100 thoughts on “I Tried To Make Vegan Fish N Chips Out Of Celery Root

  1. I love how Merle educates us on the fish/meat industry. And that she doesn’t push veganism on her friends, she’s like “Do what ever, but here’s what’s happening!”

  2. Saw this title on my playlist and seriously misread your channel name as Godawful.
    I should add that I'm English and this concept did rather horrify me 😉 Great vid though 🙂

  3. Even if what you say is truth, you are missing essential micro nutrients on a vegan diet, which will affect your brain health after some years and the damage can not be recovered. Most of what you eat on a vegan diet is sugar and water, you can not digest plant protein unless you drink it from powder, you do not get any fat that is essential for brain function just plant oils which is carcinogen. 9/10 of vegans quit after few years because of health problems so maybe you just think about your health instead of saving fish and chickens. I'm pretty sure they do not care much about your existence but humans do. You are smart and beautiful woman so do not waste your health for made up vegan bs about saving planet.

  4. When you like someone you like anything and everything about each other. You just keep laughing. Sometimes it's annoying but it is what it is

  5. Literally want to make this rn
    I miss fish n chips so much but not even vegetarian substitutes aren't anywhere near even good???
    But that looks schmack
    Trader joes come thruuu

  6. Does she realize that creepy Asian guy is pretending to be gay so he can feel her up and so she can "convert" him later on?

  7. Merle: “Good old fashion lager”

    Also Merle: Straight up drinks the lager and pours the rest in the batter

    Me: Honestly, same though.

  8. If you're vegan, and you can't bear the thought of eating animal parts, why do you make recipes that try to resemble meat in appearance, texture and flavor? Isn't doing that self delusional?

  9. Tofu and nori work well together as a vegan "fish." Deeply score the tofu to create the flakiness of cod and use a nori sheet as the "fish" skin. Works well with a tempura batter.

  10. Why dont they call it celery root and chips? There really dont need to be always "vegan" in the name 😂. Vegan shoudnt pretend like their food is vegan copy they have their food! Its our food even "normal" person coud eat "vegan's" food i guess not the opposite but you know..

  11. Im not vegan or plan to become vegan or try the recipes. But I love to watch this series (ig that's what you call it lol) for comedic purposes. I always laugh with this.

  12. The correct awnser is no.
    Because a: you're American
    And b: you need fish, and potato, what you're making is called "not fish and chips" even if it tastes good.
    Also wtf is celery….. I've actually forgotten

  13. Omg this was too funny. My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  14. Veganism is no more sustainable that being strictly a carnivore is. Vegans are uneducated on what they support, dangerously so. They have no idea on how finite organic phosphates are and how we will literally all die when we run out. The more vegans that exist, the less time all of humanity has to live, not even hyperbole, just simple finite resource to consumption rate calculations.

    Shame on vegans and their egos, truly shame on them.

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