How to Eat What You Want And Still Lose Belly Fat

How to Eat What You Want And Still Lose Belly Fat

alright guys so today we’re going to
talk about how to eat whatever you want and still lose your belly fat is it
possible yes it is okay but you have to follow this one very vital important
rule and this tip by the way is for the lazy the procrastinator if you’re a
professional procrastinator this data is for you here’s what you’re gonna do
you’re not going to change what you eat you’re gonna change the pattern of when
you eat okay and we’re gonna make it incredibly easy as a stepping stone to
get into this eating plan so here’s the rule
you only eat from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. that is a 4-hour eating window that gives you
20 hours of fasting so you can eat nothing past 5 okay all through the
night all the way to the next day until 1 o’clock p.m. that’s gonna be your
first meal now you can drink water you can do tea things like that you can also
drink coffee in the morning just with a little bit of cream make sure the cream
is whole cream grass-fed but just have a little bit just enough alright if that’s
too hard for you we can we’re gonna have to step it back this is what you’re
gonna do your first meal will be at 12 noon okay and your last meal will be at
6 so that will give us a 6 hour eating window and 18 hours of fasting
still doable ok but if that is still too hard for you and you just have to eat
all day long then we’re gonna we’re gonna back it up and do this one little
step make sure the coffee in the morning is bulletproof which means you’re going
to add MCT oil and butter I’ll put a link down below if you don’t know what
that means and then once you’re comfortable with this you can step it up
and do this part right here which is basically the four hour window eating
period with a 20 hour fasting what that’s going to do it’s going to majorly
drop insulin big time and realize insulin is the hormone that prevents you
from tapping into your fat and this is based on the fact that every time you
eat you spike insulin okay so it’s not just about increasing carbohydrates in
that converting into fat it’s about the frequency of eating that is
really a killer for most people that’s all those health so-called healthy
snacks that you’ve been consuming very bad now what’s going to happen after
about a week your hunger is going to go down your cravings are going to go down
it’s going to make it easier to close this window a little bit more so let’s
just say for example you’re not hungry at 1:00 o’clock
well wait till you are hungry maybe at 2:00 and then maybe at 3:00 till you’re
eventually at one meal a day that would actually help you lose a lot of belly
fat now during this process of course if you want to take it to the next level we
want to increase the quality of food so to do that you must eliminate the sugars
to refined carbs the starches I put a link down below of a mini course to take
you step-by-step to teach you how to do that as well so if we combine the
quality of food and lowering the carbohydrates within a minute of fasting
you’re going to be extremely successful but the reason I want to create this
video is for those people that just aren’t going to do it because it’s too
hard stop sending me and they need a simple way to get started to make it a
little bit easier so go ahead and do this and put your comments down below
thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please
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100 thoughts on “How to Eat What You Want And Still Lose Belly Fat

  1. Great advice Dr. Berg!

    When I first started keto and was trying to reduce my meal frequency, I used bulletproof coffee in the morning for 2 months to prevent hunger and keep me going.
    That got me from 3 meals down to 2 meals, lunch and dinner.
    After I ate some time only 2 meals, around 4 months I began experimenting with one meal a day and because I was fully keto adapted, I had no problems with staying satiated for a longer period of time.
    These days OMAD feels so natural to me, I don't even think about 2 meals anymore.
    After that I was going to the next level with Alternate Day Fasting (the real water only version, not the low calorie intake modified one) and it helped me drop weight faster than OMAD, it's hardcore, but I got the best results.
    I stay on OMAD these days and sometimes, like today for example, I do prolonged water fasts (36-48 hours) every week and a 72 hour fast every 2 months.

    I think that reducing meal frequency gives you many health benefits and improves your relantionship with food, keeping you from binge eating.

  2. I have been trying to do this but because I work long days I can't eat between 1-5 cause I'm at work during this time. I sometimes have a light something to eat around 230pm (sometimes I skip this all together) and then have my meal at around 630pm because I don't get home until 6pm and I try to make a fast supper, though it can run into 7-730pm if I make a full meal, hubby has to eat too! I am finding that I'm actually gaining in my mid section and weight. I know that my adrenals are part of this as I have very weak adrenals. I"m having a hard time getting myself into a pattern or routine that works for me these days. Sometimes I feel like I'm not eating enough when I only do 1 meal a day and go into starvation mode. I'm confused. I lost 73 lbs and maintained with keto for 3 yrs but as of recently, it's all coming back even with trying to do IF.

  3. So I have roughly 30 lbs to lose. I gain mostly in my belly. Next to that I would say my inner thighs. I'm cool with eating a 12-6 window as I've done that many times. Problem here is consistency. If I eat 2 meals a day within that window, do I eat regular sized meals or larger? Does it matter? Also, can it be low carb and not necessarily keto and still lose?

  4. I eat 4 meals in a 12 hour Window and fast for 36hours. I workout 5 times a weak HiiT and cardio mostly. Sunday is junkday. I eat what I want from 17.00 till 21.00

  5. It sounds easy but really it’s hard. Not eating in the evening is hard. It’s the only time you are home from work to really eat a healthy homemade food.

  6. Great advice. However, most people who usually want eat whatever they want and mostly junk food won't have the willpower and discipline to stick to the window you suggested.

  7. Can i eat drink coffe warm water or tea or soy milk in the morning for breakfast and after 1pm eat until 7pm and then don’t eat just drink tea or every warm things?( i think it will works) i started since week ago and i feel it works guys

  8. I have been doing a 20 to 22 hour IF for over Four weeks, keeping my carb very low, I only eat meat, eggs and natural vegetable using natural butter and my weight does not change what can I do? I do have thyroid problems and I think a little bit of insulin resistance my ketones never measure but very little.

  9. So based on some comments I've seen here, the time that you eat does make a difference because I already do IF but I tend to eat my calories at night. So probably if I stopped eating at 7 pm I would see more benefits than I do since I stop eating at 9 or 10 pm. COMENT BELOW… I think there's a name to it, how body react when you eat at night, or stop right before the sun drops. something like that

  10. I am currently on a ketogenic diet And I am wondering if this type of fasting would be beneficial? I am also exercising four days a week right now and it is generally in the evening? I have always heard that I need to eat after I work out so would this type of Fasting be beneficial and would I lose muscle mass by not consuming food after I workout?
    “Lost almost25lbs so far on keto” 220 to 197.
    Need to loose this spare tire around the waist.

  11. I was actually about to do this because of my busy sched. Then this video popped up. YouTube can be creepy sometimes.

  12. I followed your advice for Three months (I :didn't feel hungree at all ) and everybody arround me noticed the difference! for the first time in my life I regained confidence in myself . I can looose weight ! I did!! yeeeeey! thank you Dr Berg! You're a life savior!! Thank you for the simplicity and effectiveness of your instructions!

  13. How about for people are not lazy? I go to a HIT class every morning before going to work. I'm eating 1500cals per day as recommended by my trainer with good foods high protein and less carb but Is still have belly fat. What can I do to eliminate my belly fat?

  14. If we do this for, let's say a year and we want to stop because we already are skinny how do we do ? What normal routine should i adopt ? Because i know that if i do this one year and then eat like i used to it, i propably would return all my kg back so i will get fat again

  15. So im on day 5 of a 20:4 IF and I have no problem dealing with the hunger.however I am moody and have anxiety agitation. Will this go away eventually? I am not on keto

  16. Two questions:

    1. Is diet soda okay to drink while fasting?

    2. You mentioned a 4 hour eating window but then referred to having the second meal at 5pm. Does all eating need to be finished within the 4 hours or is it okay to start the second meal at the end of the eating window?

  17. Here's an amazing tip for bulletproof coffee: ADD SOME UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE!! Melts right in like butter but has added healthy fat benefits!!

  18. but I'm already a type 2 diabetic and the Dr. & the nutricionist say for me NOT to skip meals? and it says you can eat anything you want, then you say that you need to cut out the sugar & carbs. Sue Tunstall

  19. i was doing 1 meal per day but wasnt eating healthy, most of the food was the bread which i couldnt eat a lot, so overall i would eat like 500 cal. worth of food per meal, which seems like isnt enough, so i moved to 2 meals, now i'm thinking what should i do, go to 1 meal again and not eat enough cal. or stay?

  20. Hi Dr berg ,

    I have a big belly , so I have decided to follow this diet ! Which is … I eat between 1 pm to 5 pm … 3 boiled eggs or omelettes and rice , vegetable curry and some yogurt after that some soaked and peeled almonds , a coffee ! After 5 pm I don’t eat anything … just normal water ! For 20 hrs I don’t literally eat anything !
    I don’t feel hungry at all , I love this 20 hr fasting , I have been doing it for the last couple of weeks !
    Am I dong it right way ?
    What are all the must foods that I should have ? With how much ratios of macros?
    Can I have multivitamins and omega 3 oils etc during that 4 hrs window and also how many weeks I should do this ?

  21. Im fasting every other day for ±1year now. I eat at 6pm-9pm. But my belly is just like 5 month pregnant mom. Is it belly fat? Or something else?

  22. Throughout the eating windows, can you only eat at those times, or can I eat whatever I want throughout that window and still do intermittent fasting?

  23. So how many calories can i take during this 1-5 pm window? And what if i have an excercise routine as well along with it?

  24. I get a headache if I don't eat. Just FYI my gall bladder has been removed I M on breakfast lunch and dinner between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

  25. This is the tip I needed to start losing weight again! Eating less didn't work, even averaging maybe 1,000 calories per day, but only eating between 12pm and 6pm did.

  26. I only eat 900 calories a day! I exercise every day. I do intermittent fasting, but not keto. I eat a balanced, mostly organic diet. I take supplements. Why can't i loose weight?! FYI: I am not anorexic or something. I just have had a really slow thyroid since i think my adrenals burned out a few years ago. I need to loose pregnancy weight.

  27. Does it have to be these specific times for a reason ? i work till 530 everyday. so 2 or 3pm till 7pm would work better for me. im assuming that will work also?

  28. Apples in the morning before I go to school eat a big meal when I get back and if I’m hungry I’m gonna eat some apples again does this sound good?

  29. This why our prophet Mohammed pbuh advised us to fast in a regular basis every Monday and Thursday of the week and in those days when the moon is full every month and he said also : 'The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is enough for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls to straighten his back, but if he must (fill his stomach), then one third for his food, one third for his drink, and one third for his breath.' " I don't want to take it to a religious level "Don't get it the wrong way " I'm just saying that fasting was a1400 year advice 😊

  30. Sure you might lose fat, but if you eat nutrient-poor foods then you are going to suffer from deficiencies of key nutrients, so you'll be slim but malnourished. Strange video Dr Berg.

  31. This is exactly what I have done to get to my lowest weight in 50 years and to get off all my prescription medications! Even if a person has to start with a 10 hour eating window, just do it!

  32. is there a problem if i push this window later in the day ? its about the 1-5pm specific pattern or its about the 4 hour pattern in general?

  33. This made me laugh "professional procrastinator".
    Dr.Berg is secretly getting those lazy people into keto 👍👍😂😂

  34. Question if I stop eating at 12 and I finish at 12: 20 is that okay cuz if I ate at 6 p. M. I'm not going to be able to finish like maybe 6: 15 depends what I'm eating

  35. Do I have to start eating by 11: 30 to finish by 12 and and start eating at 5: 30 to finish by 6pm can you please answer the question or anybody ask me that question because I really want to make sure that I do know that I do at 100% cuz I know before when I was doing intermittent fasting not this one but when I was doing I did try it once you're supposed to finish in the hour like I stole my 16-hour fasting did not eat and I have to finish I have to finish before it one hour thank you God bless

  36. This method works best for me. In addition, cutting out nearly all sugar and processed foods, made all the difference. In 6 months, I went from 243lbs to 190. I'm still about 190 five years later and feeling good. And I walk alot.. Lol

  37. This is exactly what I do everyday. I started in February at 230 and I am now at 195. Very easy to do once you get used to it.

  38. I've done this for the past 3 weeks for testing and it WORKS. but do exercize for better results. it's not easy doing 20hour fasting so start doing 16/8 and keto . before starting this new protocol I did keto for a month and it helped a lot with the fat loss. then i quit and start eating the carbs again ( including hamburger, pizza etc.) every day but in one meal only. the results are really good. no belly fat at all, no heartburn, nothing!. IF FOR LIFE!! p.s. – ACV is a MUST!

  39. For me eating every 4 hours and nothing after midnight worked for me (2-3 meals a day, no snacks in between). I would say a 14-15 hour fast is what I've been doing. The results were great I thought I would never figure it out, I finally feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

  40. Intermittent fasting works. As does reduced carbs and no sugar. Combine these things and weight loss is very quick.
    I lost 16KG in 3 months.

    The hardest part of maintaining a good diet and fasting is maintaining discipline when stressed!
    Work or family stress will cause you to crave comfort (bad) foods throughout the day.

    Finding non food ways of dealing with stress will be the biggest challenge!

    It's different for everyone so there is no one simple answer to this. But you will have to address it if you are to succeed

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