Is Your High Fat Diet Bad For Your Gut?

Is Your High Fat Diet Bad For Your Gut?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. Got lots of questions. I’ve always got question from people, different
subscribers in particular. So, I’m going to go through some of those
today and read out these questions, and I’m gonna give you some reply’s./ So, the first question I got is, is a high
fat diet bad for your gut? That’s an interesting question, and I think
this question came in response to a study that was published earlier this year in February,
a Chinese study, in fact, where they took a group of about 200 people, and the put them
through this diet, really a sort of low fat. I think it was like 20% of the calories came
from fat. Then they had an intermediate where 30% of
the calories came from fat in the diet. Then a high fat diet, so 40% of the calories
came from fat in the diet. So, the protein and fiber content was exactly
the same. It’s just the fat increased. Now what they found was very interesting. So, after a period of time, of course, what
they did initially is they took stool and blood samples of all of the participates in
the beginning of the trial and then at the end, and they found some very interesting
things. They found that these are mainly young people,
I think aged between 18-35. They found that the bowel flora had changed. So, the people eating higher fat had a higher
bacteroides, bacteria associated with fat and meat consumption. And they had a lower amount of [fecally] bacteria
and also another one called blautia. So, these other groups of bacteria were lower,
and the bacteroides were higher. They also found stuff called, long chained
fatty acids. And these are byproducts of fermentation in
the bowel. So, the short ones are good, but the long
chain fatty acids can be problematic. And they found an increased amount of long
chain fatty acids in the gut flora of the people with a higher fat consumption, and
this can lead to more inflammation and conditions like diabetes and heart disease and cancer,
even bowel cancer. What they’re not telling you, however, with
the study is this is a Chinese study, and a predominant oil for when I really dug deep
into the study is basically soybean oil, which is a crappy oil, and no doubt it wouldn’t
be non-GMO coming from China. My goodness, what kind of oil are you getting
out of this? So, the thing is we’re talking salmon and
avocado and nut or seed oils. I shouldn’t really say that. I mean some seed oils are good. Some are not so good. But the point I’m making is there were no
really monounsaturated fats here from what I can gather. These were like soybean based kind of fat,
probably deep fried stuff, and this typically shows you how a study can really push a result
in a certain and particular direction. It may not be a really good direction, but
how was the study conducted? On what basis was it conducted? What type of fats and oils were used? What other foods were consumed? So, don’t automatically assume that a high
fat diet is going to create a big problem. It depends on how much fat you’re eating in
relation to the protein, the carbs and the fibers, of course, but also the type of fat
that you’re eating and what else you’re eating, what else your drinking. Are you drinking a lot of alcohol? Are you in a high stress kind of lifestyle? So, all these factors really lead to health
problems, not just purely the fat you eat. So, I wouldn’t get too alarmed by making assumptions
that a high fat diet’s bad for you, for you gut. I think it is if you’re eating the wrong kind
of fats, like chicken McNuggets and deep fried foods all the time, deep fried Mars bars. Not really good for your health, is it? So, that kind of crap. So, eating healthy fats, however, salmon,
avocado, for example, these Omega-3 fats, monounsaturated fats like olive oil are going
to be way better for your gut than these saturated fats that we’re going to find obviously with
take away food. And that’s what I think this study should
have been around, is a take away diet bad for your gut because I’d like to know exactly
what kind of foods that were incorporated into this diet, and I don’t think that would
have been healthy kind of foods. So, that’s my take on it. Thanks for the question.

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  1. You taught me how to heal my gut and what to eat and made the supplements that allowed me to recover and I cant thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Best and honest advice! Keep doing this excellent work. I find your videos very helpful and straight to the point! 👍

  3. When I eat fat, and I mean good sources and bad, any fat basically I feel kind of sick and bloated, like indigestion

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