I Ate For $1 A Day (Full Week)

I Ate For $1 A Day (Full Week)

I want to see if it’s possible to eat healthy for one dollar a day for a full week I’ve shared my plans to do this with a few people and I always get the reaction Why so here’s a very quick explanation and I’ll go more in depth a little bit later on in this video There are a few reasons one. I’m very inspired by the resourcefulness of Mexicans and their creativity with such limited resources – it’s a common stoic practice to experiment with less and to remind yourself how little you really needed to be happy in life and 3 I’ve noticed a little bit of lifestyle creep. I seem to be spending more money every single month and that’s a kind of alarming idea because The way I see things I’m not happier now than I was say six months ago and yet I’m spending more money So what’s going on here? What does that say? I’ve seen a few videos that have a similar concept but what I always see is people going for freebies and trying to eat for free and For me that completely defeats the purpose like I am not accepting any freebies And I want to see what seven dollars can do So yeah this morning I went with my seven dollars to see what I could find. Let’s do this thing Easy easy. I just did the Calculation for how much seven dollars equals in pesos and today as of me recording this. It’s 133 pesos and 51 cents. So that’s what I have to work with this week. Well, here’s the deal I usually shop and do like all my groceries at a local soup Adama It’s like a local supermarket chain that exists here But I think that there are better prices in this other market where I see locals kind of go to shop So that is where I’m gonna attempt to make these purchases The spot I decided to hit up. There’s known as Mercado Medellín. It’s pretty cool, they’ve got pretty much everything you’ve need there and the atmosphere is really quite unique To give myself a fighting chance of really making this happen and like being successful with this if this is even possible I’m allowing myself to use the $7.00. However, I want now I don’t recommend you do this. This might be a very stupid idea We’re just gonna have to see but my idea really is not to starve myself and to make this this whole like torturous experience I want to see what I can do with limited resources When it comes but a terminal for the competency the best So the rules are have seven dollars to work with for all food and drink this week With the exception of water potable water actually does cost money here in Mexico But like I said, I’m gonna make that my one exception but beyond that Anything that costs any money is going to have to count against my seven dollar budget So that includes even things like gum coffee juice anything I’m also not allowing myself to use anything that I previously owned including salt oil Or anything else that I might need to cook I spent weeks thinking this over and trying to plan things out But I ultimately realized for this to happen. I just have to go for it and figure things out as I go I’ve tried chatting with the locals to get better deals All right, I just snagged and a whole kilo of Oats for 22 pesos feeling good of the winner right there. Personally find that I’m more creative when I impose limitations on myself. I Was particularly targeting staple foods stuff that I know that the government subsidizes stuff That is very cheap. But like look, we’re not gonna have ramen Okay, ramen is not gonna be a part of this that is in my opinion Not a super healthy thing to consume especially like the instant ramen that you can buy in supermarkets. Oh no, no to that Okay I’m not gonna lie that went better than I was expecting What remains after my grocery shopping this morning is 49 pesos and one cent Which is about two and a half dollars So we got to see kind of how things go But that’s sort of like my emergency fund in case things get real. My original idea was to ration everything out So I have the same exact thing to eat each day, but I think my current plan now is just to eat conservatively and See how things go Oh my God, what am I doing? All right, I Am really hungry I had oatmeal a few hours ago now it is 4 o’clock 4:15, and so what I thought I’d do is prepare the beans in the rice that I bought Got to be clever here if I buy eggs or anything else for that matter That requires Any kind of oil I’ll take the oil that’s in The can here with the beans and save it just in case because I might need it I’m not gonna do all the rice at once because that would be a lot of rice But maybe like half of it so A lot. I think that’s a lot of stuff So this juice is what I was talking about gotta save it that’s gonna be useful Okay, so Here’s the thing. I mean this this really is not that I just found it interesting While I was preparing this thinking about all the different ways that I embellish things Mmm really none that Okay, stay to update things are going a lot better than I was expecting I hope that isn’t misplaced Optimism but yeah, I had oatmeal again this morning and I’m not even close to running out So I am feeling good about that. There’s also an absolute surplus of rice. So those were good purchases however, I finished the can of beans that I bought and Of all the food that I have bought so far this week I think beans are like my favorites. So I might buy another can we’re just gonna have to see how things go probably tonight what I’m gonna have is just rice rice and tortillas one thing that did dawn on me that I didn’t even realize would be a consideration for This challenge was the fact that I can’t have coffee now. I’m not like addicted to coffee I don’t drink it all the time, but it’s really nice especially like as a pick-me-up in the afternoon and I spent a lot of time working in coffee shops when I’m sick of being in my Apartment that’s kind of a bummer. But I mean talk about first world problems, right? So anyway God but one of the side let’s say benefits of all this that I also was not Expecting is the fact that I’m not wasting any energy thinking about what I’m gonna eat It’s already sort of decided for me, you know And I tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what it is. I want to eat and where it is I want to go on top of the money that you spend and all those resources Mike Time energy and money that I usually spend on those sorts of things I’m able to save now for other projects and other things that I’m doing right now for this week. At least I Snagged two eggs for two pieces of pop and tried cooking them with my super clever oil from the can of beans technique So This did not quite work perfectly, but It’s alright. Hey better than nothing this could use seasoning So the tip I realized is that if you can’t add salt that’s using burn your food a little bit it tastes better I’m not kidding All right, so, it’s Wednesday my dudes. Yeah day three basically of this experiment and I gotta say Eating oatmeal with absolutely nothing just oatmeal and water It’s not exactly like the most exciting fun breakfast to have I don’t want to use the word nasty but it’s Bland in the extreme and so I’ll second you know Is there any way I could add sugar or flavor of any kind to this? And then I was like, well, what’s fruit for I haven’t even touched the fruit that I bought so far And so I just cut some orange. The citric scent of oranges is now filling my nostrils and This is good. This is a huge boost to morale. I’m gonna eat the oatmeal with the orange I think I do even going to be so adventurous as to add a banana into the mix good why not bananas? I’m sweet man. Look at me Mm-hmm. One thing at a time one meal at a time eating rice with tortillas Which is what I did last night is not super fun So I’m gonna have to take a moment today and get a little bit more creative about that as well I need to get some beans and maybe a maybe a vegetable our show that would be good. Right? Hey, how’s it going? so I’m gonna go back to Matt Galland managing to buy a couple more cans of beans and Maybe a potato the reason being I’m gonna have to stay up until 3:30 a.m Tonight for a project that I’m working on and I know I’m gonna get hungry so I might as well be prepared. I Think this is an appropriate time to dip into my savings. We’re going all out. I Ultimately bought two cans of beans and a potato for 39 and a half missiles this challenge is More difficult than I thought. I think the thing that’s hitting me right now is that Okay, I’m doing this for like a week, right but there are people That live like this, you know, I’ll give an example. I am now having to sort of ration out my tortillas I’ve got about 16 left. Today is day four And so I have about four left for each day And the idea of rationing things out so tightly is something kind of foreign to me Like I’ve never had to do that before I don’t think I have an unhealthy relationship with food But it’s something that I just get so much joy I just love eating good food. I just love it. I’m down to one banana left I was feeling really quite demoralized yesterday. I know it’s silly to say that but I cannot imagine living like this I just wanted to kind of assess where things are at I’ve still got oats a fair amount of rice a potato a month to my last banana My last can of beans and 12 40s. I have four left to eat today Plus this toil juicing which I don’t know. This technique is really working to be honest with you. I Just miss you tasty food and drinking coffee and you know little pleasures like that the last couple of days have been a Lot more difficult than the beginning of this week I’m feeling more tired than I usually do and I Have no idea if it has anything to do with the food that I’m eating and it might totally be a nocebo effect I’m totally willing to recognize that part of me is getting a little bit obsessive about rationing things out because I really want This to be successful I want to make it through the week and I also Think I have a little bit of a fear of running out. Like I think I’m taking this a little bit too seriously I’m noticing just how much I rely on it for kind of like daily pleasures There’s no more fruit fruit is gone and I totally recognize that I have not included practically or any honestly vegetables in this entire week and Of course. I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can. But I just I feel like I can’t afford it He doesn’t fit into a dollar a day. I Decided it was time to see what I could get with my last pesos at a mini supermarket I got an onion for eight pesos and convinced them to give me an egg for my last base or and a half even though usually they sell them for two I Know you’re thinking. Why are we in the negative Nathaniel? What is this and believe me? I share your frustration Okay, it was only an editing that I realized that I forgot to take into account the two eggs that I bought on day two I was under the impression that I still had my two half pesos And I thought I did things to perfection. But what we are seeing right now is poor math skills on full display Anyway, I appreciate that you’ve stuck around for this long. Might as well, see how this all ends, right At 7:00 p.m. On Sunday, which means we are almost there. I am so ready for this to be done All the food is gone except for a potato and half an onion And so that’s what I’m preparing right now. It’s just in the oven my plan at this point Honestly is to go to bed very early, so that things can just be done and tomorrow morning I’m gonna eat like a king check out the system that I’ve got here since I don’t have aluminum foil And I feel like buying some would be cheating. I came up with a makeshift solution So the potato is within that makeshift contraption you’ll see that right there So a few weeks have gone by and I’ve gotten the chance to reflect on things Let me just say that I already knew that it brings me a lot of joy in life I just always like to think about where the food comes from and what took place For it to arrive in the plate in front of me I wasn’t originally planning on doing this but thinking about being restricted on what I can eat for a longer period of time Was a really depressing thought I feel very lucky that I always had enough while I was growing up and unfortunately We still live in a world where there are many people including children that do not I have Regularly asked for your support on my patreon. But today I’m going to do something a little bit different I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign where you can donate money to action against hunger, which is a humanitarian organization That is making a huge effort to fight hunger around the world. I like that They put a focus on helping women and children instead of giving me money I’m going to ask that you send your money over there If you feel that this is an important cause so that we’re not starting from zero I’ve gone ahead and done the first thousand dollars, which is about what I made on patreon last month So thank you to all my patrons. And yeah, I’m gonna be posting updates on my Instagram So thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you soon

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  1. if you eat 4 eggs two for the afternoon and 2 for half a day it would cost you 56 pesos and if you want to buy an oil saying the cheapest about 20 to 30 (I don't know the price) you would end up spending between 76 and 86 pesos, if we add a kilo of rice and a kilo of tortilla saying that you buy tortillas in 14 and rice in 19 would take 109 or 119 and if you could buy the cheapest oil it might reach you with 20 pesos for something else

  2. Yo anyone wantin to save cash on food just buy some accounts for like subway nandos papa John's you can even get ones for supermarket basically anywhere with like a rewards scheme you can buy for cheap

  3. This is ridiculous. All you need is bag of rice, bag of dried beans, carton of eggs and oil. Hopefully you have spices and condiments you can already use. If you want to get fancy get some hotdogs and conservatively add small slices to every meal.

  4. Damn, that was how I survived a very rough patch that lasted almost a year. I pretty much survived on beans, rice, eggs (free from my boss’s chicken coop), and ramen. Good tip would’ve been to buy whole beans and go through the labor of preparing them yourself, you’ll get way more bang for your buck that way. Only downside of that is canned beans already have the oil & salt, sometimes pepper.

  5. He completely changed the transition at 2:38 the caption is entirely wrong. What the lady really said is that he can buy any amount starting from 5 pesos. It’s kind of shady how he changed the translation to create this portrayal of himself.

  6. Poor person hack – make a big meal that you enjoy but make enough to ration out throughout the week. Some of the best meals don't cost much. Snacking and luxurious meals add up. Just imagine having to feed more than just you.

  7. This was interesting to watch. There are some things I personally would have changed.

    I do not live in Mexico so I don't know how things work there but if you decide to do this again here are somethings you could take in to consideration. Canned beans are ALWAYS more expensive than dried unprepared beans and dried beans yield a more for your money typically. I usually go for black beans myself due to taste preference but I know people that opt for pinto sometimes these are a bit cheaper. Poor people in my area usually do splurge on basic staple spices such as, garlic powder, table salt, ground pepper, and things like vegetable oil, flour and sometimes sugar, and baking powder. these things might seem expensive upfront but over all they can last a long while and save you from hunger in a pinch. When you are so low on funds making things completely from scratch is what is going to help you.. yes it takes more time and you might have to prep a little bit but at the end of the day you waste less money. Being extremely poor sucks and I have been there multiple times. However you do start to become very knowledgeable about how to shop and how to think longer term and how that can help you to save money on your already small budget..

  8. Add some grapes to oatmeal and it tastes 1000000 times better in my opinion. Also find a pecan tree and snag some for free because why not?

  9. Eating 2 meals a day gets him 1m views ….shote iv eaten 1 meal a day for the last 3 months …. I should have become a youtuber

  10. lentils, rice, oats and then buy tinned tomatoes, and fruit thats about to be thrown out…think asian food..its cheap, cheerful and easy 🙂

  11. I really respect you man, you talk about Mexico and Mexicans as though they are amazing. Nowadays it's hard to find the respect that Mexicans rightfully deserve. Thank you.

  12. Dude, never go to a market if you don't have a local with you. Go to a supermarket where people can't overcharge you; they are fixed prices.

  13. In the Philippines, you can buy 36 pieces of double extra large chicken eggs for 4 US dollars.
    Maybe you could have included eggs in your diet.

  14. For information: in CDMX, minimum wage is around 100-120 pesos per day. So that's 1 day of work to pay for basic food for 1 week. Which is sad but can be the reality of the ciudadanos de la ciudad de México

  15. vaya desafió, yo vivo con 5000 mil pesos o 259.45 dolares, cada 15 días, lo que son 333.33 pesos al día o 17 dolares.
    la canasta básica mexicana para una familia de 4, se compra con 1000 pesos o 52 dolares, para que te dure una semana.

    7 dolares es muy poco.

  16. this man found a way to buy kilos of rice and oats. all them Mexicans keep selling me is coke. but it doesn't taste like coke.

  17. Rather than getting too much beans or rice you should have cut down them and get some seasing and make the rest of rice as a fried rice. Still i am thinking after your videos to cook on budget. I guess their is little bit lack of culinarily skills ? but its okay

  18. Interesting video, however, I am a person who has lived what you experienced except that I also had three small children. It can be done much cheaper. For the price of the canned of beans, you can buy enough dried beans to feed an army (or three small hungry boys). Also, the dried beans could have been sprouted for a large salad but that would require a wait of about 5 days. Some of the beans could be planted in a small pot or an area of the yard and it would produce more beans in a few months (always think ahead if you are really living this way because there are days you might have no money at all). Also, the orange peel could be used for seasoning or boiled for tea (not very good but it is something). If he had been thinking of the future, he could have planted the orange seed and eventually (years later) his children could own an orange tree. Instead of buying the tortillas, he could have bought the cornmeal for much, much less money and made his own. For the money he saved from that, he could have gotten oil and salt. The onion he purchased, if he saved the root, placed it in the dirt in a pot, it would have grown and then he could snip the tops for seasoning and eventually it would grow another, smaller oinion.

    As for my life today, I invested the pennies I saved in seeds, tools, and then land – now, we are very well off financially. I don't fear the future – even if we lose everything, I know how to survive.

  19. Hey man i hope you read this, Please make more minimalism content. this is Inspiring and honestly a little eye opening as far as what you need/want/have and makes a little impact i think

  20. Because I have plenty of herbs and spices I can eat well for $7 a week in large part due to being plant based and buying various dried beans, lentils, rice and seasonal vegetables in bulk at ethnic markets. And vegetables like onion, carrots, celery, garlic, potato in bulk which make a great stock. I also home can fruits and vegetables,

  21. Спасибо тому кто сделал русские субтитры 🙂 Особенно за комменты

  22. As a Mexican my go to foods would be rice, beans and a little of queso seco we call it "morisqueta." That was our poor mans food. You can just build on that. Canned beans are not cost effective so I would of definitely boiled my own.

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