How to Prevent a Stroke

How to Prevent a Stroke

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    Greater dietary fiber intake is significantly associated with lower risk of first stroke. Overall, findings support dietary recommendations to increase intake of total dietary fiber. However, a paucity of data on fiber from different foods precludes conclusions regarding the association between fiber type and stroke. There is a need for future studies to focus on fiber type and to examine risk for ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes separately.

  3. How many fiber-containing foods does it take every day to prevent a stroke?
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  4. John Harvey Kellogg is the quack who prescribed genital mutilation, euphemistically called "circumcision," to discourage or stop masturbation.  It didn't work, but what it did do was to censor, and in some cases hamper, the natural sexual experience of millions of males, as well as a few females, in America over the following 100 years.  Even though he may have been right on the dietary bits, otherwise, he was a sexually frustrated perv.

  5. Yup, the 5 a day was, iirc, actually 7 a day but they thought people would be put off by such an unattainable standard! lol

  6. My walnut, soymilk, flaxseed, oats, banana and vegetable smoothie I had this morning contained about 30 grams of fibre. On workdays I eat about 10 slices of whole-wheat bread, so that's another 23 grams (just the bread). At diner potato's, beans and vegetables so that ads another 30 grams. A 100 grams a day is doable but it means seriously stuffing your face, but hey who doesn't like that. And my grocery bill came down by a quart since becoming a plant-eater. Bowel movement = heaven.

  7. Animal foods (meat, dairy and eggs) have ZERO fiber.
    Plant foods have ZERO cholesterol & ZERO saturated fat (unless it's oil extracted from plants in a factory – man-made).

  8. 1:32 Dr. Denis Burkitt sounded the alarm to increase fiber intake. But does fiber prevent stroke? What ever happened to Dr. Denis Burkitt?

  9. What about ratio omega 3 to omega 6??? There is a vegan who had stroke because of that ratio..ha had too many omega 6 in body…

  10. What I especially like about nutrition facts is that they always bring up studies outlining how eating bad in our youth affects us. Most people my age (I’m only a Uni student) say “I’m still young! I have time before I have to eat healthy!”. But honestly it’s never too early to start eating a WFPB diet. Plus, it’s way tastier than processed junk that has been diluted to have a plasticky taste.

  11. Dr Burkitt, the king of fibre vs disease died of a stroke unfortunately . We don't know what else he ate but fibre is not the only magic bullet obviously.

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