I Let My Kids Plan Our Big Announcement

I Let My Kids Plan Our Big Announcement

so guys you know that saying that we need to make an announcement about do you know what I’m talking about Wyatt no okay you know what’s what our big thing is for our family right like our big announcement do you know what it is [Music] hi I’m Hannah I’m the world’s okay as mom and I have a big announcement to make but if you thought that I was going to sit here and make the announcement myself you’re sorely mistaken because my family is far too extra for that I let the kids plan our big announcement all by themselves don’t be that person who skips to the end and writes in in the comments what the announcement is my kids worked hard on this they put their heart and souls into this this is something they planned by themselves so just just don’t do that to them here’s what happened you guys get to plan the announcement mmm all by yourselves no not you you decide where we take the picture you decide what the theme is you decide what props we hold if we’re holding anything and you know if you want to do the letter board you can write whatever you want on the letter board do you want to I’m seeing both of you can would be let’s give me a value oh gosh are you up for it yeah are you up for it yeah okay go in your room and start thinking about it okay bye sweet now we can watch TV yeah so I was really curious to see what they would choose okay what okay you can wear that I have another question where are we going to take these photos Batsy at BuzzFeed really my kids love to come to BuzzFeed I think they were really excited to have like free reign over the canteen in there since we’re shooting on a weekend today’s a day it’s photo shoot day I look like I’m going to a holiday party or something looks good Wow so day of shoot we packed up all of our clothes and we had to stop to get some props on the way we’re gonna stop for props the boys have some very particular props they stopped the more props my kids shout it out that they wanted in the shoot the more I realized they just wanted food that I don’t buy for them so we ended up with a lot of junk food a lot of treats cookies cheetos talkies family-sized because that’s apparently necessary for this photo and pizza we’re here at BuzzFeed he got in there already drinking their props now our photographer for this shoot is a person who’s very special to me her name is tiandra Deandra has shot mine and Matt’s engagement session yeah she shot our wedding and so it’s only fitting that she’s here there’s nobody else who I would want shooting something like so she got started on my makeup the boys chose blue for my eyeshadow color and like a very bright pinky red for the lips so I was a little bit nervous because that just gives me major beauty pageant vibes and so while I was getting my makeup done everybody else got dressed okay this is my finished look the boys picked the colors Deandra I don’t even know if you’re in there she is she made it look decent I don’t understand anything that they chose Jackson chose a white dress from my closet to wear which is just so not him okay he’s wear a mask and a wand barely covered every inch of Matt’s pay for this bucket any of you out there who have tried to take family photos with like over three people you know the struggle of having everybody looking at the camera and not blinking and not making a stupid face so I was actually fine with having one person in a full mask because that means I only have to think about three people looking at the camera Wyatt’s outfit choice did not surprise me at all whatsoever he is the most he wore the most he wanted to be a 1920s paperboy and he was what mom on instagram doesn’t own a letter board so we got a letter board and we let the kids write out what the letter board was going to say why is holding a bag of chips what’s the size of him and you’re holding a bag of chips and a Slurpee I at this point I didn’t think that the announcement would even make sense I didn’t think that would come across in the photo at all what we were actually trying to announce because it was just such a cluster but that’s kind of how our family is overall it was really surprising how well-behaved they were maybe it’s because I let them choose every part of it but it was the most seamless family photo shoot I think we’ve ever had so that’s the key out there for any parents watching let your kids pick the photo shoot and the picture might look very weird but they will be smiling and so without further ado here’s the big announcement [Music] if it wasn’t abundantly clear in the photo there is one more butt face on the way at the time of this video I am almost six months the baby is due at the end of the year the boys are so excited they are so excited to have a little brother I am terrified I’m excited I know that I was very open about having a miscarriage I we weren’t trying we weren’t putting pressure on it it was something I was actively trying to you know not stress about and obsess over and I guess that was just the time that it needed to happen so right now I’ve nothing but gratitude for what has happened for us and that everything is healthy everything is good and I can finally relax a little bit and just enjoy it so I could not be more excited to share this with you stay tuned for more episode leave anything in the comments that you’ve wanted to know about pregnancy or anything you really wish you could see that we’re experiencing right now because I’m really this is new territory for me guys because trip like finally truly you could say that I’m actually a mom in progress [Music] now if you please excuse me I have to pee I’ve been holding it fits the whole talking good move get out of my way

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  1. Congrats. Sorry to hear about the previous miscarriage I just lost my little girl a few months back in July she was due this October, actually in 5 weeks.

  2. Honestly anyone who follows her instagram or twitter already knew. Along with her not being in buzzfeed videos too much, it just spelled itself out to all the fans. But, it dose not change the fact that we are all very happy and excited for you! Please continue to include us in your journey and experiences with your family, it's such a pleasure to see such an amazing weird random happy family grow together and it just brings a smile to my face each day. Many wishes of health and all good things to you! 😊😊❤

  3. I’m not kidding when I say i watched your miscarriage vid last night and tonight I watch this vid and the whole time I knew your were pregnant!! I’m so proud and happy for you guys 💗

  4. I am sooo happy for you!! I cried my eyes out for you when I watched your video about your miscarriage xx Seriously so happy for you and your family

  5. This made me cry! Congratulations! I use to watch your videos before I got pregnant, during my pregnancy and now I'm baby is 15mths. I've laughed and cried with you through so many videos. I'm so happy for you.

  6. Hannah! I love you so so so much!! I'm so freaking happy for you and Matt!!! Enjoy this time to the fullest! Love you :')♥♥

  7. I'm not really fond of announcement videos on YouTube, but this one made me excited and really happy. Congrats, Hannah 😀

  8. I am so happy for you!!! As a woman that’s been through what you’ve been through, it’s a blessing. 😊 Congrats!!!🎉 💕

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