars in them.

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  20. Do you consider Lithium, Cadmium Mercury, Arsenic and other heavy metals as Healthy eating?, No?, then stop eating and recommending Broadleaf plants grown in agricultural soils.

  21. The first thing to do is to eliminate as much as possible all carbohydrates……..dont count carbs………eliminate them AMAP

  22. This was a very informative video explaining a simple way of understanding the very basics of a way of life of eating. And staying healthy. Not a diet. Very well done ! Thank you.

  23. Very informative video. I appreciate hearing from a licensed dietician instead of all the uneducated nutritionists that have popped up over the years. Thank you for this very important information.

  24. Any time that I hear American ,.Canadian, Australian ,diabetes assn. recommends that you eat … I basically delete the information given as they help some ,but take donations from pharmaceutical companies that have shareholders to please. You do not make money on drugs that cure, you make money on drugs to treat symptoms of a disease. Not a conspiracy theory just plain business at our expense.

  25. I was just diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Of course you can imagine my head was reeling. I knew it would be difficult and you just proved it.

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  30. A Mediterranean diet is high in sugar and the only study that showed it's long-term benefits it's a freaking survey that asked people what they ate in one year. It was a freaking checklist. And based on that study, now everyone loads on carbs, needs more meds, meds don't control the blood sugar perfectly and everyone dies sooner. My uncle died from type 2 diabetes complications and he was in his 60's.

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