It’s the dead of winter here in Pennsylvania, and I’m on the hunt for one of the most nutrient packed foods on the planet. The earth is frozen, daylight is short – not good conditions for growing any vegetable. But I found a place where this one grows year round. So I’m dying to find out: Spinach – How Does It Grow? This is BrightFarms, literally the size of a football field. This greenhouse pumps out 75,000 pounds of spinach a year. But here’s the coolest part: they don’t grow spinach in soil, they grow it in the water. This kind of growing is called “hydroponics”. “Hydro” means water; “ponics” means work. In hydroponics, plants are grown in nutrient and rich water that gets reused. With record droughts and rising demand for local foods, hydroponics could be the future of farming. Although, really, hydroponics is thousands of years old! The ancient Egyptians farmed on rafts along the Nile; and the Aztecs on lakes. In the 13th century, Marco Polo marveled at the floating gardens in China. Here at BrightFarms, their spinach floats on boards over ponds filled with well water. These boards have small slits for roots to dangle through. Head farmer Jason Jackson basically plays the role of god… With a click of the mouse, he controls the heat, the moisture, the daylight – all the conditions that conventional farmers can’t control. What’s trickier here, is perfecting the mix of nutrients he gives the plants. Without soil, there’s no buffer between the delicate roots and the potent fertilizer. (Jason): Uh…If I don’t get it quite right, I could potentially plants, at which point we’d have to drain the pond…And today I have not had to drain upon… (Nicole): Have you killed any plants? (Jason): I have not…killed any of them… (Nicole): Okay…okay but wait, there are…there’s forty thousand gallons of water in that pond…(Jason): Yep. (Nicole): And hydroponics is supposed to conserve water – how does that work? (Jason): we actually use 80 percent less water than outdoor conventional AG, and we do so by recirculating the water in the ponds themselves. Not all hydroponic farms recirculate their water. Some think nothing about draining the ponds, since it’s always easier to start with fresh water. But Jason likes to nurture the ponds’ ecosystem, so when it comes to spinach, he enlists lettuce – because it helps fights spinach’s worst enemy: a fungus called Pythium, that can wipe out a whole crop overnight. Growing spinach hydroponically is basically a race between spinach and Pythium. Pythium spreads by little spores that swim… Swimming is not so easy in the soil, but here in the pond, its Pythium heaven… Because lettuce is stronger against Pythium, it helps keep the Pythium population down, which means Jason can avoid using killer chemicals like fungicides. After 14 days on the water, the leaves are still small and tender, and ready to be harvested as baby spinach. One by one, each raft goes through the cutting machine. And then it’s on to packaging, BrightFarms harvests, packages, and ships its spinach to stores within 24 hours. Calorie for calorie, spinach packs more nutrients than almost any other vegetable. It’s one of the best for vitamin K, which helps keep bones healthy. Now, I love baby spinach in a salad but if you’re cooking with spinach, you can use frozen spinach, it’s just as nutritious and probably easier to find. I’ve squeezed out the water from a package of thawed spinach, and we’re going to turn this into cheesy spinach bites – or as my producer prefers to call them… (Mark): Extra special super delicious cheesy bites… These are great as a party appetizer, as an after-school snack…you can even throw some in a bowl of chicken soup – but it’s really important to remember: after eating any spinach dish – that you just might have a little something in your teeth…

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  1. To us we just blanch that in hot water remove excess water put some grated garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  2. In my country, Indonesia, spinach can grow everywhere. It's like broom. Indonesian people love to cook spinach soup mixed with carrot, potato, and other vegetable. It's really delicious๐Ÿ‘

  3. I eat spinach daily and I always wondered how it grew. Thank you for this video and I am loving the added recipes at the end. Although I think the recipes should be geared more towards the natural state of the product in the video. This particular recipe seemed rich and tasty, but the spinach didn't shine. I look forward to more of your videos!

  4. Wow….i have watched potato, spinach and cranberry till now. I love how its presented….amazing series. Love from India.

  5. thank you for a video, althogh im leanning about agriculture but i dont know how to produce in a greenhouse and hight technology agriculture. thanks so much.

  6. I love this channel. I am a new sub and i am watching al the videos. it just makes me so happy to see how the plats grow and the process till we have them on the table. Love it. Great work

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    Any way Nicole gorgeous than before

  8. Great video! A big thumbs up from me! We got a video on our channel with all the health benefits of Spinach for anyone interested.

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  15. With all respect to technology the taste of hydroponic vegetables is lacking the flavor that normal one grown in soil, here in Belgium we have hydroponic lettuce but….it's tasteless

  16. How does lettuce help keep pythium down? i havent been able to find any articles on this and am very interested in it!!
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  18. Hydroponic food if fucking terrible. The food is ONLY nutritious when grown in nutrient-rich soil……otherwise it is useless to the body. Yea a couple minerals but far far less nutritious than soil-grown food. Hydroponic food is just one more step in the selling of nutrient-deficient foods. I won't eat them…..their useless to me. I am 63 and completely healthy in every way under NO medication of any kind weighing the same weight as in high school (throughout my life it has been the same 32 in the waist) . I am intelligent and above all disciplined. I will likely live to 95 or more if no bacteria or virus or accident changes that. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from Hydroponic foods and tell your friends. The last thing we need is more bullshit "food" to consume.

  19. pizza spinace is so easy to cook and to eat, shame on lidl in my city to have its freezers almost everytime empty to sell its pizza fungi…

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