How to Make a Keto Meal Plan | Platejoy Tutorial + Review

hi guys welcome to today’s episode of
Petrina shows where I’m gonna show you how to make a keto
meal plan like a boss with an app. it’s called Platejoy and it is amazing
now before I show you the nitty-gritty of how to use it I’ll let you know
exactly what it does and it is not just keto meal planning, you can do paleo meal planning, you
can do standard low carb and yes if you don’t even want to restrict your carbs
you can do vegan meal plans, vegetarian meal plans, clean eating meal plans, dairy-free,low-sodium, kosher, gluten free
it can even specialize a meal plan for you if you’re pregnant or you’re nursing
it’s amazing it’s cheap it’s highly customizable it’ll not only give you
delicious recipes to make each week but create the shopping list that you’ll
take to the store to get the stuff you need to make those delicious meals I
tried it I loved it I’m sharing it cost $69 for a six month subscription $99 if
you want to get a year subscription either one you choose I can hook you up
with $10 off so stay tuned well I show you how to create your own
custom keto meal plan let’s dive right in
alright so this is what the system looks like when you’re all set up and logged
in this is where you can personalize your own preferences to come up with a
menu that you’re gonna find absolutely delicious you’re gonna let them know how
many people you’re shopping for whether they’re adults or children you’ll tell
them if you’re trying to lose weight what your goal weight is your age your
activity levels if you’re not trying to lose weight it will simply ask you what
portion size you want they’ll come up with your own caloric goals based on
what you enter if you want to edit your own and put the number in let’s say you
want to keep it to 2,000 calories you click on the let me edit and change the
calorie amount if you are keto or any other type of low carb diet plan you
will let them know here so I’ll select ketogenic, no grains, very low carb high
fat you could also do standard low carb, paleo, diabetic, 30-day cleanse and this
low fodmap which is for IBS and digestive issues you’ll also let them
know what your daily net carb intake will be I’m gonna put mine at under 20
but if you want you could set yours at third
or under 40 you’ll let them know different food preferences like seasonal
produce if you want to buy things that are in season whether or not you shop at
specialty grocery stores or traditional grocery stores what type of equipment
you have in your kitchen whether it’s a blender or food processor stovetop slow
cooker all that jazz what kind of milk you prefer whether it’s regular cow’s
whole milk or even something like hemp or goat milk you’ll let them know
whether you want to avoid pre chopped veggies or pre cooked proteins how much
time you have to make breakfast whether or not you’re open to having smoothies
for breakfast how much variety you want in breakfast what you want to make for
lunch I myself for convenience sake I love just eating leftovers from dinner
but if you want something more involved to cook on the stovetop you could choose
that too it’ll ask you how much variety you prefer for lunches and if you are
using plate say for dinners how much time you have to pick your dinner since
I don’t mind popping out the slow cooker I selected more than 50 minutes for
make-ahead meals it’ll also ask you how much time you
have to make for snacks and desserts you’ll scroll down once you’re done with
your preferences and you’re going to BOOM fimA meals once you’ve personalized
you’re gonna get popped into what’s called a meal queue and this is a
variety of options that are gonna be added to your meal plans each week based
on what you like and what you don’t and what you can do is just scroll through
and if there’s anything you see like this spicy chorizo option where you’re
like oh I do not want to eat that ever ever ever you can remove it permanently
from your queue and if you do choose that option on accident you can go ahead
and click the undo to get get it back in that meal queue once you’re all set
viewing your breakfast queue you would go on to your lunches since I chose
leftovers I don’t have any lunch and still look for through so I’m gonna skip
ahead to dinner and again same thing applies if you look through and see
something that you know you’re not going to like and you don’t want to make an I
for one can see this already and I do not like shellfish or anything like that
so I’m gonna go ahead and remove that option permanently I’m gonna go ahead to
snacks and desserts and same thing if you see something you don’t like you
take it out of your queue and once you’re all done with all the different
meal types you’re gonna click create menu so if you need to change the number
of me you can just use the sliders to change
that out before you’re done if you realized oh you know I need more than
two recipes for breakfast you can pull that slider up and get one more once
you’re all set you click done if you have favourites in your queue and this
is what happens if you have a particular meal and you rate it five stars and I’ll
show you about that a little bit later it will come on your favorites list
you’ll see I’ve got quite a few different things if you want to repeat
and have more of your favorites you can add them to your menu and click done and
another really cool option is they have what’s called a virtual pantry where
they keep tabs of what you have by you sharing your information about what
ingredients you have on hand if let’s say you’ve got a lot of chicken in your
fridge you’ve got spinach maybe that needs to be used up or eggs chicken
spinach and eggs you can type in all those three things and it will come up
with different meal options that include these ingredients so if you want to use
them up you can add something that includes spinach and eggs you’ll get
both of those things in that meal and then you can finally create your menu
and there you have it you’ve got a pretty delicious looking keto meal plan
for the week I’ll scroll down so that you can feed them all they all look
great that sounds good strawberry that bombs
you know super keto-rific again too if you need to make any last minute changes
like adding another breakfast you can if you see something that you’re like I’m
not really in the mood for lemon ricotta pancakes you can swap it out with a
different breakfast item in your queue and once you are set on that particular
venue you’ll go to shopping list when you’re first getting started it’s going
to ask you to fill out your digital pantry where you let them know like what
spices and stuff you already have I’m gonna skip through that and you’ll see
they’ll have paprika I got that already so I’ll keep that in if there’s any
spice or any particular ingredient that you know that you need you’ll click it
over to need and you just keep going down the pantry and letting them know
what you have and what you don’t have once it’s updated you’ll click update
pantry and then boom you have got a shopping list if you want to be super
duper lazy and you don’t want to go shopping you can use instacart and I
also have a coupon code for that that I will put
comments below we’ll talk more about that when I get done and that does the
shopping for you it’s not available in all areas so there’s that it’ll break up
the items you need based on meal if you want to know which recipe you can click
on whatever letter it is and I’ll tell you what it’s needed for if you need to
print it out you just click on that print and boom you’ve got a printable
list for you to take to the grocery store once you’re ready to get cooking
you’ll go back to your menu for the week you’ll pull up whatever menu item you’re
about fix and it’s gonna tell you how much time it takes to make it what
ingredients you’re gonna need to cook it and what steps you need to take if you
want to get an idea the nutrition info you’d click here and it will tell you
what the breakdown is for everything you’ll see your calories your net carbs
it does the math for you your sugar your fat your protein carbs fiber sodium
saturated fat all that good stuff to know boom you know if you’re cooking for
more than one person it will show the breakdown of portion sizes here too
which is nice if you make it and you love it you would go ahead and rate that
five stars and then it will pop up in your favorites section the one that I
showed you before and that is how plate joy works for really easy meal planning
I love it it simplifies the whole process I love the fact that it helps
people who are doing keto diets really come up with a delicious easy to make
meal planning schedule for the week help simplify my shopping my cooking
everything I highly recommend playchoice so much so that I’m gonna go ahead and
give you a coupon code you can use if you want to give Platejoy a try you can use
the code PETRINA that’s PE T R I N A and it’ll save you ten bucks I’ll also put
links to an insta card coupon code and information in the description below
this video so check it out and I’ll even put a really easy clickable link right
up here for you to click on if you want to go ahead and get started with plate
show you right now and that’s it for this episode as always take care and
have a great week bye guys

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