How To Get Back On Track With Your Diet | Healthy Diet Tips

How To Get Back On Track With Your Diet | Healthy Diet Tips

hi guys and welcome back to my channel
my name is Zuwa and I share everything health wellness and lifestyle so if you
clicked on this video you would like to know how to get back and track with your
diet so my first step for you guys is to make sure that you are making most of
your meals from home using fresh whole ingredients and this is because they
will not only keep you fuller for longer but they will provide you with the extra
minerals vitamins and nutrition that your body needs so you want to make sure
that you are having a healthy Whole breakfast every day first thing in the
morning and I personally love to have oats it is one of my go-to breakfast
because it’s so easy to make and it just tastes so delicious and you can add
different toppings of your own choosing and I am normally like to add a lot of
blueberries and some nuts and also some peanut butter for some good fats so you
can just switch it up to whatever you like and so my second tip for you guys
is you want to make sure that you’re keeping your body hydrated by drinking
tons and tons of water and from speaking or from my personal experience I
normally find that drinking water can be a challenge especially if you haven’t
been on top of it for quite some time and the downside to not drinking a lot
of water is that you become dehydrated you become bloated and puffy so if you
drink more water your body is going to let go all the excess water that it has
been keeping and it’s just gonna help you get your body back on track and so
you also lose some extra couple of pounds I personally love to add a lot of
fruits to my water just to boost up the flavor because a lot of us don’t
particularly like how much your tastes because it doesn’t really taste like
anything so you can experiment with out different fruits you can infuse you can
buy like infusion bottles and things like that just to kind of make your
water a little bit more interesting and so my third tip to you guys is going to
be eating water based foods and this is also just gonna add on top
of your water intake so you want to be eating fruits like watermelon papaya
kiwi and vegetables like cucumbers all these are filled with water and they are
really good for you and you can also make different snacks with them you can
make smoothies so you can just eat them straight away but they are gonna be very
key in helping you stay fuller for longer as well and so my next thing for
you guys will be to visualize yourself living a healthy lifestyle and eating
better foods and so you want to create a vision board and on this vision board
you just want to put a lot of images that inspire you and a lot of goals that
you want to achieve so that the first thing that you look at when you wake up in
the morning are your goals and your visions and it just reminds you and what
you need to be working on and vision boards are very easy to make you can buy
and some type of a board from a store I got this board from Tesco in the UK but
you can make one for yourself and there’s no right or wrong way and
making vision boards so once you have your board you just need some glue stick
you also need a scissors and a couple of magazines and you want to look through
the magazines just have like different images of what sort of inspires you you
can also get pictures from the internet or from Pinterest and so once you’ve
gathered all these images together you then once you stick them on your board
in whatever fashion that you like and um you can hang it up onto your wall and
yeah that is pretty much how you make a vision board so it’s just one of those
things that is really great to have so I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope
you enjoyed my tips and if you did please give this video a thumbs up leave
a comment in the section below share how have you been
getting yourself back on track with your diet I would really love to know and
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as well thanks so much for watching and
I’ll see you in my next video

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  1. Been attempting to create a vision board since I was 15 ?. Got all the glue sticks but never got round to it! No more excuses! Love the giraffes in the back!

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