100 thoughts on “Homemade Vs. Fast Food: Fried Chicken Biscuit • Tasty

  1. That is way too big to fit in people's mouths. I would either have to smoosh it flat or eat the biscuit and chicken separately. It took you 2 days too.

  2. One is always ready and waiting somewhere while the other is 24 hours worth of effort and technique and maybe a lifetime of trial and error to perfect.

    Earmarked for many millions of views going forward.

    Thank you.

  3. GREAT video! So, glad you made this because anyone who has ever made fried chicken knows that its no big deal to make a great fried chicken sandwich that beats anything you can get at a store. Even without your fabulous biscuits, those awesome boneless thighs would have been great on plain white bread with some mayo. Well done!

  4. I've been told to cook dark chicken meat to 175° for best flavour (165° is important for safety). Either way, this chicken looks bomb!

  5. The time to purchase, prepare and cook that would be much longer than waiting “hours in line” for one from a restaurant. Not even counting the marinating time.

  6. welcome to Tasty, the culturally diverse channel in which we take diversity so seriously, that we forget that white, straight people do exist. And were OCD so that we put dishwashing gloves on when we turn chicken with the help of some tongs.

  7. Okay now….I have really bad stomach issues so I can't eat anything even remotely spicy but….even I know that didn't have anywhere near enough spice in it. At LEAST put some smoked paprika on it!

  8. I'm pretty much stunned by the logic of the intro…. "I don't want to wait for fast-food, so I will made homemade and compare it to fast-food". I mean, the advantage of fast-food is being… fast, so if you wait longer to get a sandwhich than to make a sandwich, there's a problem XD
    And the advantage of homemade is being good, so if your sandwich taste worst than the fast-food version, there's a problem too XD

  9. Two things.

    Please don't leave your chicken overnight to marinate on the kitchen counter. It needs to stay in the fridge 😂

    You can also use a sharp knife and make square biscuits to save time and hassle.

  10. Lmao skip simply because she’s like i don’t wanna wait hours for a chicken biscuit and this shit takes 2 days like what?

  11. First off she said so we don’t have to wait for hours in line and then with the chicken she’s like so in the next day I’m allowed to sit for a day which I find dumb

  12. A fast food fried chicken biscuit in a maga hat drop kicked my grandma in her side boob and said "derk er der", so now I only eat the homemade ones.

  13. Hmmm… Joshua Weissman creates an original series in which he compares his homemade fast food… foods.. to actual fast food. Soon afterwards Tasty begins to do the same? Could at least give the man some credit.

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