How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Winter • Tasty

How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Winter • Tasty

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  1. I am a 56 yr., old Irishman from rural Kentucky & these recipes are very foreign to me , but look delicious young lady, i am diabetic & cannot eat the sugar, & even have to watch my carbs which process in my body to sugar, but i love raw oysters & can eat them, i'm sorry you are allergic, but i think you would be more favorable to being able to eat sugar, & carbs re: rice, pasta, bread, etc…so do not feel bad, i am much more limited to my food selections than you are. You are a very sweet young lady & great chef, God Bless you & yours.

  2. I live in Louisiana and the staple winter food here is, of course, gumbo. Depending on where you live in the state, northern, central, south central, New Orleans area, etc. different people put way different things in there’s. We put chicken and pork sausage, eaten over a bed of rice and a sweet potato on the side. It’s soooooo gooood! And we use saltine crackers to kind of stack the rice onto it when you get down to the bottom..YUM!

  3. Kimchi is Korean food NOT Japanese food! Yet the title states Japanese food, Please mention that in your video next time!!!!

  4. Nabe is the traditional NYE dish at my party every year. Normally I do use a hotpot pot for it, to offer a vegan side and a fish side. This year, there were just 1 fish eater, 3 vegans. 2 vegetarians and 1 who doesn't eat fish, so I just used a vegan broth using Kombu, soy sauce, Mirin and a bit of Miso. I think we started about 8 years ago. My first Nabe I had in Tokyo after Christmas 2008 and New Year 2009 in Nara. It is a great food to share with friends. A staple is always Mochi and Daikon, everything else can change.

  5. My favorite Japanese food is ramen, gyoza, chicken karaage and katsudon. 😋😋 I like sushi too but not much as my favorites.

  6. I LOVE THAT KIND OF MOCHI!!! I am growing up in a family with a Japanese mom so we would make it and pair it up with soy sauce and sugar mixed together like you said 💗🇯🇵

  7. The Nabe recipes are very similar to chinese cuisine ! I didn't expect that. Do Japanese cook take some inspiration from china ?

  8. Yay! More Rie voiceovers! I don't care what the video is about. It could be Japanese construction workers pouring concrete, it will be magical with Rie

  9. I've never really tried any japanese food but judging by the different recipes I've come across idk if I'll like it but I'll still give it a try 💪🏾😤

  10. Nice like the idea everything is cooked on water and consumed. Can you send me all the ingrediants please wat is the nabe wat is the texture made of Thank you im new to ur channel

  11. I prefer soupe green soup black pepper and coconut oil 1 onion i main ingrefiant. Im eating lots of fish right now. Japan food is very healthy. Mochi please tell me wat is this and its texture were can i buy it. Also i like fried sea weed were can i get this is fried sea weed still healthy Thank you luv the pots you cook with tc

  12. I dont want tingly n numbing sensation i already cant feel my feet its so cold. What are the benefits to these foods as they look more healthy that fish chips beans mash the reason i ask is because im going to start eating some japnese food from china town were i live i alwaya got to to chines supermarket and going to quick start my diet for strength and healthy habbits. What is the best food i could eat please recommmed me Rie and how i make it pleaseThank you a wonderful video for good diet

  13. it’s so hard to relate to the comfy winter vibes when it’s burning in australia 🥵 despite that, i’m so happy that rie is back with these types of videos, i love them so much :’D

  14. Most of the food that rie make look so delicious sadly I won't be able able to enjoy most of them since I'm highly allergic to all seafood

  15. Tasty: Japanese food you can make during winter voiced over by an experienced Japanese Chef
    Also Tasty: Hotdog Casserole

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