Katie Makes Grilled Farmer’s Market Paella | Food Network

Katie Makes Grilled Farmer’s Market Paella | Food Network

I’m Katie Lee, and I’m
eating meat in my sweats. Today, I’m making a
farmer’s market paella. This is something I
love to do with all the veggies that are in season. So I’m starting off with
some chicken leg and thighs– they’re connected still– and some sausage. And so I’m just seasoning
up this chicken with it. Put some pepper on there, a
little drizzle of canola oil. I’ve got zucchini, squash,
and cherry tomatoes. Now, the chicken and
sausage takes about 20, 25 minutes to cook, so
I’m going to go ahead and get that on the grill. I first made up this recipe when
I had a lot of leftover rice from Chinese takeout. You never know
what to do with it, and I hate to throw food away. So I thought, let’s
make it a paella. OK, so I’ve got my
leftover rice here, bacon corn, and some green onions. I’m just going to toss this up. And now my cast iron
skillet, a little bit of oil on the bottom. And I’m just going
to put this right. The corn gets really sweet
when it’s on the grill. With paella, you’re
always looking for that crunchy crust of rice. It’s called the socarrat. I take the bottom
of a measuring cup and I push the rice down
to just really pack it in. So this is going to go right
onto the grill, high heat. It takes about 20, 25
minutes for a really good crust to form. I’ve got my meat on medium
high and the rice on high. I really want that
good crust to form on the bottom of the skillet. Gus, don’t look at me like that. You know you’re not
getting any sausage. Maybe a bite of chicken
if you’re a good boy. I’m going to get that
chicken off the grill. Oh, it looks so good. So the vegetables only need
a couple minutes per side. Gosh, this smells so good. Oh, look at that. Let’s get all these veggies
off, and that’s that. Now the rice. Yeah. Look at that. OK, more flavor goes in. Now the best part
is scraping it up. I’m going to take a
little video of it. Oh, there’s all the crunchiness. Look. That is what you want. I’m just going to add
in some lemon juice and a bunch of fresh herbs. So this is cilantro,
flat leaf parsley, and my secret ingredient, lemon basil. OK, now all of this is just
going to get tossed in. Paella part. That sausage, chicken,
veggies, crunchy rice– it’s got everything in one pan. I’m just going to eat
right out of the pan. I’m going for it. Mm, do you hear that? And the herbs and the lemon
just punch the whole thing up. No sausage for you, pal. I’m Katie Lee, and this is Gus. And if you want more meat
sweat inducing recipes, don’t forget to subscribe below. ♪♪

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  1. My dog Hunter (Chihuahua-Terrier) always gets a taste of the meat. I might wash off the spices, but he is my best critic of the meals I prepare. – Annie

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