Jillian Michaels Attacks Keto to Promote Her New Book – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Jillian Michaels Attacks Keto to Promote Her New Book – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition so I’m Violet I’m a psychologist
I work out of Montreal Canada this is Patrick Patrick you want to give them a
little bit of an idea first of all what do you do for a living
yeah I work in IT actually in Montreal – why are we talking today so I’m I’m
doing keto – so I’ve been doing that for like ten eleven months I’ve lost like 50
pounds so it’s been working great for me too and thanks to you actually because I
watched you like go a little bit and decided to jump in after after a while
the way that this is gonna function is Patrick has been repeatedly sending me
articles that he finds with either positive things about keto or negative
things about ketta unfortunately most of the time it’s negative things I thought
it would be an interesting idea for us to sit and talk about some of these
articles because well in all honesty we end up talking about them anyways but
kind of off-camera and not necessarily sharing information with you guys about
what I find interesting or stupid in the in these articles so help me to
understand what our first topic is for today the topic today is actually miss
Jillian Michael again that was invited to a podcast for like for a book like
she has a new book that came out a little bit ago so the first thing she
went through the article was about youth or a definition of youth and basically
saying that heute was like in your head like it’s a state of mind okay so of
course there’s a physical age that we all have on some level we need to
respect our physical age at the same time what I liked about what she had to
say there was that when we believed in ourselves so when we when we live our
life the way that we feel and think and see the world then yes we can end up
being well into our 30 40 50 60 s still engaging in activities so the idea being
that youth is a state of mind in the sense that as long as I respect my body
if I’m still skiing at 6070 if I’m still even longboarding
at 6070 if I’m still doing my activities that I’m used to doing as long as I
respect my body I can do those well into my old age but she also mentioned and
this was what I thought was interesting and I like this idea
if I respect my body I can also try new things and I really feel like Julian
tucked into something there when she said like it’s important for us to allow
ourselves to try new things too maybe if I even if I haven’t long
boarded before or in my case I haven’t one-wheeled before but I really want to
try that by allowing myself to step on a one wheel in a careful manner so maybe
like for me I might try it on grass first just in case I fall no don’t want
to break the hip that I just healed right so I would allow myself to try
that though to see what does it feel like how do I react do I find it fun so
on that level I do like what she’s saying is that let’s not limit ourselves
just because we’ve gotten older the more that we engage life the healthier we can
be because you’ll feel younger and will be more it will be moving more then like
humans like she went biking to nutrition like like nutrition science and got a
cool like put science and quotes where she’s saying that like actually our
bodies are made of macromolecules so she’s making a bowel with like carbs
fats and and proteins and that since we’re made of micro molecule we need
like the macronutrients all of them to be to be healthy so the best diet is of
course according to her like balance like and include and includes all of the
three groups of macronutrients what I would say on that topic is first of all
the fact that we have all three so we have fat protein and carbs in our body I
do agree that’s that’s an obvious yes we do what I disagree with is that we need
to eat them all do we need to eat protein absolutely we do because there
are certain essential amino acids so amino acids that we cannot produce we
need to eat those do we need to eat fats of course we do
there’s essential fats that we cannot produce we
need to eat those do we need to eat carbohydrates no we don’t there is no
essential carbohydrate so when you’re looking at fat protein and carbs well
let’s be clear on something first of all I want to back up a second and say that
of course I eat carbohydrates like we’re not sitting here saying we don’t eat
carbohydrates the question isn’t that questions do we need to eat them right
like obviously if there was no essential amino acid would that mean that we
wouldn’t eat protein what would we eat at that point right like so we actually
need to eat food but I feel like the argument that happens here is that the
need to eat carbs is pushed so that it keeps us eating foods that put us in a
bad position when it comes to weight because when we eat carbohydrates our
insulin rises it to put away those carbohydrates and then when that happens
well where does it put it away – it puts it away
– glycogen and fat storage well as soon as we’re putting carbs away in fat
storage we are increasing the fat on our body which is exactly against what most
people are trying to accomplish so do I agree with her that yes we have all of
these in us but yes I do at the same time recognize our body creates glucose
it can create it so when our brain it needs it we create it the other thing
that we’re really smart about in our body when we do a ketogenic lifestyle
and our carbohydrates are kept really low our body shifts us to using ketones
so that the parts of our body that actually can run on both run on ketones
so that the parts of our body that actually need carbs get them right and
so those certain parts of our brain that needs carbs the certain blood cells that
need carbs the certain little parts of us that need the carbs get them because
the rest of our body is using ketones so on that level do I agree with her that
we have to eat carbs No do I agree with her that a balanced
diet diet has to include carbs no I don’t do I eat carbs yes I do
right but do I need to eat carbs no and that’s evidenced by the sometimes days
that I go not eating carbs I just don’t feel like it and sometimes the days and
weeks that I go without eating food at all because I’m fasting if I needed to
eat any of these three things absolutely every single day which is what the
standard American diet proposes we can’t even skip breakfast don’t forget the
standard American diet we can’t even skip breakfast because we need these
things on a constant basis all the time that’s just not sure I’m following in a
bank in the podcast she started like her bashing of keto of course without even
getting question from the interviewer but maybe for the viewer she’s like the
next section if she’s talking about like telomeres you know like your viewers
like to understand what like our telomeres
okay so telomeres are the parts of your chromosome so if you look at a
chromosome like a long strand so like let’s say and on each of the ends of the
chromosome we have telomeres and what they are for is this every time a cell
reproduces so it divides when you do the division at the very end we lose a
little bit of information and so if we didn’t have telomeres we would actually
lose part of our chromosome so the telomeres are the ends that kind of get
lost so we lose a little bit of telomere each time a cell divides and so
basically the point being that when we are when are when we have fresh cells
the telomeres are nice and long and the more the cell divides the shorter
shorter the telomeres get so having a large preponderance of short telomeres
in your body this talks about how old your body is so the age right okay so
the longer basically the longer better exactly because the longer they are that
means the more report the more divisions we still have left to do in front of us
okay okay so our point was that actually keto was bad for telomeres do you like
agree with that like our keto could be bad for telomeres
I’m not really sure why she would believe but yeah yeah she’s she’s saying
because Italy that like for example avocado like which we know is good olive
oil what like non saturated fat makes them
longer or a hope helps like it helps keeping them longer but animal fats were
making them shorter so so that’s why keto is bad for element because like a
different type of oil is gonna somehow shorten our telomeres um from everything
that I know about telomeres but I’m not a scientist I’m not I’m not a biologist
I should say but what I understand telomere function to be and how and so
basically how they get shorter is related to cell division so
interestingly to me and this is I’m basing this on my understanding of how
things work but if there’s a biologist in the audience that can answer this
question please put it in the comments below but my thought is this since when
you dookied oh you’re much more likely to eat fewer meals which means that
you’re much more likely to be in a toff adji more often which means you’re much
more likely to do cell cleanup which means we’re much more likely to recycle
and produce new cells and if i understand well new cells mean that
you’re starting over so i would imagine that that would mean
that you should have healthier telomeres rather than less healthy I don’t believe
I’ve ever read anything that talked about a type of oil affecting how
telomers function but if I’m wrong please someone in the comments correct
me I feel like unfortunately sometimes miss
Michael says things because there isn’t information to combat what she’s saying
in the moment and so it like in the interview like I don’t remember anyone
combating that piece of information but it’s science she’s saying she says that
his signs signs she doesn’t put in your face for the science I’m gonna be I’m
gonna be open-minded if there’s someone in the comments you could comment on
that idea that olive oil is more likely to shorten your telomeres
than butter please put it in the comments below and help us to understand
the lie can we be the opposite actually butter would be more likely to short
indeed oh it’s the other way around so there’s someone that understands why
that would be the case hmm although I guess part of my confusion is on Kido we
eat both hmm so even at that point I’m not sure why
the addition of butter even though we’re eating coconut oil I’m caught or oil
olive oil why the addition of butter which if I’m not and again correct me if
I’m wrong because I I’m not saying I know everything but on the standard
American diet it’s not unusual to hear people having butter and toast for
breakfast so then wouldn’t that still put people
doing the sound of American diet in the same situation as people doing q yeah
right so is it because we allow animal fats in but you guys allow like so I’m
saying you guys standard is that American diet allow animal fats in so
I’m not really sure again it’s not to say that I’m I’m just confused I’m
confused by the point she’s trying to make her yeah I’m not sure how that
would function one interesting point that she she does make though like she
went to talking about carbs and she makes a difference between good carbs
and bad carbs okay right like like is it like is there such thing as a good Carm
actually because she’s categorizing like the bad carbs like flour sugar of course
and the good carbs whole grain oh is that her definition of the cart oh then
I disagree yeah okay I thought she was good to say
good carbs like the small amount of carbs you might find in kale one of the
things we have to be careful about is that in our body carbohydrates function
a certain way our body doesn’t care where the carbohydrate came from so if I
eat a potato or I eat a chocolate bar to my body it’s still carbohydrates the
point is is that in our bodies carbohydrates are treated a certain way
it’s it’s possible for me to eat although it would probably be very hard
but if I ate you know actually let’s make it easier first off if I eat 10
grams of carbs from salad or 10 grams of carbs from a
cookie so probably be like you know like that much of a cookie and they don’t
like in my body it’s the same so then the question becomes for most people who
are looking at that piece of information is me well if in my body it’s the same
then wouldn’t it be better for me to allow myself to eat the 10 grams of cars
from salads because I can’t eat so much more of it and I would get to feel full
then to have that much cookie and I guess you know what to be fair a fair
example would be 10 grams of carbs from salad because salad is a vegetable so
there might be some fructose in there and I guess a sip of soda
because that’s for clothes in there so if I’m trying to make a fair comparison
I guess it would be that right and so the question is what would be more
filling for me the salad or some soda so on that level I think I’m gonna have to
disagree hmmm another point she’s making is that
people don’t actually need keto because she never actually promoted keto
really and and basically look at her she’s fit she’s healthy and she and
she’s great without keto so what would you see in her like her taking her sell
herself as an example the things that I’ll point out is that in that interview
one thing that Julianne mentions is that she was an overweight child and then she
goes on to mention that that scenario pushed her to be into the fitness
industry and then she goes on to talk about her career in the fitness industry
so if I had an experience where I was growing up and I was overweight and then
I figured it out and I figured it out by eating a certain way my commitment to
that is gonna be very interesting right because I lost the weight and I feel
good right but here’s the thing if I didn’t take that weight loss and take it
into a job all of a sudden I’ve just changed what’s happening here because
now it’s not just about me staying fit to live my life and work in a desk job
or work in a in a situation where I don’t have access to the gym all the
time this is my job I’m gonna work out a certain way because it’s my job to look
like this and I need people to respect what I’m bringing to the table if I’m
gonna coach you or if I’m gonna write a book about
fitness and I’m overweight mm-hmm people are not gonna take me seriously so I do
feel that although she uses herself as to the example and says yeah well I was
overweight at one point the rest of her story doesn’t match the typical person
you know I feel like it’s part of the reason that the Biggest Loser was such a
heartbreaking story you have all these people who are overweight they go on
this show and basically losing weight like Jillian became their job and that’s
all they did 24/7 eat a certain way at workout get to
a certain weight that’s what they were doing what we don’t recognize is that if
working out becomes my job and then it stops being my job what happens next I
go back to my regular life I can’t work out to the extent that I was working out
before I can’t eat the way that I was eating before because well either aI
don’t have people cooking for me or B even if I can try to cook that way I not
necessarily having the time to cook that way all the time you know that’s why we
do have fast convenient food so if that’s the case then what happens and
it’s exactly what we see right if it’s your job to look a certain way you’re
able to maintain it look at boxers look at professional sports athletes it’s
their job to be in shape and to perform right look at fitness models look at
regular models it’s their job to look a certain way but for the rest of us when
we have to work eight hours a day and then we have families to take care of
and we have friends to try to see and unfortunately a lot of these people do
all their gatherings around food so it changes what we’re able to accomplish
mm-hmm but like maybe maybe okay we can also say like a word of warning can you
you can probably look healthy look thin with 300 400 grams of carbs per day but
what happens what happened then like are your really healthy well you know
there’s also this idea of the toffee the thin outside fat inside which is a
person who looks like they’re in shape but when you actually double check
they’re not they have diabetes they have other metabolic issues happening women
today are walking around with PCOS and that’s reassuring
right and so that’s a polycystic ovarian syndrome and it’s first of all is
painful but second of all it interferes with ovulation it interferes with the
ability to have children it’s really not a safe situation my favorite part of the
interview actually I think was that she she she was a bit against Kido because
Kido was a big business like she really literally said like a multi-billion
dollar business I did find it that like really funny actually okay okay so is Kido a multi-billion
dollar business I think it will be at some point because I do believe that
every way that people can make money they will try to make money I don’t see
a problem with that though what I see a problem with is someone using other
people and profiting off of other people so what I mean by that is it’s okay to
decide to make money out of dieting right and there’s lots of companies
Weight Watchers Jenny Craig loads of companies that make money dieting as
long as the people who are purchasing the product understand what they’re
getting into what I have a hard time with is companies misleading people when
they’re trying to make money off of what they’re trying to make money off of so
for example there was a company that was keto and banana quotes that was saying
that they had a cookie that was low carb and they were not being honest they were
putting regular sugared chocolate chips in the cookie but claiming that it was
low carbon it was only when someone tested it that they realized that the
chocolate chips in there were just normal chocolate chips do I believe that
keto will at some point be a billion-dollar business yes I do do I
believe it’s a problem no I don’t what I have a problem with is when people are
using deception until try to sell and so Jillian Michaels is part of the typical
weight loss program that tells us to do things that’s just not true
they tell us to eat less move more if that doesn’t work they tell us to eat
less fat keep your core tight that doesn’t work
they tell us to be Buell’s it feels I take diet pills they tell us to do
things that are actually harmful to our health so that they can sell us more
products that are harmful to our health they tell us they spend lots of money on
the gym they spent they tell us to do things when they know that it’s insulin
that causes us to store carbs as fact so I don’t have a problem with people
making money I don’t have a problem with the fact that keto will become a bowl a
billion-dollar business at some point I have a problem with people misleading
people so I definitely feel like if you’re gonna eat Kido products and there
are loads of them out there right now please do yourself a favor turn it over
read the ingredients if you don’t understand or recognize words in there
look them up and if they’re not healthy don’t need the product there are lots of
companies that are being honest and then there are lots of companies are trying
to make a buck and they’re not being honest and you need to be able to tell
the difference and one thing is for sure like we don’t need those products oh my
gosh you’re not I think in a year we haven’t had like eat real food I have
never bought out of a store a Keadle product I’ve not gone into a store and
bought a tea no product ever because there’s no need I go to the store and
what do I buy groceries hmm I buy groceries so I really do feel that most
people need to recognize that you don’t need these things if you want to treat
I’m not gonna tell you not to have a treat but understand you don’t need it
to lose weight you don’t need it or you can make it yourself make it yourself
you can’t absolutely make it yourself you know again it’s about being
realistic it’s about understanding what you’re doing Bastogne keto human like
some bad effects of the ketogenic lifestyle actually on your body okay she
mentions it taxes this shit like literally like that the text is the shit
out of your liver and tyrant that keto taxes interestingly to me I find that an
interesting one because we know that eating fruit causes fatty liver
disease but yet she’s gonna say cute oh you know taxes your liver now I’m not
really sure how it would tax your liver because the majority of things that we
eat on a ketogenic lifestyle especially if you’re eating whole foods are the
same foods that you would eat in a regular diet we just don’t eat the sugar
so the idea that by not eating sugar were somehow taxing our liver and
thyroid I find super interesting I don’t see how she can back that up what what
evidence did she get for that no of course not um so that’s a very
interesting statement I don’t know about I I can’t really speak too much about
what happens in the thyroid I do know that your hormones get affected when you
eat too much sugar because when insulin is high other hormones could get out of
out of balance but I’m not I can’t say specifically how that affects the
thyroid I just know that it does affect the thyroid
I think that one of the things that we have to be careful about is here when
you tell someone that something is dangerous even if you don’t say why if
you use big words and and use medical jargon most people become nervous and
okay and what about like keto makes you think that was actually one of her were
number bad effective keto makes you make these things okay what’s kind of stupid
about that is that the only reason that any of my clients knew that I was doing
keel was because I lost weight so if he considered that my office is the size of
you know a very small bedroom if I was thinking you would think that I would
lose clients and and you know so again it’s I feel like fear right anything
that they can say to scare you away from doing what’s healthy because if you do
what’s healthy and it doesn’t take extra like I said I don’t shop for keto food I
shop for groceries which means that I’m not making Julian any mining
I’m not making the big food companies any money of course they’re gonna hate
keto right but does it mean that really that I walk around stinking I guess if I
play basketball or went snowboarding that I might stink but that’s normal but
is it because I’m eating Keadle that I let’s get back to the Biggest Loser II
because like the interviewer I actually asked like this question why the the the
contestant I guess the participants of the show like actually got like their
way back up after the show ended so her argument was like that there they were
emotional eater and there was still emotional eaters like actually even like
before the show after the show so that’s why they gained their their way back so
basically it’s their fault yeah okay so first of all I’m just gonna point that
out Jillian Michaels basic argument is that those people who worked with her by
the way and lost all that weight could not maintain it because it was their
fault part one mmm but part two Jillian
Michaels is saying that if you’re an emotional eater
then you need to address that so that you can lose weight that I will agree
with if I’m eating emotionally I will agree that I need to address that in
order to lose weight but my big question is this after how many seasons of the
show that they know that these people are regaining the weight why weren’t
there adjusting that on the show if this whole process is about losing weight and
being healthy shouldn’t that have been something that they started to address
on the show they should have been like oh gosh we made a mistake we need to
also address the psychology and they weren’t doing that okay but there’s a
reason why they weren’t doing that because emotional eating is about
something very specific addiction we are addicted to carbohydrates and if you pay
attention in the show they were not taking their carbohydrates down low
enough to address that addictive behavior then that addictive component
so then doing any therapy wasn’t gonna help them because they still have the
addiction happening that’s that’s one part of it here’s the other thing when
we lower our calorie intake we lower it for any significant amount
of time so if I’m a 2,000 calorie person to stay at the weight that I’m at and I
lower it to 1500 so I can lose weight so this is daily now so every day I’m
eating 1,500 calories my body is too smart to leave itself in a bad situation
if I’m expecting 2,000 calories but only eating 1,500 calories my body is gonna
make the adjustment and say oh we’re not getting what we usually get and it’s
gonna start to do things to compensate and this process takes approximately six
months hmm so by 6 months of eating 1,500 calories my body will have
adjusted what does that look like for me I’m gonna be a bit more slow sluggish
right I’m gonna be tired my I’m not gonna be heating myself as much or right
this is not in one direction if I’m a 2,000 calorie person and I eat 2,500
calories daily guess what happens my body wraps it up it’s about homeostasis
your body tries to stay where it’s supposed to be right and it will work to
be there so what Jillian is not accounting for when she’s looking at his
people from The Biggest Loser is that yes they did amazingly large calorie
deficit to get to where they got to but could they sustain that no I’m gonna
throw this in just because it’s I find it interesting on the ketogenic
lifestyle the number one thing that you’re encouraged to do is what keep
your calorie at the same amount mmm right
you bring your carbs down and you do what you raise the fat you don’t just
bring the carbs down and leave the fat where it was carbs are an energy source
but so are fats so that’s why people who do keto can maintain what they’ve done
going well into the future because initially we bring our carbs down we
raise our fats a bit so that our body feels it’s getting the same amount of
energy and then what happens in a few weeks when we become keto adapted our
body starts to take that from us and guess what we can
do stop eating the extra fat see this is the other mistake that people make and
jillian is the queen of saying this and it’s not true she’s the queen of saying
we are eating high fat people who are doing keto are eating moderate fat
because it’s a moderate fat diet so moderate protein moderate fat low carb
that’s what it is because once you become fat adaptive there isn’t a need
to eat extra fat you eat regularly so you eat the fat that came along with the
meat that you happen to be eating and what your body does is any extra energy
that it needs it pulls from you I’m not going to pretend that I never add extra
fat because that would be meat me being dishonest right now what’s the other
scenario where you have to add a little extra fat when you’re at maintenance so
I went through a decrease you heard Pat say that he lost 50 pounds I lost 70 ish
not quite 70 I couldn’t make it but I I was I’m at the weight I want to be so
much dollars so but I I almost lost 70 pounds and at this weight to stay here
what I actually have to do is add a little fat back so yes do I add a little
bit of extra fat to my meals now of course I do
olive oil or coconut oil add a little bit of something just to make sure that
I don’t keep losing because I don’t want to keep losing but again good problem to
have right it’s not a high-fat diet and even with a little bit of extra that I
add I’m still not doing a high fat diet right I still it’s a rare story that I
reached the amount of fat that if I my calculator told me I should eat so I’m
I’m stable with a moderate amount of fat sorry nice f king coconut oil sorry
you’re not drinking coconut oil by the gallon no of course not
so it’s important for us to recognize when people are saying things that are
inaccurate because it can scare people away from doing what’s healthy for them
because unfortunately we do get influenced by the people around us and
if so one especially a doctor especially a
nutritionist when people are saying things that are against what is healthy
for us but telling us to do this this is what’s gonna we’re more likely to do it
if they have degrees behind their names if Fred from next door told me to eat a
bunch of chips I wouldn’t do it but when the doctor tells me no you need to eat
chips violet every day I’m much more likely to be scared that I’m making a
mistake somehow but guess what there’s too many doctors right now dr. Westman
dr. Fung dr. Burke dr. berry doctor there’s too many doctors right now dr.
Beckmann I mean I could just keep going there’s there’s so many of them saying
this is the reality there’s too many doctors that are
telling us that low-carb is what’s gonna help you to be healthy for us to
continue to be fooled by this idea that low-fat is really the answer I feel like
that’s the end of our you know what Pat I want to thank you for coming and
chatting with me I hope you guys like this this episode of Pat chat and we’re
gonna try to do this again yeah this was fun we’re gonna try to do this again I’m
not really sure when comment down below if you like the style if you like having
us kind of go back and forth and talking about keto and articles and I really
hope you do on a thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with
Violet Pat Chat edition I’ll talk to you guys in the next video

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    You were saying about being thin and unhealthy, and that is me. I look healthy because I'm thin and people think thin = healthy. But I am not. I like to use Camelina oil a lot because it has omega 3 and 6, and that helps me retain the healthy fats.
    I've learnt that our bodies know. They might not know all the best solutions. But our bodies tell us when something is not good for us, not healthy for our body and it tells us with low energy, with loss of hair, with illness, it tells us that something is not good for us. That is something I've come to rely on. Aside from consulting my nutritionist.

  10. I really liked this format esp having a factual discussion of what someone said. What I dont get is why people dont discuss the products julian is selling and has sold on the past. She knocks keto because keto has a big following and got more attention. I really like this format.

  11. I like this format. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into your videos and this format of examining one topic, or person, in some depth is educational. The more we learn the better we'll be on Keto. Thank you and thank friend. I can't find his name in the description area.

  12. Jillian is such a DISHONEST person. Telomeres are 'sacrificial' – meant to be used so the chromosomes can be saved. BTW the scientists disagree with Jillian. I suggest reading https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4761710/ Jillian has no scientific qualifications and should not be speaking on scientific topics. Phinney, Noakes and Volek are scientists specializing in this area so they are the people to listen to on these topics. I am a LMHR so keto is great for me. Keto is costing Jillian money so naturally she's going to LIE to preserve her bank balance. Keto clears the fat out of your liver – see Dr. Lustig. No evidence/reference presented = pronouncement must be discarded. Your breath, if the early part of transition, faintly smells of acetone but that disappears once fat-adapted. JILLIAN MICHEALS BLAMES THE VICTIM – therefore, she's an utterly disgusting, dishonorable and debased human being. Lower your calories = slower metabolism which makes it easier for you to REGAIN the weight.

  13. Paused video and did some research on telomeres.  According to Wiki, Telomeres are shortened by oxidative stress.  Ms. Michaels believes animal fats causes the oxidative stress.  Polyunsaturated
    fats and refined carbs, not animal fats, causes oxidative stress.  The Framingham Heart Study was a 40 year study that proves animal fats are good for you.  She is wrong.  Also, check out a
    video by Thomas DeLauer that came out 4/13/19 called “How Fasting Affects Aging – Telomere Research.”  It is very good and I think you will like it.

  14. Enjoyed this format but the guy didn't have much to say. Just seemed to be sitting back and listening mostly. Maybe a little more back and forth would work better.

  15. Pat Chat is so cool. I like it. Keep it going, please. I like this information as well. Yes, I believe Jillian Michael is trying to sell a book. If her way of dieting is so healthy, then why did her co-star of, "The Biggest Loser", Fitness Coach Bob Harper, have a heart attack? Weren't they doing the same diet? Not saying that the diet played a part in his heart attack but um, is the diet a factor? I'm just saying. Great job with the video, Violet and Patrick.

  16. Do we need to eat carbohydrates… you are right. We do not. They can be made. However, it depends on what kind of carbs we are eating. Are we eating vegetables and berries? Or are we trying to create an argument for ready to eat cereal. You did a great job discussing this.

    I would quality the comment, Quality Carbohydrates. Whole plants first… for the carbs.

    Jillian has a lot of opinions but not a lot of real science.

    I will say that trans fats damage our cells. Ketorians really don’t do trans fats.

  17. People on that show hut themselves. Terrible side effects for the biggest loser, so sorry for those people.

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