HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET | 13 Tips to Save Money

HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET | 13 Tips to Save Money

73 thoughts on “HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET | 13 Tips to Save Money

  1. I’m amazed at how expensive the produce is! I live in Texas and our organic produce is much more affordable and my local grocery store.

  2. I am big into budgeting. I find it cheaper to basic/in season foods(fruit/veg/rice/pasta) also canned/frozen food and make my own meals. Junk food isn't cheap ! 😊 great video

  3. The expiration on cereal boxes goes past that actual date. You will have at least a few more months before it goes bad as long as it’s not opened. They put the date on as a suggestion to keep turn around going in the stores.

  4. OK, I'm gonna say something very controversial…..I don't like avocados. To me, it's like eating a pat of butter and I just can't stomach it.

  5. Where are you located? the store you're at is really expensive. do you have an Aldi in your area? I was just there and organic bananas for $0.51 a pound avocados are $0.59 each, grapes 99 cent pound, organic apples $1.49 pound, vanilla almond milk $1.79 half gallon, and a lot of great prices. I like seeing you shop but your budget is high compared to us on a "budget". those prices that you showed us are like Whole Foods which I never could shop at cuz they're too expensive.

  6. Love the tips! Look forward to your videos all week! Love youuuuu girlll! Can't wait for the eco friendly grocery haul! Always looking for new eco tips. Xoxo 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

  7. I put the broccoli stalks in the food processor and chop them into matchsticks and add carrots and cabbage to make the same type of “broccoli slaw salad “ sold for about $4 a bag . It saves a lot of money in the end because most people throw out the (just as) nutritious broccoli stems 🥦🥕

  8. Love your channel but these prices are insane. I can’t afford to eat organic, but my money goes further by price matching and shopping regular chain stores. I scored avocados for $1 each this week at No Frills. Family of 5 so I need to stretch my bucks.

  9. I know this might sound silly but is the currency the same price in Canada as in the US? Like no dollar more or less. Like in the UK their pounds are two dollars and something less than the US. Thanks. I never really go out to eat or clothes. Experiences are really important to me.

  10. “Who doesn’t love avocados?” Me. I can’t stand them, I won’t even eat guacamole. Tastes like I’m eating slimy grass.

  11. I live in the UK so I appreciate there is a difference in the exchange rate but I find your grocery prices very expensive- I mean, 6 CAD for 3 avocados?- I shop in the biggest chain store here, Tesco and can get 4 avocados for £1.79 (3.48 CAD) and 6.99 CAD for what looked like a 500g box of cereal (shredded wheat)?- A similar 675g box of Nestle's shredded wheat is £2.70 (4.64 CAD or 3.43 CAD weight equivalent).

  12. Can you make a video on how long veggies last in the fridge after they are cut. Like onion and ginger and everything else you eat lol. Also what can be put in the freezer. I never thought of putting my greens in the freezer.

  13. For me organic food is so much expensive because it’s not from my home country, so I try to buy my vegetables from local farmers. I would love more tips for eating less meat and being more sustainable with eating. I feel like it’s hard to find good recipes for food that don’t have meat proteins. Also would love to see a freezer 101 type video, everything that can go in it and tips on storage and cleaning for it also.

  14. I should do a more realistic video of how to eat healthy on a budget. I’m on disability so I really am on a budget and when you’re on a budget you DO NOT buy organic. I will make a video soon of me buying on a budget shopping not at a organic store. I shop like a real person at Walmart or fresh co or food basics. This video isn’t realistic because if you’re on a budget you’re not going to a special shop and you don’t care about organic .

  15. Thanks for the tips.

    We only have one local organic food store chain in Winnipeg and the prices are double for organic produce. It is not affordable unfortunately.

  16. Oat milk is pretty easy to make yourself. I just started to make it myself. Tons of videos online showing how to make it. There are also ways to use the pulp if you don't want to waste it. 😊

  17. Firstly, my grocery shop can be no more than $100 a week and I’m lucky my roommate and I do this together so it’s cheaper. Secondly, how upsetting that all the cheapest options are in packages. I always find my carrots, onions, tomatoes in plastic, but the loose ones somehow are more expensive. Thirdly, I’ll look into dirty dozen but it’s very unrealistic to buy 80% of your produce organically

  18. Just started watching this episode can you please share a video on how to prepare fresh vegies for freezing. Thank you

  19. Great tips that I follow regularly! I'm pathologically frugal & actually keep a list of the cheapest per unit costs of the items I purchase often so I can cost compare when I see something on sale… no matter where I'm shopping! Also, ask about case discounts if you purchase a large quantity of a more expensive item.

  20. Hey, you mentioned about keeping apples in the fridge to make them stay fresh longer then take out what you need. Great idea, I myself had just discovered that if you put avocado's in the fruit bin of the fridge then only take out one at time a day or two before you plan to eat it they dont go bad. Another saving money tip. This is ideal for me since most of the time I can only do a big shopping trip once a month. 😎

  21. I would love to know how you shop bulk foods with your own jars? How do you pay for the bulk products at the register? Do you just tell them to subtract the weight of each jar? Would be really nice to take/fill my one jars at the store, never knew this was an option, so I always end up with too much/little in the little baggies when I get home!

  22. You should check out Downshiftology channel to see how she makes oat milk. Very good tip! As well as other awesome recipes

  23. I love when you talked about comparing what people spend on. My friend told me once going organic grocery shopping is so expensive and it can be if you are not careful. I always try to look for sales, here in the states sprouts has sales on Wednesday’s. And I also told my friend, you eat out almost every day, you got expensive headphones and iPhone, good brand clothes etc. My luxury is going to sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s… so we all choose what we want to spend on 🥑

  24. Great tips but I cannot believe the price on Canadian food. In the UK we can get bag of onions for 0.60p which is like 1 dollar or a premium carton of nut milk would work out to 1.7cad. Crazy!

  25. $21 for that avocado oil?! I live in the UK and got that exact brand’s avocado oil for £6 , seems like such a rip off there!

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