How To Insure Maximum Nutrition with Loren Lockman

How To Insure  Maximum Nutrition with Loren Lockman

INTERVIEWER: So Loren, in terms of the different
areas in the world, and the fruits that are local,
what are the most nutricious to eat? LOREN: Ok, the nutrition question, right? I want
you to remember, first of all, I understand the question I probably not gonna answer it, because I
can’t answer it, and that’s because you know, when I started to study nutrition,
35 years ago I could have told you most of nutrients and most common fruits and vegetables,
today I couldn’t care less, I don’t pay any attention to that, and I encourage you not to either,
because paying attention to that would put you right back in your head. Here’s what you want to do,
you want to really learn how to behave to your body, unless you ate bananas, we were talking
about bananas a minute ago, last time we spoke. Let’s say that you have a potasium deficiency,
for whatever reason, what you’re gonna find is that without knowing what fruits or vegetables
contains what, you’re gonna naturally be attracted to those things that contains relatively high amounts
of potasium, which is planted all over the place, so you might find yourself wanting bananas or
wanting dates or watermelon, and there’re other any places you can get them, but the good news
is, I believe, that no matter how intelligent we all may be, if we’re trying to figure it out from here,
we’re trying to outthink of the body, we’re trying to outthink nature,
we’re probably never gonna get it right. And look around and all the nutritionists you know,
that you see on TV or see online, and see how many actually look really healthy,
they’re working completely from here, they’re not paying any attention to the body, right?
I’m just right the opposite, I don’t pay any attention to what’s
the nutrient content, or this or that, not at all. I don’t think about that. Here’s what I do.
I keep my kitchen stocked with all the things
that are available, that I’m attracted to and that I believe belong in the body.
Those who already hear me knows that I eat fruit, fresh, ripe, preferably organic if possible.
I’m in Costa Rica, not very much to search for the organic. Fresh, ripe, organic, and mostly juice fruits,
soft tender leafy greens only. I do not buy these high nutrient content leafy greens everyone
out there is trumpeting about, kale and collard greens, I don’t buy those things, because they’re way too
difficult for the body to digest.
The most important thing is not what nutrients are in a substance, in a food but what nutrients
your body can easily and efficiently get into your cells, and that means you have to find
something you can digest easily. So it’s gonna be fruit, mostly high water content fruits,
softer than leafy greens, and remember that a fruit means flesh covering a seed,
so many of the things we think of as salad vegetables are actually fruits: tomatoes, cucumbers, red and
yellow peppers, avocados, they’re all fruits. We don’t eat green peppers because that peppers
are unripe and I said earlier all the ripe fruits, right? So green peppers are peppers that are not ripe.
All those things are ok, they’re all fruits. Now there was a question before I didn’t
answer about nuts and seeds, ok?
would you include nuts and seeds? My answer is you can. Personally,
what I found for myself and actually for other people who get their bodies really clean
and efficient is that it becomes so relatively easy to meet the body’s needs for fatty acids
that we need, they are really concentrated and really difficult to digest, relatively speaking,
difficult to digest nuts and seeds, there’s really no need for. I don’t eat them, I eat them a few times in
the year maybe, ussually because I’m doing a special meal for other people and I’m eating myself
with them, or because I’m somewhere it’s been served, but I don’t stock them, here on the refrigerator,
in the freezer I have no nuts, have no seeds, there’s not something I have, I buy them when
I need them, and it’s very infrequently. And I’m here to tell you if your body is clean
you can easily get all of your needs met, eating fruits, and softer than leafy greens.
Now if you complete your fast, when you complete a long fast, if both of you are doing it,
your system is going to be pretty darn efficient, you probably won’t find as I find,
you’re not gonna walk, a lot of high concentrated fat. A ripe avocado is much easier to digest, by the way,
than a salt almond, and a salt almond is much easier to digest than unsalt almond,
because when natural seeds were salted the enzyme inhibitors are eliminated,
those enzymes are active and you got
something that enzymes in the food are actually helping to your body, if you eat an unsalt almond,
a dry raw almond, you got like the hardest thing that you’ve ever digest, it’s actually easier
to digest when is cooked than when is raw, I’m not encouraging you to cook, what I’m saying
is raw unsalt almonds is not easy to digest. So a ripe avocado is much easier,
you can overdo that too.

39 thoughts on “How To Insure Maximum Nutrition with Loren Lockman

  1. I am so glad that I found your videos! I have been vegan for 3 years and am looking to transition to a raw food diet. Fruitarianism seems the most ideal to me and most natural. Your videos give me hope that this is the intended way to eat. Thanks for all of your advice!

  2. Hy Loren ,it is amazing ,that is just what i am telling people ,and they think i am crazy ,,,but i am not ,u are one of few one's who think the same …thank u friend

  3. Loren, have you ever read the works of Arnold Ehret? If so, PLEASE give me a short view on what you think. Have a blessed day! Love your vids 🙂

  4. What is your response to people who claim that fruit is "mostly all sugar", and also what is your response to Dr Matt Lalonde's nutritional density chart scoring fruit so low?

    /watch?v=HwbY12qZcF4 <—-Dr.Lalonde's video?

  5. hello i love your lectures i just wanted to point out that a verry efeciant way of getting the most out of tougher greens or any fruit or veg is to have regular filtered juicess then it already broken down and used with in 20 of consumption so i just live mostley of water but every now and then i want juicess or a small salad just for oral entertainment iv never been fitter happier of healther im also a regular faster and colin hydrotherapy lover and recently bikram yoga to love to health to all

  6. How do you ensure adequate Omega-3's and calcium eating a fruit-based diet? Also, if someone lives in a n area without much sunlight, how would you suggest they compensate nutritionally for a lack of "vitamin" D? When I search for Omega 3 rich foods Most of the results are meats including fish and grass-fed beef. Sun-dried Shitaake mushrooms are supposedly a good source of Vit D, are they a viable option? I know some fruits contain Omega-'s, but from what I can see only in small doses. Cheers!!!

  7. What;s your personal opinion on grains? I don;t personally like them, but I mean grains freshly grown and not necessarily processed and turned into anything else. I am personally anti-grain as they are hard to digest and can have detrimental affects on the digestive tract. I only bring this up because there is new evidence suggesting that humans ate grain at up to at least 30k years ago, possibly even up to 100k. In my mind these people were in environments that forced them to eat this way, tru?

  8. Also, new scientific evidence suggests that humans adapted to eat meat about 5,000 years after it being introduced into our diets. Is it just a case of, yes we can adapt, but that doesn't mean we should as there are better food sources ie. fruit. I personally dont do well with milk, and don't need it in my diet at all, but thought I would ask as your answers are always insightful. Alimoe, if you will.

  9. Also(sorry, nutrition is quickly becoming my #1 passion besides basketball/martial arts so my mind never stops coming up with questions), I often watch documantaries on hunter gathers and notice that they aggressivly crave and pursue meat…

  10. Is this because off environmental changes caused possibly by humans making fruit less available, or is it simply something humans have been doing fairly recently, considering we have really been evolving as bipedals for 2.5 million years, and the vast majority of our ancestors for millions of years even before that ate mostly fruit.

  11. I'm sure we have at least been scavenging for meat for a very long time. Is it not intelligents to include at least some meat in our diet? Even just occasionally, as long as it's Grass fed, free-range , organic ets etc. Also, I also noticed that modern day H/G's stay up wayyy past sundown. I know fire was discovered approx 200-250 thousand years ago, but I almost don't know when they sleep. Hunt all day, fish or dance/sing all night, it's bewildering.

    Thank you for your patience.

  12. Olive's pretty good for "Vitamin" D too, yes? And Vitamnin E. Didn't know Papayas and Avacoado's had vitamin E. Fruit is king. Thanks for ALL of your answers. Dude, you really need to write a book so I can buy it and leave you alone.

  13. So ripe Olive's are okay? And there's not always options for some people regarding sunlight. DO you know anything about growing food, I have a fairly small backyard but would love to start growing. I live in Sydney, what kinds of fruits could I grow here. So far, only had success with strawberries, chilli's and lettuce. 🙁 Thanks again.

  14. SFYI just had me a nice 250g meal of Blueberries. They're out of season right now, so they're quite expensive, but my favourite fruit including mangoe's, avacoado's and the irreplaceable watermelon.

  15. But it seems as if they were conciously seeking out meat to me. Just a bit confused is all. If they live in a tropical environment, but still crave meat, that's just weird to me.

  16. How does one deal with hypoglycemia during fasting? Also, what are good signs of dehydration?

    On another note, how much does oxidation affect the nutritional properties of food? Should I use ceramic knives/bowls. Can I mash up my bananas or avacado's before I eat them or will it completely oxydize them? I guess the nutribullet is a no, no. Was so close to getting one. Just for fun.

  17. So if I came for a fast(which I will eventually) it would probably be a 3 week fast with a one week re-feed, then 2 weeks on top of that? weeks all up. Is the course expensive?

  18. Damn, I was about to ask about mashing as I love to make avacado dip. Why should one soak nuts before they eat them if they do eat them? Can I guess it makes them more easily digestible? Is this why 'activated' nuts have a better looking nutritional profile? Does it affect their energy value? Also, is pumpkin a healthy fruit in your opinion. When I eventually meet you, I will probably bring a notepad full of questions. Just a heads-up. 🙂

  19. Also, why do dietitians/nutritionists suggest mixing some oils for fat in with there juices/blenders. They claim it helps assimilation. Is this true, and how does it work? And are there any foods you can eat in conjunction, ie avacados & tomatos are supposed to have a sinergistic effect. Even Avacado on your salads?

  20. Im looking at it now. Have to wait until my tax return though. 🙂

    PS Can we eat the seeds of fruit. Had my first Papaya the other day and they were exotically distasteful. The rest was great though. But W.Melon seeds are okay, right?

  21. I'm seriously convinced at this point that you know everything. Very impressive, and thank you for all of your responses, my brain never stops.

  22. Yesterday I watched a program where two people were left alone on an island for 21 days. They ate coconuts, java apples and a few snails. Durings nights they got a lot of insect bites. They both grew fatigued and hungry and undernurished. They caught a lobster two weeks in and immediately felt better.
    Any thoughts?

  23. this makes sense 🙂 thanks.
    So is it better to make a "cold turkey" with the meats and proteins or to do a graduate change?

  24. Does that mean most of the fruit in Costa Rica isn't organic or do they just not certify it? When you are re-feeding people after fast, is it all organic?

  25. You are awesome man! I love the way you think. I observed the same, that if I become more present with what my body needs the food that I choose makes me happy and my digestion is perfect. Sometimes I think in terms of calories or nutrients and I eat foods without awareness of whether my body wants them at that moment.
     We have completely lost the contact, the sense of presence with our body and the world around us by choosing to participate in a crazy lifestyle and be identified with it!

  26. I love me an avocado . . . Though sometimes I seem to get brain fog from it, so I am careful with them. Not sure what the deal is but I have a few ideas. Anyway just lovely.

  27. Beans are one of my favorites for complete nutrition. Loaded with anti oxidants, potassium, magnesium, protein, etc etc.

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