Homeless woman lives in a tent homeless in Austin, Texas. The night before it rained.

Homeless woman lives in a tent homeless in Austin, Texas. The night before it rained.

99 thoughts on “Homeless woman lives in a tent homeless in Austin, Texas. The night before it rained.

  1. I believe strongly that we need to be open and honest about homelessness and not just cherry pick stories to share. Homelessness is as complex as humans are. The point of our work is not getting a viewer to like or dislike anyone but to educate the general public on the realities of homelessness. Everyone deserves respect and grace no matter their personality or situation! Housing homeless people saves lives and saves taxpayer money!

  2. I used to sleep on the green belt in Austin.
    After being homeless off and on for almost 5 years I had a steady home for a year, and a half. It's a long story but I lost that home last week, and slept outside for 3 days. It was really depressing, especially since I got used too being indoors again.
    I'm currently staying at an airbnb, and trying to make ends meet so I don't sleep outside ever again.
    Thank you for creating this channel. I'm planning on talking about my experience with homelessness on my yt channel soon.

  3. Im currently in transitional motel hell consider still homeless to some ..I lived invisible and have been diagnosed PTSD and depression .I'm grateful for your channel.. Mha the village in long Beach CA is a good place for mental health services..

  4. Crystal is going through so much, physical and mental health issues. Having not able to see her children, an the sad reality of being homeless. I hope that Crystal is offered help, finds resources. I could see the wear, and tear in Crystal that homelessness brings. Crystal your a fighter !

  5. She came out in joseph costellos video, and ive seen her around the south side

  6. L0l i knew she looked familiar she was in a famous youtubers video thats from austin texas named Joseph Costello..she was trying to hit him and take his camera for filming her. Type in joseph costello gets attacked by woman or something like that shes in a red dress in that video lmfao thats crazy i know thats her..

  7. you know this makes you want to cry you seeing people homeless in with no place to go it's it's very very sad for me to see things like this too much

  8. Wow i was just looking up gluten free items from safeway and she said gluten issue. we're struggling so badly with money, and I always wonder what would happen to us when or if we lose our house, because my mom is a Celiac. I can't imagine being homeless and having a gluten issue. Even now she can only eat less than a 3rd of what the food bank gives her.

  9. I could listen to Crystal talk for hours, too bad she doesn't have her own YouTube channel or even a phone so she could do periscope. God bless, Crystal!

  10. I use your videos to educate my club. My club, which I'm trying to make a non profit, is all about helping homeless people and giving them resources. So thank you for what you do.

  11. Oh my gosh I live in Austin and Austin Oaks is a decent place to go for mental illness because I went. Austin cost of living has went up.

  12. she talks about not judging sinners but I remember when she commitment the biggest sin of all when she slept with a married man a couple years and didn't care. You say your a Christian but you broke the most sin of all. You need to read the bible more. Honestly as a mom its not about you or anyone else its about those kids. Grow up and fight for your kids if you truly love them like you say you do. Trust me I know

  13. You supposed to put time for God …


  14. She's very confused. She's saying she's a pothead just calling it natural. We can all see the bad choices that get a lot of people in these situations & the denial that keeps them there but they're our brothers & sisters & we need to pray for them & help them when we can.

  15. Here's a true story: no one has to give you anything. She's made a lifetime of poor choices and brought babies into the world that she chose to abandon. Selfish lying lady.

  16. She seemed to have talked about her true stories but as she have felt so hard to bear her own situation , while struggling to deal with her health problems with all other problems at the same time , and so she just tried to talk that she want to go jail , saying she have lied.( Like she said before , she seems to be religious and don't want to go against the things on the bible while trying to explain her own situation )

    I also have waited in many places and whenever I felt sickness , I have thought about something like why do I have to live in this way or to live like this , struggling to wait for something , thinking about reasons for my existence in those places.

    But in her case , things seems to be really tough as she also have some consumption problems .

    I mean she would need the food cards or stamps or at least should be able to have appropriate food on time (they may have to notice her the right time that could reduce her struggles ) . Also she first have to find an appropriate shelter before she could finally get throught all troubles eventually.

  17. I'd rather go to jail then be homeless and panhandle on the streets. i'd become a criminal I wouldn't care at that point.

  18. For crying out loud how many times does this person need to keep saying "I'm a Christian!". It seems to be that it's about appearing better than everyone else.

  19. Amazing to consider just how bad this could try is…for most homeless people jail is almost preferred table to bring homeless..which is insane because if gives people in the very worst situations reason tovcommit crimes…which only proves just how moral most homeless actually are because if they weren't crime statistics would be astonishingly high!

  20. Some might say that, if God had her, she would not be homeless. But, God DOES still have her, because He's watching over her, in her homelessness.

    I don't know how the government expects the homeless to pay these tickets the police keep giving them. If they had the money to pay the tickets, they would probably not be homeless to begin with. The whole point is that they don't have the funds for housing. So, how can they pay these tickets? And so, what happens to them for not paying the tickets? I wish there was an organization in existence to pay such tickets for them. We could start the saying, "Ticketed while homeless." Like, how they have the saying, "Driving while black." (I'm black, by the way). Instead of ticketing the homeless, they could take the homeless to shelters, especially since some cities have a city owned shelter ("the city mission," as it's called in some of those cities).

  21. These making their wish. Blows my mind they never wish for a million dollars….That will actually solve their homeless problem. Kind of dumb and short sighted.

  22. thank you for all the support I have a part time job but still cannot Afford rent all I have got from these folks is a pair of socks I am on a waiting list for housing thank you for all of your prayers I was really really stressed out that day and my mental was going off so it was hard for me to stay on subject I am living in a tent and doing better for my self then back then please still keep me in your prayers

  23. Your a lying bitch I've been homeless in Austin TX there is so many places that feed you. You just want a fucking hand out get a job and a life bitch

  24. It's a shame this lady is depending on a non-existent god to get her out of this. It's only hurting her, clearly.

  25. The US has land set up for Dog Parks but if the homeless come together they lock them up or harass them to the point of them losing what little they have. Something is wrong with humanity when dogs have more rights than human beings. There has to be compassion for our brothers and sisters out in the elements.

  26. She breaks my heart. I was a foster mom for 17 yrs…this happens to often..and everyone suffers.
    No one should have to suffer like this. Thank you Mark for all you do.

  27. We need more of these profiles. πŸ˜₯😣 nobody deserves to be homeless. No matter how fucked up you are. …not saying she is fucked up. Just in this nation with so many people hording so much wealth, people can still be rich yet everyone can be cared for.

  28. Crystal, see if you can find a dental clinic like at a dental school that will fix your teeth for free. Oral health has a strong bearing on your physical and mental health. Nobody can work 60 hours and stay well with bipolar, no sleep, extreme stress.

  29. I was a lot more sympathetic to the homeless before I saw the huge amount of trash that builds up everywhere they congregate. Just because someone is homeless doesn't mean that can't throw trash in a trashcan.

  30. I have anxiety of homeless people, I got screwed over big time by a company and it almost made me homeless lucky I was able to bounce back and I’m recovering and almost
    Back on track. But I can’t even look a homeless person in the eyes I just want to cry because no one knows there story how it happen to them.

  31. Sorry, but….I just can't comphrehend what her church is doing. So, she is homeless and struggling a lot. And she goes to church regularly and is God's child. But no people from her church are able to help her out??? Like no food, money, help with finding a home or a different job? What kind of church is she going to? Is that American Christianity? Living for yourself and praising God that He made you live a stable life??

  32. She is a liar!
    She flys a sign the same place as my pappy Crazy Jeff. I was flying at this time frame also "Top and BenWhite" I will try to be at least a little bit of a Vibe lifter, and just digress this one.
    She's not bright, and only a bit over 20 years old. She is disgraceful for a sign flyer. I just want to say don't have an absorbent amount of pity for her.

  33. This woman need help with her mental health and regular medication so she doesn't self medicate. But that's true for way too many homeless people I'm afraid. And society just looks the other way and considers them somebody else's problem. πŸ˜”

  34. A very Sad Situation all the way around, people need to understand, the true Reality of homelessness, regardless what form it Comes in, In a blink of Eye this can happen to you, REMEMBER that!!!!☝️

  35. There is this Lady who is 37 whom i met online, she has been Homeless since 10 Years! She is now in Austin and still homeless she refuses to go to any shelter or even to eat free food. If there is any way YOU could help @Invisible People, she would take work if you know anything or if you can help in any way please do let me know on here/ give me your email, so i could email you her Phone Number/Details. Much Obliged.

  36. this is really sad, when you got a young woman become homeless on a mistake that happen from her children Dad, she should get help from someone or the government, she fell through the cracks, and Democrat want thousands of imanigrants to come in this country and we can't take care of Americans, wake up America

  37. We have to have have a plan and a place for people with mental health issues. This is just so sad! It’s not right.

  38. All this homelessness and the STUPID Socialist Democrats want OPEN BORDERS LET THAT SINK IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't even take care of our own and they want to bring even more in. SECURE The Border NOWWWWWW and take care of our own homeless.

  39. I know i don’t comment often, and im sorry for being so late, but thank you for uploading this videos and i hope she is doing better.

  40. Ever since i started watching these videos, it has changed my perception of homeless people. I really admire their bravery, and mental toughness to live under their difficult circumstances on a daily basis, I know this lady rambles at times during the interview, but the mental stress she is suffering probably affects the way she is expressing her thoughts.

  41. Dirty ass homeless fuckers. All these people making excuses about "Mental illness" (No shit you're going to be mentally ill if you are doped up all the time and on meth) Look at this bums fucking 2 front teeth…they are rotted from meth pipe….why doesnt anyone mention that.

    The homeless try to get dummies to feel sorry for them, but make no mistake about it these are the same people that will fucking attack you while you are at a gas station or walking somewhere or out eating. Same ones who will attack your vehicle. FUCK HOMELESS PEOPLE…FUCKING JUNKIES!

  42. Standing in the way of sinners is taken way out of context by this con artist. Read it for your self, she is using the religion of slaves and fools to make people feel sorry for her.

  43. Nope – sick of the homeless. They are accountable for themselves, just like I'm accountable for myself. Period! I'm sick of this city and other cities in the US being destroyed because of them!

  44. Shit , I clocked in 16 to 17 hour workdays Monday through Saturday for the last 10 years since I graduated highschool.
    Some of this people is just lazy af.
    Don't judge me.

  45. The poor is very complex issue is part of our society some are a group of people who are school drop out, lazy and hooked on drugs.. some lost their jobs not been able to keep up to get a place to be rents are too high some are not really that nice of people some are really assholes. Anyways we need to assess those who can be helped by giving them a place to stay and GIVE THEM A JOB DO NOT HAND THEM MONEY OR EBTS. THe ones that are mentally ill will have to be send to asylums . These have to be reopened and we must continue to fight the drug cartels

  46. How come u people being mean ,it isn't her fault she's homeless. It can happen to anyone . I hope she finds a place .She seems like a nice lady.

  47. I get it, this is a noble cause to some. But Austin's homeless problem has spiraled out of control since the release of this video. Enabling people who have given up and/or given in is never okay. Tough love works in many cases where there are no underlying health issues. Quit feeling sorry for these people! 90% are manipulative drug/alcohol addicts, and it is decaying the city by perpetuating the thought that we can help all of them by throwing tax payer dollars at them. YOU CANT FIX IT! Homelessness is a choice! Austin is too expensive for even a median income, dont think for one second as the poorest of the poor that you can survive here, or will be supported here.

  48. Texas…….. The opposite of CA, Also have homeless. It's a Red State and it has Tornadoes. I will visit Dallas next year and I'm not gonna expect any positive moments. I mean, I have nothing against Texans but I have something against Extreme Alt-right Conservatism. I mean, I have Family in Texas and they make no damn sense. They live in Victoria, TX. I am neither Liberal or Conservative because no parties give a damn, Homelessness is not a Political Issue but a struggle and a mentality issue. I know what's it like because I am in so many Situations, that would've ended me in that area. I know, I usually donate Homeless people money everywhere I go!

  49. That kind of God that makes you homeless, and expects gratitude for you being able to wash one or two pieces of under-wear… wow

  50. They're trying to force drugs in one way or another on everyone except their chosen ones or so it seems. It seems this beloved lady could stay off of weed for her children's' sake; she loves them so much but then only God knows her devotion so I can't throw stones at her. I pray you can reunite Dear.

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