How To Start Eating Gluten Free with These 8 Steps

How To Start Eating Gluten Free with These 8 Steps

In this video I’m going to give you
eight steps on how to go gluten-free for beginners. Hi I’m Linda Poirier of Bodies After and welcome to my channel where i help mommies of all ages
fit into their jeans, get their sexy back, and find a life of happy. My story of
having to go gluten free started 11 years ago. I was experiencing really
horrible symptoms. I was super tired… I was bloated and to the point where I
looked like I was six months pregnant you guys …like seriously …I was so bloated
I would start from nothing and I would go and look like… hey like when are you
having your baby…. that’s how bad it was. My face broke out. I had dark circles
under my eyes you name it, I had it. I went to the doctor they said you know
you don’t have celiac but I had every single symptom known to man. On celiac
you’ve got to be careful about that because a lot of times doctors will say you’re
fine and you’re not fine. And then when I eliminated the gluten from my diet it
really got better everything got better it was it was pretty bad and back
then when you go shopping for gluten free food… you’re reading every single
label because at that time they didn’t have gluten free labels on the gluten
free products it was a nightmare at the grocery store. So so symptoms you might
be experiencing is some that I mentioned on my own experience but everybody is
different and presents differently so you may find that you have breakouts,
under-eye circles tired, the bumps on the back of your arms
,headaches, migraines, fatigue if I already said that. Hormone imbalances or issues,
mood issues and just overall not feeling good.While it’s important to find out if
you do have an allergy or intolerance especially if you’re celiac just know
that sometimes when you go to the doctors you’re not always diagnosed with
celiac yet you still have those symptoms and feel way better without gluten. So
here’s the 8 steps on how to go gluten free. Step number one… know what’s gluten
free and know what isn’t. There are so many things that have hidden gluten that
I found out the hard way so I want to help you find out the right way. Remember
the words B.R.O.W. Barley, Rye, Oats and Wheat. Did you know some salad dressings have
gluten?Soups, licorice,some seasonings and spices, seasonings on chips, soy
sauces, some headache medicine ,vitamins supplement not all but you have to read
the labels because they do contain them even cosmetics like eye and lip products
Some of them contain vitamin E from wheat germ so you got to be careful as
welI. know it’s a big laundry list but I promise you it’s worth it.
Step number two is get rid of those products in your house that could be
causing you to be sick including items that are typically double dipped like
butter,peanut butter, jam… things like that where you know people grab their
knives they go in and then they scoop again and you find all these crumbs in
there. I know my husband does that sometimes so I have to get a dedicated
peanut butter because he does that all the time. Your toaster maybe need to be
replaced as well because you have all the crumbs from before. It’s super
important that you don’t have that cross-contamination. I know in our
household 99 percent of our items is gluten free.
I know hubby sometimes likes to have something not but most times it is. I
always eat gluten free because I do not feel good it’s really bad if I do get
“glutened”. Step number three is restock with alternatives. I know a lot of people when
they find out they have to go gluten-free they’re like what I can’t
have bread I can’t have pasta but you can have those things you just have to
have an alternative. Now full disclosure not everything tastes fantastic… however
there are certain brands out there that actually really have good items. I don’t
recommend you going full on processed gluten-free. A lot of those products have
higher sugar content , higher sodium content, the carbs are higher I know
regular bread compared to gluten-free bread is way higher in the carb count
like two-to-one so just be careful of that. I don’t even really eat bread. I do
once in a while when I get a craving but I don’t eat bread it’s rare and it’s
been 11 years and I don’t miss it and I’m Italian. When you go grocery shopping
make sure you do read those labels focus on a variety of foods especially because
you want to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins you need and supplement
where necessary. You can find gluten-free products in your local grocery store you
could also go to the more organic natural stores they have tons of
gluten-free which is awesome choices you get variety it is a little bit more
expensive but if you stick to the non processed food it is not so it’s what
everybody else is saying. Number 4 learn how to make your food. So when you’re
going gluten-free immediately you’re thinking well I can’t have this and I
can’t have that and I can’t have the other thing…go on a recipe site. Go on
Pinterest. there are tons of recipes that taste good and you don’t have to go find
some weird ingredient for it. I love all recipes they rate it I also
go on Pinterest which is really good and you can always find really great recipes
you don’t need the crap in your food regardless if you’re gluten-free or not
you don’t need the crap extra crap in your food you won’t even know it’s
gluten-free after a while it’s just really good food and there are
alternatives you can still have your pizza you can still have bread you can
still have pasta and you just have to look out there. Step number five is get
your family involved. In my household we all eat gluten-free with the exception
of hubby once in a while bringing in something that’s not. Although I must say
he does not feel good after but my oldest son he actually doesn’t have an
allergy or maybe a slight sensitivity because I noticed when he was younger if
he had sandwiches that were you know regular bread if he had too many he’d
get the dark circles under his eyes so get
your family involved. Number six is when you go to restaurants
and eating out you could ask for a gluten-free menu. You want to also make
sure that if you want something like fries or or that kind of thing know that
the fryer a lot of times they will cook the gluten-free fries in with the same
oil so just know that just ask and kind of ask them you know what they recommend
for gluten-free I know when you’re just beginning it’s hard because sometimes
they can make recommendations and they don’t have a clue in a carload not
joking you I once went to a Vietnamese restaurant I asked them you know certain
things because sometimes their broth is not gluten-free but I was asking them
and they were saying that I couldn’t have rice because it wasn’t gluten-free..
guys ..rice is gluten-free needless to say I had to politely get up and walk out of
the restaurant because he didn’t have a clue so it’s getting better. There’s lots
of restaurants now that are aware and some restaurants that are still clueless
but most are getting on board most have at least a menu for it and it’ll get
better My last tips are don’t cheat on the
gluten free lifestyle. Don’t cheat on it, it hurts it doesn’t feel good for me I
am out for four days I can’t eat anything because anything I eat even if
it’s gluten free will upset my stomach it’s like one big inflammation and my
stomach freaks out and it’s not fun so don’t cheat you’ll feel tired you’ll
feel like crap you’ll feel sluggish and you’ll notice once you do go gluten free
you may notice within 3-4 days you’re starting to feel better your face is
getting better I mean everybody’s different in those symptoms but you’ll
feel a heck of a lot better and it’s not worth the cheat I promise you it’s not
worth the cheat you may even find some weight loss
focus on what you can eat versus what you aren’t allowed to have and if you do
the variety you won’t even miss it and if you do the replacers you won’t even
miss it. My family loves gluten-free pasta my family loves gluten free pizza
although we don’t really have that a lot you won’t go hungry it’s not like you do
have to give up there’s so many alternatives here and now that you won’t
feel deprived now some chocolate bars maybe …I’m a
chocoholic so some chocolate bars you got be
careful because it does have you know crisps in it or you know that kind of
thing but just you will go hungry focus on what you can eat and don’t cheat now
I feel really good I don’t eat that as I stay away from it
now if you do get glutened it’s what I call “glutened”.. if you do get glutened I suggest
keep it light if you can if you can’t even eat for a couple days because you
feel that bad then there are some things you can get at the naturopathic store
I have tried activated charcoal to help me I I do a cleanse and my cleanse that
I use is a cellular cleanse so it just has aloe vera and some vitamins and
minerals and nutrients in it so it’s very gentle but I have two basically
lots of water lots of rest because I’m so tired it looks like I was on a
five-day bender in in Mexico you know what I mean so I’m out… papaya enzymes
are really really good too and probiotics I use probiotics that helps
my tummy too it balances with the bad guys and the good guys like I say to my
kids and which is a bad bacteria the good bacteria
I love probiotics I do everything that I can to help my body your stomach is so
important those of you who suffered I feel you it’s been terrible in my past
but it does get better just focus on healing yourself feeling better and
don’t worry about the rest I mean who cares if you can have pizza
really at the end of the day you feel better I hope you enjoyed this video if
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go gluten free

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  1. Don't be afraid to try a gluten free lifestyle. I've gone 11 years without gluten and I feel so much better than I did.

    What are some questions you have about going gluten free?

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