i only ate SPONGEBOB FOODS for 24 hours!!!

i only ate SPONGEBOB FOODS for 24 hours!!!

Good morning guys it is breakfast time right now and for the next 24 hours I am doing this Sponge Bob Squarepants food challenge in which I’m only going to be eating foods That are actually available on Bikini Bottom, and if you’ve never watched SpongeBob SquarePants. That’s the name of their town or universe hold onto your seats because in this video I am finally going to reveal the secret formula of Krabby Patties burgers For breakfast I was looking on the songe bob about Wikipedia Which is a thing and I found that actually? Donuts or something that exists on this point Bob world so that’s what I went for Because I managed to find the same exact donut that they have in Bikini Bottom Which happens to be from Krispy Kreme this makes me emotional It’s too damn beautiful. I want to marry you I am NOT saying this just for the camera So food wise for breakfast. I’m gonna eat the donut I know donut is too much sugar for breakfast But does it look like I’m the kind of person who’s trying to be healthy no. No it doesn’t Donuts sir. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I still love you my favorite character from Sponge Bob is Patrick and Patrick’s favorite food is called a drinkable sausage And I’m gonna read you what this consists of the drinkable sausage as the name implies a most likely has a liquid version of sausage in it So we’re gonna cook the sausage, and then we’re gonna make kind of like milkshake who makes these and how can I stop you and when I get these out, but I don’t want to touch it I Guess we’re using two sausages, I don’t even know why I’m cooking them attempting to make this taste good I’m literally gonna blend sausage in milk Recipes thankfully everybody’s replaceable in my goodness So I’m going to carefully transfer the sausage to the Table because I’m thrush, I’m just gonna add one sausage, and is he too much to sausages Two sausages And then we’re also gonna add some milk and that’s like the base for our drinkable sausage Starbucks so even thing coming from me like I invented the frappe a sausage that Doesn’t look right here, we got a classic Bikini Bottom breakfast And last one all least the liquid sausage This is very specific But these kind of tastes like a birthday cake that you left in the fridge for like way too many days like Past six days past expiry date, and he was sitting right next to some leftovers from a barbecue That’s what it tastes like and spoiler alert. It’s no good I’m gonna be finishing up his donut for breakfast, and I’ll see you guys at lunch The first food that we’re going to be eating for lunch in Bikini Bottom is called Swedish barnacle balls the food is red brown and meaty they can also be cooked or roasted and it will become hot and Steamy because the barnacle balls on the show come in a can I decided to get some meatballs that come in a can I’ve never eaten Meatballs he can before don’t knock it until we try it it might be good the main thing that we’re gonna be eating for lunch Is a very famous spongebob food and that is the Krusty Krab? pizza the corn secret pizza resembles any regular cheese pizza That’s why we got some cheese pizza it has eight slices. That’s a very specific and features pepperoni mushrooms, and he comes in a white cardboard box Well, we need a box because this is going straight into my mouth, so I’m going to start by opening the pepperoni so I’m going to carefully put the pepperoni in the pizza and Let’s put the mushrooms. Just kidding. I’m actually gonna do this properly So we’re going to separate all The pepperonis this is so much pepperoni that you can’t even see the pizza anymore. Do you guys think that’s enough pepperoni? Oh? I can’t believe I’m gonna have to wash and cut these I’m gonna slice some mushrooms directly on the table because Anybody got time to clean up plates Okay, I hope you can see it on camera, but these are thick mushrooms. She’s thick Mr.. Krabs is Sugar, okay. I’m getting really impatient here, so I’m just doing this. I made that that looks good I’m gonna put these in the oven for like 20 minutes now I guess and then I’m gonna come back and eat the krusty krab pizza And the barnacle balls that still sounds wrong I actually microwaved the barnacle balls And I put them back in the can be I think that’s the way they aided in this spongebob episode I actually like meatballs, and I are only mine food that comes in a can. I know people are like Oh gross I’m like ooh. I have no standards anyways. I’ll eat it. This is gonna burn me forth it It tastes like bread in tomato sauce it’s got no flavor You know I’m gonna like kind of like that If I cut again, it’ll become one two three four five six seven oh no that works It’s one two three four or five. Oh yeah, and now you know why I make videos on YouTube, okay? So I actually managed to cut it into eight equal slices, which is the way it’s described on the Wikipedia so we’re gonna try it now I Usually don’t go for this much amount of pepperoni, but this works Krusty-krab pizza is definitely my favorite so that takes the credit for like the best lunch dish But I actually don’t mind the meatballs in a can it’s okay I’m gonna take the pizza and send the sofa and also the meatballs, and I’ll see you guys for afternoon snack The food that I chose for the afternoon snack is actually called pop kelp on the image It looks kind of similar to a popcorn machine So I think this is something that you have when you go to the movies Or if you go to like a party or something pop kelp resembles dark slightly translucent green popcorn in appearance He may also resemble seaweed or kelp So I think we should make some seaweed popcorn and just make it super green So I’ve got some seaweed I’ve got some pop one right here This is tempura seaweed which I think it’s kind of similar to pop kelp because it’s made of seaweed then it’s also crunchy But it’s not actually popcorn so we’re still gonna make the green popcorn, but I’m gonna try this one Just because I want to try it on this side is green and then on the other side It’s like a crunchy like crouton kind of thing Even though that snack was really good, it’s not popcorn and pop kelp is supposed to be like popcorns I think we should make it out of theirs instead so I mean absolutely popcorn in the base To the popcorn we’re gonna have some golden syrup. We’re gonna add quite a lot of it Think that’s good Okay, so we’re gonna add the green food coloring But it’s not too much, so I got the seaweed sheets and I’m actually gonna crunch them Feels really greasy and weird So for this I’m not gonna give my hands There’s no way using one of these we’re gonna mix it all up So I’m gonna put these in the oven now for maybe ten minutes Just so that it’s a little bit more crunchy just so that the golden syrup dries, otherwise my hands are gonna. Be a mess They’re crispy, but they’re definitely not burnt, okay, maybe maybe that place is Actually burn, I’m gonna. Try it because we could have invented something here. You know like this could actually be good I’m so confused right now I am shooked Japan the whole of Japan is quaking because I just invented the next big thing Seaweed popcorn and please tell me this is not a thing already because that’s just gonna crush my dreams I’ll see you guys at dinner with the grand finale to this video that everybody’s been waiting for We’re actually gonna make the most famous food in bikini bottom, which is the krabby patty burger? This is also SpongeBob’s job So the krabby patty is made out of a frozen hamburger with fresh lettuce crisp onions and tomatoes with C cheese pickles mustard ketchup and with the Krabby Patty secret formula that I actually Happen to know what it is for this video perhaps the easiest part is the fact that this is made with a frozen burger which is really easy to find I Don’t know why I always get so scared, but I get really uncomfortable when really hot things are very near my face This is also why I can’t talk to my crush. Thang this might be ready It’s a little bit overcooked before I switch this off I’m actually gonna toast out the buns in here Because it’s got a little bit of grease from the burger actually as this side gets a little drier Right here So I’m putting the cheese on top for the burger and the burger is a little small so so we got the ketchup in This is more difficult than your face so we can add some slices of tomato to our burger We’re also gonna add a little bit of lettuce Now I’m gonna put the little pieces of the pickle cucumber Pickle and now we’re gonna get our burger with the cheese Which is a ridiculously small burger for this, bun? But and last but not least I’m gonna sprinkle some crispy onions actually I might do it on the bottom I don’t want to brag, but these looks pretty to have delicious And before I try it of course I didn’t forget that I promised I’d reveal to you guys what the secret formula is and the secret formula for the krabby patty is actually just You guys okay? I feel like the camera stopped filming for some weird reason every go guy is the famous Krabby patty burger this actually took me a long time to make I’m so so hungry right now It’s very good you guys should definitely follow this recipe because this is actually the best thing I’ve eaten today, and I think my frozen burger is not like the best quality to be completely honest, and it still tastes amazing I Am gonna finish this and I might actually make another one I mean I’m allowed to it’s still like in Spongebob Squarepants food And I just want to say thank you so much for watching this video guys if you guys enjoyed it as usual don’t forget to Give it a like also subscribe and switch my notifications on so you don’t miss out every time I put up a new video. I love you guys. Thank you for the support. I hope you’ve been enjoying the videos I’ve been working my butt off this week trying to get a lot of videos a lot of good stuff for you guys and Just let me know if you’ve been enjoying it. If not I’ll probably go back to making one video once a week That’s basically it for this video guys. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I had so much fun I hope you had fun, and I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye. Bye

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  1. "Idk why but I get scared with hot things get close to my face. This is why I cant talk to my crush"

  2. I grew up on sponge bob. I loved it as a little kid. I forgot about it until I watched about this. Lol I'm like 15.

  3. β€œI get really uncomfortable when hot things are close to my face”

    β€œThis is why I can’t talk to my crush”

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  5. β€œI don’t like hot things near my face This is also y I can’t talk to my crushβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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