Is olive oil healthy? Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet with Durianrider

Is olive oil healthy? Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet with Durianrider

I just want to show you one thing I had
this me sitting out in the office here under the mulberry tree had a female
jumping spider lanta my leg the other day I could tell she was pregnant he
said every was so so fat she’s a fat that spider so I put on this leaf behind
me and I could tell she’s looking for somewhere to lay her little egg sac and
she’s madder than this behind me I’ll show you it’s pretty cool you might be
able to see you might not but you just can sort of see here it’s like a little
pencil to see it’s what my finger is their little face
looking at yeah it’s hard to see unless you’re a spider not you go to tell but
it’s just chilling out man a little buddy but it’s just amazing just be able
to see what they feel what’s going on there the spider and I’m sitting
squashing the poor little bugger I just put up my my hands that jump in my hand
and the leap inches straight away soon and unbelief he’s scouting it out and
lay up she’s gonna be you’re making a little silk cocoon there and playing
some little eggs for bottlings anyways did 1130 kilometers from the bike last
week 1130 after two days recovery just in 70s day 90 on Sunday I feel on the
black this morning I went out and they feel so fucking strong on the bikes it’s
pretty cool feeling it’s a good feeling just totally natural meant totally
natural just just that high-energy feeling again and those that know I’m
talking about ya know what I’m talking about is it’s a
pretty good feeling man when you can use you can just ride with hard you want up
any Hill and last week was amazing it’s a lot of a lot of social riding that
none of it was stressful it all is it was just so much fun it’s talking with
people trash-talking people riding up hills racing up hills doing 26 decays
one day and just thousands of cyclists on the road in turnout under time and AD
latest rallies really good such a great way to get in some getting some miles
and legs and none of it I’m Toby honestly not a single kilometer felt
like a chaw why I was carved up hydrated I was going
to bed eight nine o’clock every single night so taking care of a sleep water
sugar every day and just the the mental stimulation of us being around
like-minded people all week this is fantastic but having that foundation of
sleep water sugar every day solid it meant that my mental state could always
be in peak peak excitement peak fun peak gratitude a peak appreciation for the
being in the moment and so it’s gonna share that again eleven hundred and
thirty kilometres sleep water sugar is your friend
it’s fantastic so this week I’ll just have an easy week recovery week just
maybe 200 or 300 kilometers it’s cruising around and then next week we’ll
jack up a bit more again so you got to have you recovery weeks in there as well
you can’t always go go go go you gotta have the car be weak absorb the training
and your body goes up again so this year 2012 it’s gonna be you it’s gonna be a
good year for fitness it’s gonna be a good year for fitness I got the Bangkok
Ralph and coming up thanks in February we’ve gotta be 21st
and all that so looking forward to that one that’s gonna be a hot run so the
question the day someone asked me Harley what about olive oil what’s your take on
oil my take on oil it’s good for your bike chain it’s good for massage it
turns your food I’m not a fan of oil I’ll eat a salad if someone’s put some
more on there it’s a little bit but otherwise man the less all you eat the
better your fitness and health it’s gonna be oil is just like it’s just
going to slide up your system we’re not designed to be consuming oil oils like a
refined fat so it’s good for massage it’s good for your bike chain but we’re
not the Tin Man we don’t need to oil they had knees and
elbows with a you know some oil and nothing we’re not a bicycle leave the
oil for the bicycle leave the oil for massage do the experiment just do the
experiment do your 10k time time yourself for a 10k and then have as much
oil as you want that week and then say do a 10k time trial Sunday morning as
much always run that week and then do another 10k time trial at Sunday morning
and just notice how your legs feel notice how your time goes down notice
how it’s harder to breathe and harder to really pump it so just notice that do
the experiment I encourage people to experiment don’t just listen to me do
the experiment dude you know be objective write down you know calories
consumed training blah blah blah sleep intake hydration do the basic
experiments you can form templates that work for you versus spend the rest of
your life just sort of confused and walking around and you know it’s like
like riding bike it’s like if you want to get fit you have to follow a training
program so you know you’re not under training and you know you’re not over
training yeah you got you got to do the basic math to grade – maths the grade
one mouth even just the basic stuff it’s like not budgeting for the week
you know you got a budget for the wait could be money or whatever your mark for
what are you worrying but he’s got a you gotta have templates to follow use
numbers to advantage

55 thoughts on “Is olive oil healthy? Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet with Durianrider

  1. Hi my friend,
    Olive oil does not come out of nature, it is a highly processed and refined product. In fact olive oil (even organic, cold pressed ) is 100% pure fat which blocks the glucose from fruits from going to the tissues and cells that our bodies need in order to function properly. Anyone will tell you that the healthiest foods on the planet is raw sweet fruits followed by succulent vegetables. I highly recommend you read The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham. Cheers!

  2. So can nuts & seeds be harmonious with a diet primarily composed of fruits, wholegrains, white + sweet potatoes, legumes and vegetables?

  3. yes it can, but its important you keep track of your intake on cronometer, many noobs overdo the fats from nuts and avocados

  4. This is the first video of yours I've seen, awesome.. you're Australian, you love spiders and you're healthy and fit.. lots in common!

  5. When you're clutching your chest and crying out in pain and have to pay $100,000 in medical bills because you clogged your arteries, think back to this video and realize that you didn't need that fat, but like a crack addict you just had to do it.

  6. You don't need the added fats to your diet, a vegan diet with whole foods will run about 5-8% fat naturally, that's all you need. Taking fat from a food and isolating it then ingesting it and letting it course through your veins will only increase the amount of fat that can potentially clog your arteries. If people ate a low fat diet…less than 10% there would be less than .0001% of the heart disease we have today.

  7. I wonder why you need 8 cups of coffee? Because you can't move from your couch. You have no energy. Don't you feel good being 98?

  8. Hi..Thanks.:) i stopped all the oils i was using, just asked because people tell me oh you can use coconut oil and is good for you.. glad i didn't get it.. i feel a gazillion times better since i started eating bananas/fruit, but just wondered if some oil like coconut was ok, thanks for letting me know.:) peace.

  9. how about black olives osidered as an oily fruit .. so is it fine to eat it with mashed potates ? or even the plant not allowed as the oil ? because i think its the same as avocado and coconut fruits .. and i find you and freelee eat them ..

  10. He said he couldnt be happier bro. Dont need to fix whats not broken. Besides who needs energy when you sit on your recliner all day? I know i got by just fine eating anything, and moping around my house.

  11. I eat a high protein low carbohydrate diet (fish + non-starch vegetables) no grain. I lost weight and it cured my type 2 diabetes. I would say the big glucose spike for me was messing my insulin. So High protein Fat and low carbohydrates. My fat lipids are normal now. Yes I eat fat, within that fish is natural good omega 3 fat.

  12. Yes, olive oil is VERY healthy, that's the most delicious natural way to eat salads.
    Astronomic quantities of nuts, NOT. While a balanced amount of nuts is good.
    I'm eating mostly raw. I use olive oil as the meal asks for it, such as salads.

  13. Good to hear. Did you really cure it? Or just stabilise it?
    It's fine to do it without fish too. I'm vegetarian, no fish, mostly raw… but not following all the rules of raw. I suppose, maybe that's why I get really hungry sometimes 😉 missing grains and protein, which I used to get mostly from beans with the grains.
    I love grains…. 😉 …
    Grains are also a responsibility food… ( 🙁 )
    Letting it come in a natural way, through trying and trial…Letting the body getting used, & listening

  14. That's not true at all: olive oil DOES COME OUT OF NATURE. Just search for virgin olive oil. If you can, an extra virgin good quality portuguese olive oil. Most of it is actually biological. Or search for biological extra virgin portuguese. Search for a portuguese seller. Straight from the olives, pure gold.

  15. Please see my other comments on olive oil, thank you. Remember Athena, why there's the legend about the olive tree. Thank you.

  16. Black & green olives are wonderful superfood, made to eat a little, in gastronomic quantities daily, not astronomic quantities. Personally I prefer much more green, but that is personal. It's an ancient way of fermented raw food. VERY HEALTHY. Get portuguese ones. Raw and biological if you can. But most good quality ARE BIOLOGICAL OF ITSELF, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN WITHOUT ALL THE fancies & complications about it. BUY FROM A portuguese seller. And DO SOMETHING FOR OTHER COUNTRIES IN THAT WAY TOO 🙂 tks

  17. My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with Fat Blast Blueprint, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Fat Blast Blueprint to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  18. No. it is NOT healthy in ANY way. There is nothing """healthy""" about ANY oil. It creates Clotting Factor 7, the release of cholesterol in order for the body to protect itself from acids and the inflammation and congestion that ALL oils WILL produce. Oils also create the systemic ademic response along with the release of cholesterol. So you put oil on a salad. You have now turned the salad into garbage that needs to be thrown out.

  19. Hi Mic.!We can't bear t' thought of calling "olive oil",olive oil. We have another word for it, & we find that only barbarians can't distinguish among the two:)azeite & oil. Azeite should be produced in ancient ways as by few portuguese conscious farmers. (hope m more in future)
    I crunch (is this the word?) at the world oil, for azeite 🙂
    Azeite comes from the goddess Athena tree. And it is so good & holy that in earlier times, it was a sacred labour, & only holy girls picked the olives up.

  20. I beg to differ: you sound like someone who never has even seen an oliveira your entire life, but I might be wrong.
    You sound like you have no idea what azeite is, let alone if it is healthy or not 😉

  21. Hi F.It's not the same as avocado or coconut fruits.
    To give one example of a difference: olives (good quality from Portugal), are simply one EXCELLENT FERMENTED SUPER-FOOD, straight from the tree, and then organically fermented in ancient way, without heating, or chemicals.
    Obviously, this has nothing to do with the big industry. Get them from Portugal, small PORTUGUESE FAMILY FARMERS…or ask for them in shops…;)
    With time, they'll stop branding them as if they come from other places!! 🙁

  22. not world but word.
    That's a tradition, coming yet from the Gold times of Humanity, before the fall of women…

  23. They laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with Nifty Fat Blaster, but then I showed them the results. Go google Nifty Fat Blaster to see their reaction.

  24. Coconut oil works like magic! Have experienced amazing health benefits, everything from healthier hair to skin and it is best on acne prone skin and getting rid of acne. I order mine on Amazon and get it in 2 days from this health company.Visit: "elitegoldsolutions(dot)com/coconutcapsules" 

  25. If you have been trying to lose weight quickly, you should do a google search Xylphlike Fat Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  26. a true all natural vegan endurance athlete hero who completely debunks the 801010 pushing bullshit and sticks with the principles to end animal cruelty Josh Garrett, Hiker, Breaks World Record For Completing Pacific Crest Trail In Less Than 60 Days
    .  Nowhere does Josh Garett even mention 801010 is optimal for everyone.  Unlike inferior spoiled brat loud mouth tools who push their emaciated weakness as having merit.

  27. One spoon of olive oil works great for me ! And I enjoy it and love it and makes me happy ! If I sit on a few olives they will leak oil, so it's not that unnatural as u claim ! Otherwise I would say that riding a bike ain't natural ! So let's not exaggerate ! As for knees and joints, they do need lubricants , made of hyaloronic acid and collagen among others !

  28. If you think olive oil is good for you why not just eat olives? If you think coconut water and coconut oil has "magical powers" buy a bunch of coconuts, drink the water and eat the flesh.

    I try not to engage people that get defensive or attack me about the exclusion of anything in my chosen WFPB diet. But I will ask them if they think there is something inherently dangerous about not consuming a particular ingredient, specifically an ingredient that requires a lot of processing like pressed oils, fish oils, white flours. They usually say no. They can't find fault in consuming vegetarian foods as close to their natural whole state as possible. So to me, it is usually about defending someone's preferences…which I respect 100%, if you like it and you want it then do it. But don't get defensive and go out of your way to find evidence that says I should drink or eat something because you like it and especially because I exclude it.

  29. There are volumes of research proving the health benefits of good quality extra virgin olive oil. Watch the truth here: Is Your Olive Oil Fake? :: The EVOO Show

  30. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is very healthy. My dad started taking whole meal bread with extra virgin olive oil for breakfast and his cholesterol profile improved.

  31. The oldest lady to ever live claimed to have drenched olive oil all over her food and the study's back up the claims that olive oil is healthy.

    This guy is full of it. 

  32. To everyone here who thinks this guy is full of shit.
    I haven't even watched this video and I don't have to because reading a few comments here says it all.
    How about a word from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. A man who has studied nutrition since before most of you were probably thought of and who has helped to cure hundreds, if not thousands of people with his knowledge of nutrition. If you think he's full of shit too, then……… 🙂

  33. It took this guy 3 minutes 21 seconds to get to the advertised topic at hand. Gonna venture and say his diet isn't doing his focus capacities right. My tip: 1 TBP raw, organic olive oil in the morning, a square of 99% dark chocolate at night. between those do eat whatever you want, moderately. Oh. And exercise. Yup, no way around that one.   

  34. this link reveals some amazing health benifits of coconut oil, thanks for this vodeo

  35. hempseedoil and maybe some coconutoil are the only oils i ingest. in reasonable quantities..and not spread all over the salad and stuff. the concept of mixing lowfat quark with flaxseedoil is pretty convincing too…although it isnt vegan. but the budwig concept is not bad at all

  36. Hey I Really liked your clip! We should be Duel subscribers let me know when you have new Videos? #10xTnTrevolution

  37. Someone tell him olives are fruits.

    Yes guys FRUITS and extra virgin olive oil is pressed fruits without any, I repeat ANY, chemicals. Just mechanical pressure.

    If that pressure ain't good it's ok but than explain why pressed oranges are cool but pressed olives are refined.

  38. bullshits. We Greeks drink 15 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil everyday for more than 5000 years and that's the only reason we still live when we are 90 years old even though we eat tons of meat and dairy and crappy foods. Olive oil is like a medicine

  39. olive oil is one of the best things you can put in your body, olive oil is a medium chain triglyceride it hits the liver and turns directly into energy, it will give you 10x more energy than carbs and no insulin response.. this guy is a moron

  40. This is excellent advice, "Do the experiment". Try it and find out what works for you, even better if you're monitoring your performance with an HRM and a GPS watch. These devices tell you exactly how well you've performed. And it's true – your lungs don't lie to you. I'm will to try it for a week and then see how it affects my times and endurance. I've got nothing to lose by doing this.

  41. DOES ANY one have suggestions of alternatiives EXAMPLE WHAT to put on potatoes instead of olive oil Any one ? Im newby vegan gave up butter etc so on steamed yukons olive oil LOVE It but know its pure fat Any alternative suggestions would be apprecated

  42. 1.) Idk about you guys, but a low-fat raw vegan diet sounds pretty shitty. Also, we are all gonna die, why spend your life being miserable.
    2.) plants die and don't grow during harsh winters, so we were made to cycle hunting and gathering.
    3.) don't take advice from a vegan because they will find anything to support their beliefs. (Like 2 studies saying oil is bad vs. hundreds of studies saying it is good)

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