How To Lower Your Triglycerides Without PILLS (2019)

How To Lower Your Triglycerides Without PILLS (2019)

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  1. I am a Registered Nurse (28 yr.) and have worked in the GI Lab for well over 15 years. Very frustrating for me to stand by and listen to an MD give wrong advice and medications to patients. I have come close to leaving the medical profession as I believe big pharma has taken over medical schools and research. I can not blame most MD's for the treatment they prescribe as we all have to study the curriculum we are given to pass and obtain our degree, even if that curriculum is based on fake science. I believe Statin and Proton Pump Inhibiting drugs are such a huge scam among many others. God Bless you and keep up the good work

  2. Does anyone remember back in the 60s Dr Atkins recommended taking some king of oil ( think it was safflower oil ?) Before meals. I think a tablespoon ? I heard then that the government banned his book n he couldn't tell people to take this oil any more..I was doing it n it was working but I got pregnant n that ended that. Thanks!

  3. When I was diagnosed with a fatty liver my doctor said it wasn’t anything to worry about! Are you kidding me? Research all natural remedies and take doctors advice and medication with skepticism.

  4. Dr. Berry, ive sent an email trying to learn about how to book you to speak out our college. Haven’t heard back yet. I really would love for you to speak here for our current students and for our community. We really need this information here.

  5. Hi doc. I had a debate with my dad, about the cause of hi cholesterol , hi triglyceride. He wont believe thats carb is the cause, not fat. Also, my mom takes statin daily, and for me its like a time bomb. So, please give me explanation, about how carb can cause it. Maybe its good to start from the digestion process ?

  6. I have high iron. I don’t have veins to give blood or phlebotomies, do you have any good information or supplements to take

  7. I drink beer every day. Not drunk, but more than moderate. About 7 beers. Around 11.6 grams of empty carbs per beer. Not many soft drinks. But, maybe ice cream twice a week and sweet tea often. Maybe 3 bottles of water a day. My tryglicirides are at 658. Is it the beer?

  8. Hi I had a cholesterols test and it was high but my Tryglicoride were low, I’m on the keto diet. Can you tell me what it should be please

  9. I’m a 61yr old female with high LDL and Triglycerides and my PCP put me on Rapatha, it absolutely lowered both but put me back into pre-diabetes A1C 6.1! I have been doing keto for about one month, trying to heal my body from eating a standard American diet. I don’t like taking the Rapatha and believe I should stop! What is your opinion?

  10. Hey Doc,
    In 2015 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told to change my diet and lose weight, I changed my diet, I lost weight, and my blood sugar levels are now perfect. however my triglyceride and cholesterol levels are WAY too high.
    I drink no fruit juices, no sodas, I drink only water, 1 coffee a day, and some alcohol. I avoid anything high on the glycemic index except for rare occasions. I do not eat meat, the only animal proteins I get are from cheese and eggs. I eat fish. What else could be causing this problem?

  11. Dear Dr KenDBerry. I am going through lymphoma treatment. Yes I am doing chemo. I was told on Fifth Chemo that the second Pet scan shows that I am in remission. I have to have one more chemo in September. I started Keto during this time. Then also IF since I have had so many tests and procedures that require a fasting it was easier for me. Also though you tube and cancer doctor I was told cancer likes sugar. I knew better then to just do chemo. But my question is my cholesterol levels have changed slightly. I have lost 70 lbs so far. I am also type two diabetic. Test shows I went from 8.4 to 6.0. Secret I stopped taking the metforman 1000 mg twice a day and Glipizude. Have not told family or doctor yet. I do take them after chemo. And when I take the 100 mg of prednisone. I monitor blood sugars with Freestyle libre less sticks. Any way. Could the chemo causing the triglycerides not to lower?? I also have high blood pressure.

  12. Blood test , my cholesterol is high HDL=233 LDL=220 triglycerides=63 ? Soooo am I good, Doctor appointment in 2 wks and I’m not going on statins … I knew this would happen on Keto. Office gal said stop frying your foods eating sugar and fatty food .. when I said I done fry my food unless in bacon 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and I don’t eat anything you mentioned or dairy or wheat … 🤣🤣

  13. Berberine is also a great supplement to add for pre diabetic. Of course diet is most important, but these supplements transformed my husbands numbers!!

  14. Dr Berry, thank you so much for taking the time to give God's children such knowledge, I applaud your commitment, you remind me of this doctor from Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Lionel Gaskin Mayers, you both really should team up

  15. Hello Dr Berry,
    I live in AZ, do you know any Good doctor that understand Keto and keto Lab work?
    My doctor thinks I'm going to die
    From Avocado, Salmon, Olive oil and Macadamia Nut…..loool

  16. Hi been watching your videos for a while now… I've been intermediate fasting lost almost 40lbs no fatty foods or sugars..but my triglycerides went up from 185 to 255 and total cholesterol is up from 175 to 213.. I don't get it?

  17. Yup Busch light, Miller 64, Bud55 & Michelob Ultra Light, Corona Premium & Corona Light keep my triglycerides in check! Burp!

  18. No more sweet tea, soda, candy and simple starches. I just saw the doctor (Harvard) who said I have high triglycerides & cholesterol. I cheated on my keto diet for one month and that’s what happens! She told me to cut the fatty foods, dairy and meat….what????

  19. I just got a call from my dr wanting me to come in to discuss my blood work. All of my cholesterol numbers were perfect EXCEPT my triglycerides. Total cholesterol is 261. HDL 71. Triglycerides are 178. I have been doing keto for over 2 years. I am very careful with my diet and stay very clean with my keto. I am 59, 5'6" and 125 pounds. How do I get my triglycerides lower when I don't touch any type of sugar? I don't eat starches, no soda, no candy…nothing. I only eat broccoli, lettuce and other keto approved veggies and stick mostly to grass fed/finished meats. I even cut out tomatoes and other night shades. HELP!

  20. It is important to listen to how your body responds to what you eat and drink. For me, I know when I eat too much sugar, too much saturated fat, and too much protein, because I get tingling, palpitations, and back/side aches. Also, I try to hydrate with electrolytes, and water. Potassium is one that is not discussed much, yet it is very important, and we don't usually consume enough in the foods that we consume.

  21. Can we eat flour tortillas, corn tortillas? Chorizo? What about oils? Thank you for all this info! I have been so confused some say no meats others say yes eat meats. Omg so confusing and thanks again Dr.

  22. For those interested in NAFL, search Robert Lustig, MD. His is a pediatric endocrinologist researcher and proved conclusively childhood NAFL is connected to fructose consumption He has several excellent lectures on you tube. His advise is similar to Dr Berry’s on NAFL. As alwAys doc- great job. It is an issue worth getting triggered.

  23. Zactly! Just got my Blood chems back from yearly physical 0- Total Chol= 306 HDL= 109
    LDL = 187 Triglycerides = 33 Non HDL Chol = 197 Glucose = 88 My prim care Dr. put me on Fenofibrate 48 mg as I told him I don't want the statins. I just got results from Carotid Ultrasound and found NO plaque formation. calculated velocity ratio on the right is 2.0 at the upper limit of normal. Velocity in the distal right internal carotid is 63 cm/sec Velocity ratio on the left 0.8 within normal limits.Velocity in the distal left internal carotid is 67 cm/sec No Doppler evidence of significant hemodynamic stenosis. Blood pressure is excellent Just checked it @ 110/57 Pulse at 62 My diet is sound- I eat 4 whole eggs /day plus a thin 4 oz steak steak fried in the skillet with butter. 1/2 small avocado, 1/2 roma tomato black coffee , and 1/4 croissant smeared with organic p nut butter blended with cinnamon and chia seeds.I go to the gym every day and do bicycling. I dont want to be taking any drugs But I will do so as an experiment to see what it does to my numbers

  24. Dr. Berry, I just subscribed! Thank you for sharing your helpful knowledge. I am a 61-year-old, 5’ 6” short, retired Air Force veteran (24 yrs). Last Oct (2018), I weighed 168 lbs at my heaviest, with a waist of 34–not happy with that, but thought it was just my new normal that I had gradually morphed into since retirement in ‘08. I had high bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol, high triglycerides, extremely low B-12, etc. In Oct I learned that my daughter was getting married in 1 year=motivation! I determined to lose weight (with a goal of no more than 150lbs—good luck on that!) and improve my lab numbers. Since Oct, I have been on a healthy diet (lots of salads, salmon, skinless chicken, homemade tuna salads, lean red meats in lower quantities, etc.) and only the past 6 weeks started the Couch to 5K program with my wife. I did cut out all those things you mentioned, and my lab numbers improved significantly. Next labs are in mid-Nov, and I’m sure they’re gonna rock! Yesterday I weighed 145.7lbs (a recent low was 144.4lbs) with visceral fat of 1, and body fat of 15.5. I recently purchased a new three-piece Ralph Lauren suit for the wedding. Only the coat sleeve length, trouser leg length, and waist needed to be adjusted. The waist on this suit was 31–no way to get into that—yet. But it was drastically marked down, so I had to buy this one. So I requested the tailor to let the waist out to 32. The trousers are now perfect! Next, a new white shirt. I tried on several, but the regular was too bulky, the trim fit still had too much in the chest/belly, so I ended up with the slim fit! Never in my wildest dreams!! Everything you said was spot on, and I am loving this journey with my wife! No turning back, not just on the diet, but the whole lifestyle change!! Thank you again for being against-the-grain honest!!

  25. I have a question. (Or two) I lost 20 lbs on the keto diet 3 years ago. I have gradually put more than half back on, unfortunately. I tried the keto capsules, but they did nothing. I eat eggs and bacon, but I know I need to cut out the bread and potatoes and rice. I sometimes drink some natural juices like the really sour cherry or cranberry juices for inflammation and for urinary tract problems. Are those unsugared drinks okay since they are not sweet?  
    How do you get rid of a desire/craving for fruit? That is my current downfall. Is carb-smart ice cream okay? I am 71 and my waist to height ratio is just under .6. I know I need to improve that and I am pretty sure that if I eat less of the above-mentioned I'll have better joint action, if I lose the lbs I've gained and maybe a few more.. I work 2-3 days/week of 12.5 hours shifts as an RN. I sit too much when I am off duty, but I am so tired from 15 hour days…I have an hour's drive each way to work. It's late (I worked today), so I may not be making much sense. My husband found your message on toenail fungus because I've been fighting it for about 14 months. I definitely need to go back to the keto diet. Lose weight, fight inflammation, etc.

  26. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your videos. They are extremely informative and done in the way that even I can understand. I don't know if you know this sir but you are awesome. You're taking time out of your busy day to help others. I find that to be amazing. Thank you so much.

  27. I have one serving of fruit in the morning with my oatmeal. Mostly blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and 1/3 of a banana. I have slightly high triglyceride levels and a moderate fatty liver. Do you think this might be a contributing factor.

  28. I had my triglycerides levels a little bit too high when I was 18 years old. I was eating french fries and drinking fruit juice quite often. Some fatty meat and butter fixed that.

  29. I live in Japan. When you turn on a TV you see many shows that essentially say the Japanese are great because they invented this and accomplished that. Well, that is very well as long you also willing to take the responsibility for the negative legacies. Do you know that it is the Japanese scientists that created both methamphetamine and HFCS? The former is currently ruining the relationships across the world but I can still forgive it because the invention took place back in 1885. May be as a scientist, the curiosity took over. But I cannot forgive the invention of the HFCS in the 1970s because I think HFCS is even worse than methamphetamine. Please remember this. Saturated fat is taste. Tasteless food is unmarketable. If you remove saturated fat you must replace it with something else that add taste back into the food products and that is almost always HFCS and it is in everything. HFCS is basically an artificial fructose and it is even more addictive than methamphetamine but unfortunately legal. If you want to lose weight, do not bother with exercise. Just totally eliminate your consumption of HFCS.

  30. Strict Keto/LCHF for 10 months last blood work in February – recent this past August – triglycerides decreased from 183 to 102! LDL and total cholesterol high but took LDL particle size test as well and primarily "type A" – the large fluffy (ie good LDL)

  31. Hi Dr.
    Thank u for this precious lecture , and i toally belive that its true about starches. I am prediabitic and also have high triglycerides which my doctor prescribed med for it. I tried to be veegan for almost a year but id did mot even work specially with my weight control , struggling with my body to keep my wt less. I.have hypothyroidism too and take med to treat that. Mow i changed my diet and not veegan anymore after i realized the importance of tnose fats in human body , snd even my carbs intake is in the lower level with no sugar or juices in my diet st all , the ladt blood work showed high levels of triglyceride with hypothyroidism with tsh close to 4. So i dont know if the cause of those tri. Is due to my diet or it has realtion eith my thyroid priblem. And in any case , plz i want to hear from u Dr Barry if there is any advice u can give.
    Again thank u very much

  32. Sugar turns into triglycerides (fat). Yes, meat isn't sugar, but it has already been turned into fat from the sugar the animals have eaten.

    What your fat intake AND sugar intake.

  33. I went to the doctor today because my triglycerides are over 500… I know exactly why they are so high. Lately I have been drinking a lot of Coke, eating way more candy than I should, eating a lot of process and refined carbohydrates and simple sugarsand I haven't been doing any exercising that all for about three or four months I guess. The doctor said that I need to take some medicine that's called lipless 100mg (ciprofibrate). I told her no I don't want to take any medication I can improve my triglyceride level with diet and exercise. But my wife was with meand she insisted under threat of separation and possibly divorce that I take the medication the doctors recommending. So I want to know from you. is it necessary to take this medication because of how high my triglycerides are?or is it possible that I can reverse my high triglycerides and get them back to a healthy level simply by exercising everyday and eliminating simple sugars sweet drinks and simple carbohydrates from my diet? Please let me know, I really need your help!

  34. I grew up in Georgia and the sweet tea is too sweet for me. My mom never made it that sweet. But my parents bought me Coke… regular Coke. My keys D's don't get didn't drinks or fruit juice at home, but they give them fruit juice at school.

  35. So basically, the medical community gives advice that will make the situation worse, and prescribe more and more pills.

  36. Doc, could make a video about high sgpt and sgot causes,? I dont drink, i closely watch my diet because i lift, i dont even take medications neither PEDs. What are the things to do to lower it in a normal range. Thank you. I am a huge follower

  37. Help! I have been doing keto for years, not so strict anymore but i dont eat any sugar, fruit, bread.. I eat a lot of tuna, salmon, almonds, eggs etc.. My triglycerides are at 702. I dont understand

  38. I’ve been living a ketogenic lifestyle for 14 months. I just got my blood labs back today. Triglycerides down from 95 to 62. HDL up from 36 to 45. LDL same at 123. I was not at risk of heart disease in the first place but my labs say I’m much healthier. Triglyceride/HDL ratio is much improved and is a great indicator of heat health. Also I’m 10 pounds lighter and have gained muscle mass doing body weight exercises. Thank you Dr. Berry for all your videos. You’ve been very helpful to me during my journey. I’m happy to say that I’ve influenced at least 6 people to change their way of eating too!

  39. hi started a low carb diet for almost two months now, just as i started the diet, my bha1c was 7.1(last week of august). . my endo changed my meds to jardiance since i told her that im on a lcif diet. last saturday i had my test again and my hba1c is now 6.3 but my triglycerides, total cholesterol and ldl were all high. here are the values(mmol/L); tri is 1.95, ldl is 4.98 and cholesterol is 7.12 I'll be showing her the result on friday, and im afraid she might give again meds to lower my triglycerides. i limit my carbs to 50g a day and usually i ran 5kms 2 to 3 times a week. sometimes I'm able to skip breakfast. does the cooked food i buy is the culprit? they are low in carbs but they are cooked for sure using vegetable oils, is that enough to elevate my triglycerides? i mean those are the foods i used to buy even when i was not on lcif diet. thanks

  40. Thank you i have a heart disease, fatty liver and more and i am on medication for the heart disease and other stuff. Since i am on ketogenic slowly I want to stop all this medication.

  41. Hey Doc. I just had fasting blood work done. I’m 44 years old, 5’8”, 252lbs, large build. During a very sedentary 2 years while finishing two master degrees, I’ve decreased my weight from 298.6lbs following a keto lifestyle tracking <20g of carbs per day. The result for triglycerides is 209. I’m actually boggled by this. What questions should I bring to my pcp? What advice would you offer? Thank you!

  42. Dr. Berry, you had said that it's not bacon, butter, saturated fat that raises triglycerides because of the study you mentioned; however, all that study shows is that high sugar foods shot up triglycerides not that saturated fats would not raise triglycerides.

    Is there a study comprable to the one you mentioned where 1000 calories more of saturated fat was added to participants regular food intake and if that changed the triglyceride count? I'd love to see that.

  43. since 2 days i have been using xplended 10 mg..actually my ultrasound report showed increased liver parenchymal echogenicity with diffuse infiltrative process suggesting fatty change…what you think shld i continue?

  44. What about consuming moderate amounts of fruits (whole fruits and not fruit juices)? What is the impact of having such stuff on body lipids?

  45. Half of lemon squeezed..1 large garlic clove diced fine, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of Braggs vinegar, grated ginger (1 tablespoon) mix well, and place in glass container, keep in fridge. Drink two tablespoons before each meal. A friend did this a while 6 weeks, their triglycerides were cut in half. The food industry and big pharma are in bed together…slowly killing us.

  46. You said ask question so they took out my ball bladder so hard to eat fat? Atkins gave me Gout big time??? and wow your incredible.

  47. Does exercise also have a significant impact on triglycerides? Of course diet will have the bigger impact, but how much can exercise also help? Thanks for this video, I just had a blood test and everything was fine except high triglycerides. I honestly didn't even know what those were other than "blood fat".

  48. so, I have to stop drink beer. I am 50. don't like sugar, coke. but I like beer, noodle and junk food. I'm 165cm and 65kg. yesterday I tested my blood in lab and the result make me really shock. my triglycerides is 1186. wow…. I'm not overweight. I don't feel anything. I ate vegetables for my lunch. now I know for sure I have to stop drinking beer, noodle and junk food. now I take fibramed 300 from doctor.

  49. You mention staying away from simple starches and carbs. Are complex starches and carbs an alternative? I have NASH and high triglycerides (~550) and weight train 4-5 days a week. Eat minimal sugar though I have had a cheat day in frequently. But I do need carbs to fuel my workouts as they are pretty intense…thanks in advance.

  50. They just told my 16 year old daughter that she had cholesterol and triglycerides
    She also has a fatty liver
    But all she drinks is water? No juices or soda
    She doesn’t like sweets either .. I don’t understand. She is like 145 lbs
    Don’t think that she is obese .. please help

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