100 thoughts on “I Bought All The Tablets on Wish…

  1. You should buy all the samsung phones and then review them all and tell us your favorite one!
    Yay i got a like……Oh wait that was me…..

  2. Gotta look at the 1 and 2 stars that's when shit gets real always listen to anyone named Corey unless it's spelled without a e or 2 r's

  3. I received an ONN android tablet from wish as a gift for christmas. The tablet is locked can't get the lock off. I wasn't given any other paperwork or anything. How do I get it unlocked?

  4. Look, i don't usually comment on videos, or dislike, but let's face it, this video was shit, this show is shit… This show is a great concept, but the people running it are actually stupid. Like, the only device you liked was an apple device, which was tested unfairly, and the only reason you really liked it was because it was apple. You disliked every android device (Don't get me wrong, they should have been as advertised) because it was android. I've seen some other videos too, and if you guys were actually intelligent, it'd be interesting to watch. TechSmartt, and you don't even know what the fuck the playstore is? TechSmartt and you can't even review things properly? You guys gotta get it together. This show has so much potential, and i'm disappointed to see it ruined.

  5. This wasn't a drop test it was them destroying the tablets. No tablet is going to actually work if you are throwing it across from you 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. I hate Corey, just because he bought cheap Androids doesn't mean that they are all bad. Typical of an Apple user to say that. They use dumb technology because they are dumb. It's been proven, there is a reason why Androidhas 82.5% marketshare globally. I'm not against Aplle, but when someone is full of hate towards Android just from buying off Wish, there's something wrong with him.

  7. I just feel if you’re a guest on someone else’s channel you should respect the host, they should do their fair share of shouting them out and the guest should be opening minded about the video…

    I had to stop watching as soon as Corey was like “yeah let’s go onto my channel” and show my videos to your viewers, I even felt the slight awkwardness and the host being kinda forced to shout him out again… the little comments like “5billions downloads of YouTube and hardly anyone watches me” or something along those lines & again shouting himself out on this channel telling them to buy his merch?

    Like I found it cringe and obnoxious… I never usually comment but the main guy (I’m new to this channel😂) seems like a nice guy that try’s to stay professional & would of happily shouted Corey out if he wasn’t acting kinda spoilt, egotistical, trying to sell his channel and being so negative about all of the tablets

    Anyway, happy new year 😂

  8. I want to know more about that pink tablet they got. I know a family member of mine got one of those exactly. Examining it closely, it's System seems to be 3rd party. I want to root and install a new one upon it from scratch. And see if it can be come a decent tablet that will actually run the proper play store. I know it's missing features. Won't show me the play protect services. Can't find any Update system checks. It's crazy.

  9. Corey was that one spoilt kid at the playground that was like "what's android? Sorry, i don't speak broke". We all know that one kid.

  10. I didn't like the part abt the drop test like any tablet/ipad would instantly break if it's thrown that way , instead of destroying all the tablets like that would've been better if u donated them to poor kids they would appreciate the cheap technology. Very disappointed

  11. obviously nobody in the comments has watched correy before lmao he’s not being a douche, he’s fucking around 😂

  12. When it has the price crossed out next to he official price it doesn’t mean that that was the original price, it mean that that is the worth of the item

  13. Okay why is your sitting here doing this some people have to buy those tablet cuz our mothers cannot afford regular I tablet or whatever y'all begin some people not as rich as y'all so some people have to go on wish and buy them broke down tablets and sometimes they last as long as they last longer than yours

  14. Allwinner is a major OEM in China, they specialize in cheap tablets and SoCs and 99% of the sub-50 dollar tablets on taobao and wish and aliexpress are allwinner models of some sort. They are a BILLION DOLLAR company with a stock exchange code.

  15. I have a question, is Wish actually reliable?

    I want to get stuff from wish but I don’t know if it’ll waste my money or not.

  16. drop testing…. an excuse to destroy something. why couldn't you have donated them to a good cause. someone else could have benefited from them. big thumbs down.

  17. I can’t believe this corey dude. He’s careless. How does he not know what the google playstore is? Oh he only knows Apple of course only Apple. Like wtf. Even I have Apple and know what the google playstore is. Like. He’s mommys boy

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