I ate like Simnett Nutrition for a day | Vegan Pro Athlete ?

I ate like Simnett Nutrition for a day | Vegan Pro Athlete ?

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  1. I don’t think he has what I eat in a day videos but you should watch The Easy Vegan and try some of his recipes. He’s super hilarious (watch his sausage videos lol)

  2. Awesome video your dad is sweet Swae Lee face first time on your Channel did you know you can rinse the sauerkraut a little or a lot to remove some of the vinegar if you would like makes it a lot more mild some people even make cake out of it once it's very rinsed off try it again rinsed out with some onion and vegan butter it's delicious

  3. Why replace oat by buckwheat when you can eat both? ?
    Oat meal for breakfast and buckwheat tacos for lunch: http://superfoodista.com/2014/03/28/buckwheat-tacos-with-refried-beans-frijoles-and-various-toppings/

    You can do a Healthy Crazy Cool What I eat in a day.

  4. I love Happy Healthy Vegan Anji cook really nice Whole plant foods recipes you get full and content ,( Anji dont use onion or garlic but I add it, her recipes are easy to adjust)

  5. I believe Simnett has a smoothie bowl OR a buckwheat bowl for his breakfast(post workout) so you had 2 breakfast meals. He usually has a snack for lunch like apples with almond butter or avo toast. Pretty close for the stir fry except for his usual blended stir fry sauce. That was alot of food you ate for the day. Nice try in the gym but you are probably almost 100 pounds heavier than him so you might never do what he does.

  6. More WHOLE-FOOD vegan BB meals please.
    And talk about your muscle building progress since you went vegan! 🙂

  7. My suggestion to following instalments on this series would be eating like Nimai Delgado, Jon Venus, Leo Venus, Brian Turner, Sarah's Vegan Kitchen, Cheap Lazy Vegan, Miles from Health Crazy Cool, Apples and Amanda, Vegains, Phitzee… Those are the ones that come to mind atm. Found your channel yesterday and I must say it's an instant fav. Bone is such a bae! ?❤️

  8. Yay for Canadians!!! First time viewer. Derek does have some awesome videos. And he is full of nutritional information. The problem I have is 1- I am 64 and could never do any of his exercises, and 2- I think I wouldn't be able to afford how he eats. But his meals do look amazing. I, too tried buckwheat groats once and didn't like it. You made me feel like I should give it a try.
    Maybe try Healthy Crazy Cool for your next video

  9. This is a great format. I love Slimnett Nutrition and watch all their videos, but having someone else follow Derek's favorite foods seems to highlight it even better.

  10. all vegan meals look like something a kid craves, sugar sugar sugar. The bioavailability of nutrients in plants is very low and their absorption.

    Both Oats and Buckwheat contain lots of antinutrients so you will not absorb the vitamins and minerals and the protein will be absorbed maybe 50%. At least be honest with your audience.

  11. If the Is anythin a while food diet has taught me, it's that a mid day crash is def not normal. Just my opinion, but I def feel u should have amazing energy all through the day, I'm never tired, even when it's bedf time,I have to take myself to bed, n closer my eyes, n i fall asleep quick,n wake up at 4 after 8 hours sleep n feel amazing n ready to kick the day's asd

  12. Drinking my lemon water after my morning run while you're asking "who has time for that?" ? nice video though man! ?

  13. omg please do Miles from healthy crazy cool next!! I've seen lots more people suggesting this but it's because his videos are hilarious & also he eats higher fat vegan in most of his "what i eat" videos! he was also a real pro athlete

  14. Have you tried fasting? That's the thing that's made the biggest difference in that afternoon slump for me. If I eat in the morning there will be a slump around 3:30, doesn't matter what I eat. I've tried everything, doesn't matter, there's a minor slump coming in the afternoon. But if I wait til lunch or later to eat my first meal all good, no slump at any point in the day. OMAD is even better. My energy stays perfectly even all day during my summer gardening job when I wait til after work to eat. Been IF since 2012 so my body is used to it, takes a little while to get to the point where OMAD feels good. Better to start with low carb for a week and an easier 16/8 rhythm. I don't low carb, but it would make IF easier for someone starting out.

  15. What an AWESOME video!!! I just found your channel and love your chill and good vibes. Keep it up ??? also you should try Healthy Crazy Cool next!!!

  16. I'm a little confused, at 10:30 you showed a side by side of buckwheat and oatmeal, and said buckwheat is more nutritionally dense. But it wasn't. Oatmeal had more protein, more fat, less carbs, but more fiber, more iron, and more calcium. The only thing buckwheat had in its favor that I could see is it has 40 less calories per 100g. So if someone is cutting and watching calories maybe. But the macro and micro profile looks better on the oats.

  17. Soooo funny! I follow Derek as well – he inspires me … but you gave me big laughs!! I don‘t wanna miss any of this! You made a very good job! Thanx for this video!! And you ‚BUT‘ (eating the apple) is quite similar to Derek‘s … So you‘re on a good way ? … Go on! … Best regards from Hamburg (Germany)

  18. You should do Hench Herbivore. He's a UK based vegan bodybuilder who's channel is brilliant if you're not aware of him.

  19. roasted buckwheat is delicious. I usually buy it from Polish shops as i haven't seen it in any normal
     grocery shops.

  20. But…where I live..oatmeal is cheaper than buckwheat…soooo…no. xD Like 4 times the price. If it's 4 times the nutritional benefits as well then I might consider,

  21. This was a great vid, very inspiring– my goal is to eat more like Derek and Crystal, and replicating one of the vids is a cool idea.

    Suggestions: Happy Healthy Vegan– Ryan is the banana king for real! Also, Mic the Vegan.

  22. I love Derek's site. However, if I was to do a 'what I eat in a day' it would be one from Pick Up Limes, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq2E1mIwUKMWzCA4liA_XGQ.

    Sadia's recipes are the best I've tried plus she's also a fellow Canadian (just living in Amsterdam).

    P.S. I noticed Maddie Lymburner was mentioned also very good.

  23. Hi John, How bout Cheap Lazy Vegan, her name is Rose n she is Korean/Canadian. Love n light gaynor fairy xxx

  24. Cool series!! Nice to see fellow vegan Canadians 🙂 You should def invest in a vitamix or something, changes your smoothie game!

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