i only ate DEEP FRIED FOODS for 24 hours !!!

i only ate DEEP FRIED FOODS for 24 hours !!!

So here we got the oil that we’re gonna need to deep fry our breakfast here We’ve got the batter that I’m gonna cover our breakfast in and now to the most important step This is a we’re actually having for breakfast Deep-fried pop-tarts and deep-fried Oreos more specifically Double Oreos if this isn’t the top quality content that you guys subscribe for I searched in a lot of blogs and a lot of People said that the best thing to use as batteries like a pancake mix that makes you like really crispy and flavorful So that’s exactly what we’re gonna be using this actually it looks pretty good I’m not sure how many I’m gonna make, but I’m guessing I’m gonna love this So, this is a strawberry Sensation frosted pop-tart we’re gonna start by heating up the oil Because I think that might take a little loan here. We go I Don’t want it to be too much because we might have to throw it away But I also don’t want it to be too little that it’s not deep-fried if that makes any sense I think we should start with the Oreo just gonna be using my hands for this ooh That actually is really sticky it sticks like so much. Do you guys see that? Okay, I mean that looks kind of satisfying this batter is so incredibly smooth I was gonna coat everything in then deep-fry everything at the same time, but I think this should just go immediately I’m gonna prepare the toilet paper in advance use kitchen roll if you’re not If you’re not rushing me to use kitchen roll bar. We’re just gonna do it Honestly for a first try business is not looking too bad. I mean it doesn’t look it looks pretty smooth I guess it’s so crispy already, but then it’s not too golden So maybe I’m gonna leave it just another like 30 seconds, but I think this is ready already I’m pretty happy with this, so I’m going to transfer it to the paper And then we’re gonna make the pop-tart this one is gonna be very interesting We’re gonna cover this up really nice look Oh perfectly coated this this is gonna Be everything when we deep-fry it you why am I so nervous for this one? That’s a pop-tart guys and somehow this is still gonna be one of the healthiest breakfast. I’ve ever had Oh my god it nearly died. Let’s flip it Would you look at that okay? So the thing is this batter? It doesn’t really go too dark. We’ll listen to it It’s so incredibly crispy so I can really leave it for too long this looks so wrong But also looks so right at the same time you know what I mean so I’m gonna go ahead and make the rest of the Oreos and Hungaria the result in just a second this one kind of looks like a scone the Queen I Love being on a diet guys. This is the best breakfast so here We’ve got my breakfast for deep fried Oreos a 1 deep fried pop-tart. I actually did a good job with this I’m just gonna say that because I think he looks all right oh My god Somebody freaking call nine-one-one guys Because this is the best thing ever and I am deceased it’s so really good like the or you became super soft in the center It’s the weirdest thing so the whole thing becomes like a cake camera. Please focus you guys know me right now I don’t like BS. And if there’s one thing. Do you ever try for my videos? It’s the freaking deep-fried Oreos. Just deep-fry some Oreos in pancake batter, and your life will change If anything this is the proof that I am the trashiest youtuber on the planet I really wanted to eat the pop-tart as it is because I haven’t had a pop-tart in like a million years but I’m not allowed to because obviously it’s the challenge to only eat deep fried things I Can’t Look at that filling guys It’s obviously not as good as Oread ones And I was actually Everything, but this tastes very similar to the strawberry cheesecake Ben and Jerry flavor like it tastes like that but in a deep-fried version So if you ever want to know what deep-fried Banting Jerry’s ice cream tastes like give this a try my life has changed for the better I Have nothing to hide from people I am trash, I am openly trash, I just love this I was really excited because I thought lunch was gonna be everything but Nothing’s gonna talk place. I am dead I wrapped this up by putting in the fridge And I’m still gonna use this for lunch because I mean I’m not gonna throw it away there so quite a lot of it left So we’re gonna reuse it and if that wasn’t enough I’m also reusing the oil pan. I guess that’s good for the environment You guys are no ready for this because for lunch we’re gonna be making some deep fried mac and cheese and deep fried crispy bacon we’re gonna deep fried some already fried bacon and we’re gonna turn these mac and cheese into little balls and Deep-fry it in the batter this should be very Interesting and healthy I kind of pre-prepared the mac and cheese last night So basically what I did was Oh one of these like Pre-made mac and cheese cans and then I wrapped it up in some cellophane and then they put in the freezer, and this is basically frozen mac and cheese balls This is solid stuff. Why is it so difficult to unwrap I? Just realized that I’m definitely gonna be eating plastic for this video This one is kind of working this smells so cheesy guys. It’s a Polish soap idea I’m pretty sure and managed to remove all the plastic from this, but there’s no way to be sure So we’re basically gonna coat the frozen mac and cheese in the batter I’m not sure if this is gonna explosion because it’s frozen in the center But I guess there’s only one way to find out. I just realized that we shouldn’t probably use the deeper oil For this this should definitely be a little bit deeper bites. Okay. I’m just gonna flip it in a second and it’ll all be fine Gotta make sure this is well coated everywhere because I want to make sure the mac and cheese doesn’t escape Guys this is dangerous stuff I’m not too mad at this. I think it looks like it’s gonna be cheesy when you bite into it I hope it’s everything I’m dreaming They will be but for now we’re gonna go and deep-fry the freaking bacon when I typed in deep fried foods On Google the most popular one was bacon so it’s the one that I’m excited the most to try I’ve had bacon pancakes before so I feel like this might taste pretty similar. This is our first bacon. Let’s put it in oh My god That became puffy and crisped up so quickly let’s do the other one It’s definitely time to replace the oil like this is like smelling a little stinky but Is it bad that I’m actually excited to try this lunch guys because I think these are might be Everything or maybe like really really bad here. We’ve got our lunch I transferred everything to a blue plate So he would kind of stand out more against the yellow that is the deep-fried foods so here We’ve got the deep-fried bacon, and I’m trying to cover my face so he actually focus on the bacon And this is one of the ones that I was looking forward to eating the most. This is the deep fried mac and cheese It’s so crunchy Maybe it’s because I use pancake batter but can it a sweet and salty at the same time it kind of tastes like bacon with pancakes except much smaller and crunch here and just crisp and delicious I’m hoping you can hear how crunchy this is because It’s really weird because I thought because everything is deep-fried. It was gonna be so greasy, but honestly I’m eating the foods with my hands, and I’ve got no grace in my hands Maybe I’m just really good at making deep-fried food, but it’s not that greasy, and it’s not grossing me out You only cook for like five minutes, and I don’t think that’s going to be enough to defrost the mac and cheese I’m gonna find out oh My god It’s not only defrosted. It’s perfectly cooked, but also it’s freaking incredibly delicious guys It’s soft and creamy in the middle, but then the outside it’s so crispy It’s honestly heavier, then I don’t even love candy mac and cheese too much I think it’s kind of gross, but for some reason in this it works perfectly I do have to say that for as good as the mac and cheese is I think the bacon is a little bit better So if you’re gonna, try it one of these for lunch, I would recommend the deep fried bacon Mmm probably very unhealthy but The good thing about it is that I’m not gonna be hungry. That’s for sure It is finally time for dinner, and I know it’s only 6 p.m. But I actually want to start already because I know this one is gonna take a long time We’ve got a brand new batch of oil we’ve also got a brand new batch of batter that I just made and he We’ve got the foods that we’re gonna be having for dinner, so we’re gonna start with some pickled cucumber and we’re gonna have some deep-fried sausage Which I’m hoping It’s gonna be kind of like a corndog and we’re gonna finish it all off with some deep-fried Mars bar I think we should start by deep-frying the pickles because It’s probably gonna be the grossest one in this video at least for me I don’t know. Why just feel like the two things don’t go together should we pick like a big one? Oh, I feel like this one is like the perfect size to be deep-fried. I guess we just dump it in there We’ve eaten this all day and somehow I still managed to surprise this looks wrong already, and I’m already not looking forward to this, but we’re gonna deep-fry it It’s here it goes It doesn’t even look like a pickle anymore, it’s just like when these like weird shape it looks like a small tiny little sausage I’m frying the second pickle because this one doesn’t look great Not gonna lie that looks pretty gross, but for now we’re gonna move on to the chicken sausages So we’re gonna deep fry this. This is a smoky paprika chicken. It’s chicken because I’m trying to be healthy clearly today I hate when the sausage comes like that really grows to the reality when they’re all connected This grosses me out more than anything in life So I guess we dumped the sausage in there as well This one actually has to cook for a long time because the chicken is raw and getting food poisoning is not part of my plan for today, so This is gonna be the saddest corndog in the world, okay. Let’s do this Did you see that they look critical, I really don’t like the look of that guy He’s but I’m still gonna have to eat it. I’m keeping my mind open because these might actually be delicious you never know so So while we wait for the sausages to cook I’m gonna go ahead and prepare the Mars bar I Love a Mars bar, so this is a very sad for me I mean this is kind of bittersweet because I do love a Mars bar, but I feel like this might also work I’m only gonna make one Mars bar because you know what guys I think I might like this and I can’t It’s been a full day of deep fried foods I really had we’re gonna go ahead and cook this so the Mars bars is going in oh Top we need to cover that up Well we messed up We’re gonna look really bad That’s definitely looking a little messed up on the top honestly this side looks pretty perfect though I’m gonna finish cooking this one I have to figure out which one is the sausage in which one is the pickles because they look exactly the same I’ll show you the result of everything in just a second and here. We’ve got my dinner guys I am know entirely sure if this is gonna be any good But we’re gonna give it a try and to finish this video now. I know this is our data We actually look what a lot of different things to try for dinner so I’m gonna start with the one that I really don’t want to try which is the deep fried pet Hill because for some reason it really grosses me out because it’s gonna be crunchy then soggy, and then wet I Feel like the pickle is not really deep-fried like it didn’t change you still taste like pickles it tastes kind of fresh And then on the outside there’s just some batter, but I feel like it doesn’t really taste deep-fried I hope that means that he says I don’t think I’m making any sense definitely not my favorite Not bad This video was weirdly a lot of work. I’m so tired right now. I just want to go to bed this one I’m not dying to try it because I feel like he might be undercooked because it’s a sausage and it was raw I’m not sure if you can see but not only it’s fully cooked But it’s really delicious out of everything savoury they were tried in the video the deep fried sausage is probably the best one And it last place the thing that I’m probably the most Excited to try the deep-fried Mars bar. This is definitely the worst one in the video because it doesn’t look right He tastes like chocolate mousse it’s honestly so again I Didn’t think that was gonna like this one so much. I’m feeling kinda sick guys not gonna lie I think it was too much deep fried foods for one day and for one person. We’re still go seconds of everything I don’t think I can have this now no end of life and that was it for this video guys I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you did Please don’t forget to give it a like only if you liked it if you didn’t there’s a lot of different videos on my channel so please go and check those out if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel yet all you have to do is scroll down and there’s a Subscribe button and next to it. There’s also a little bell, so if you tap that Bell every time I’m so tired. I’m gonna go to bed. I love you guys. I will see you on my next video. Bye

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