Kerala Nadan Parippu Vada /Thattukada Style Parippuvada /Iftar -Nombuthura Dishes/Recipe No 155

Kerala Nadan Parippu Vada /Thattukada Style Parippuvada /Iftar -Nombuthura Dishes/Recipe No 155

HIII!!Greetings to all!!!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing great here Many subscribers had tried my pazham kozhukatta recipe and also sent me some photos Last recipe was a sweet dish.I’ve been getting requests for some spicy snacks I’ve been getting requests for “parippu vada” from so many people. So I thought to do that today itself Our “naadan parippu vada” which we used to buy from the small hotels in our native place I’ve been using chana dal for making parippu vada Sunanda mema ( my aunt ) told me once to try it with peas dal/mutter dal To be very frank,I got the exact taste of the”naadan parippu vada,with that recipe If peas dal /mutter dal is available to you,don’t forget to make a try with it I’ve shared some tips in the video.If you follow them properly,you can make tasty parippu vada very easily Don’t forget to like and subscribe my channel Now let’s see how to make nadan parippu vada Shall we start???? Here I’ve taken both peas dal and chana dal Peas dal is also called as “vada dal” which is made out of green peas This is the main dal used for making parippu vada in Kerala I bought it from Lulu.In the packet they might have written it as mutter dal/peas dal.Mutter means green peas If you didn’t get this kind of dal,you can use chana dal and toor dal as well I thought to make it in the proper way.That’s why I’ve taken mutter dal here. I’ve taken 1 glass full of mutter dal and 1/4 glass of chana dal Soak both dals in water for 2 hours.Then wash them well and sieve it in a filter Its almost 30 minutes now.There is no water content in this.The water should completely drain out Keep it aside The other ingredients for parippu vada includes shallots.You can use onion also I’ve taken 10 to 15 shallots.Shallots gives the authentic taste to the parippu vada.If you want you can take 1 1/2 portion of big onion instead of shallots We need some curry leaves, 6 spicy red chillies, a medium sized ginger and 5-6 green chillies I’m going to crush these whole ingredients with my chopper If you don’t have a chopper with you,cut the whole ingredients very finely using a knife Now let me crush these ingredients in my chopper So our ingredients are crushed well with my chopper Transfer them into a wide bowl Add 1/4 tsp of asafoetida powder into it. Do not add more because the vada tastes bitter if the amount of asafoetida increases Its just for a nice smell we are adding asafoetida powder in it Mix them well with your hands It gives a special taste to our parippu vada” Close it with a lid and keep aside Meanwhile let’s grind the soaked dals in small quantities But do not make it into a fine paste Some people used to crush the dals for making vada.But if you crush them,you won’t be able to spread the dough into the shape of a vada. Therefore grind the dals in a mixie or grinder into a coarse texture After grinding I’ll show you the texture Water content should not be there in the dals.Grind them in different batches.Do not grind the whole dal together Grind it into a coarse texture Reserve 2 tbsp of dals before grinding You all might have seen some pieces of whole dal in the vada.We are adding this as it is, to give a crunchy feeling while eating Grind the remaining dal in 2 or 3 batches The 1st batch of dal has grinder into a coarse texture Make a ball with the dough and try to spread it on your palm into the shape of a vada The consistency would be perfect if you are able to make the shape without breaking them into pieces.Otherwise grind them once again Add the grinded dal into the shallots mix We have not added salt till now.Salt should be added at the last stage only If you add salt now,the water content in the shallots oozes out.Thus the consistency of the mix may change So always add salt just before the time of frying only Its easy to grind the dal in the small jar of a mixie Grind the remaining dal in the same texture Use the whipping button in the mixie if you are using the small jar for grinding Do not grind it in the normal way with the speed button because it may grind very quickly into a fine paste So whip them into a coarse texture not into a fine paste The whole dal has grinded.Add them into the shallots mix Also add the 2 tbsp of reserved dal into the mix Mix the whole ingredients well Meanwhile keep the oil on the stove to boil Its almost a perfect dough.I could feel a nice smell when I mix these ingredients Check the taste after adding enough salt into it.Also msure that the spice level is enough If you want you can increase the spice level by adding 2 or 3 finely chopped green/red chillies into it I’ve added 6 green chillies and 6 dry red chilles in this mix Adjust the spice levels according to your preferences Add the chillies based n their spice levels Spice levels changes with the quality of the chillies. Do not follow the number of chillies exactly like my taste.It depends on the spice level of the chilly you take.Its the same in the case of every dish In a kadai( water content should not be there) add enough oil into it I’ve taken coconut oil here to get the authentic flavor.You can use refined oil also Take a small kadai for frying so that you can reduce amount of wastage of oil I took this large kadai only for the shooting purpose. Normally I used to fry this kind of snacks in small kadai Let it heat enough in medium flame.Meanwhile add salt into the dough and spread them into the shape of a vada Add salt very carefully into the mix Mix them well.You should feel that coarse texture in your hand when you mix them It has a very nice smell even before frying I’ve checked the salt and adding a little more salt into it Its really spicy and tastes really good Mix them properly with your hand.Salt should spread evenly in the whole dough If you don’t have mutter dal with you,you can make vada with the combination of chana dal and toor dal Take 3/4 cup of chana dal and 1/2 cup of toor dal and do the further steps as the same.The vada would be tasty with those type of dals also The taste is perfect for me.Now let’s make them into a proper shape.Check the oil,if it is heated up or not We need to shape it with our palm.For that wet your hands with water The wetness should not be over Its always better to make small sized vada when you make it at home. So let’s make small parippu vada so make small balls with the dough Roll it with your hand,place it on your palm and slowly spread it with your other hand like you say “namaskar” by closing your both hands If the consistency is perfect,it won’t break and you will get a perfect shape It may break into pieces if the consistency is not perfect.And you won’t be able to spread them into this shape Slowly sharpen the edges with your finger by pressing there gently Thus you’ll get the perfect shape of a parippu vada When I made parippu vada last day,I send the pics of it to Sunanda mema ( my Aunt ) Then she said,it looks like cutlet.Its not the way to make the shape.And she told me this tip to get the perfect shape of a vada Thank you so much memaa (aunty) for this tip.
If you didn’t give this tip,I would have come up with the parippu vada which looks like a cutlet So the vada is ready for frying Put the vada one by one when the oil is heated up Put a small portion of the dough into the oil.If the oil is hot enough,it will float on the top of oil Its not heated sufficiently,so wait for some time If the oil is not heated up sufficiently,the vada will absorb more oil If the oil is too hot,the vada may get burned as soon as you put it into the oil In short, the temperature of the oil is very important when you make any dishes. The oil has heated enough.Coconut oil gives a special flavor and smell to this kind of snacks If you prefer you can use refined oil also Try to wet your hands after making 2-3 vada into the shape.Otherwise it may stick in your hands I always use a spatula to dip the vada into the oil.Place it on the spatula and slowly slide it into the oil You can keep the perfect shape of the vada when you use this technique.You can also safeguard your hands from the hot oil. Let me put some more vadas into it Due to lack of space,I’ve placed only 4 vadas at a time.Fry them in medium flame Flipping the vada which was added 1st Flip the vadas one by one in the order they have dipped in the oil.Fry till the vada gets a dark golden colour Parippu vada is not a favorite snack in my family.As a snack,I personally love pazham pori (banana fritters) more My father in law loves parippu vada very much.Its for him,I started to do trials with parippu vada I’ve been getting so many requests for parippu vada.And I thought to do it when I go for my vacation to Kerala But the number of requests was increasing day by day.Then I thought not to get delayed anymore Flipping the 2nd vada It won’t taste good if you increase the size of the vada.It should be cooked properly inside Some people don’t like more crispiness while some others loves crispy vadas So based on your personal choice,decide the level of crispiness you need for your vada. I love vada when it is crispy enough.I love that crunchy texture Its a nice combination with black tea as well as normal tea I always end up with the rainy season in Kerala when I start to share such moments Hope everyone is still remembers about the challenge Its really happy to tell you that 3 of my followers have completed their challenge Flip each vada for 2-3 times,to get it cooked well inside.Don’t forget it Be careful when the colour stated to change The lighter shade of the vada indicates that the particular area is not cooked well So try to cook that portion well A good color has seen on both the sides now Take one vada out and check the taste. If you feel the level of salt is less in the vada,adjust it in the dough before you make next batch of vadas Take it out and place it on a strainer to remove excess oil from it. 1st batch is ready now.Let me check the taste now Its too hot now.So let it cool down for a bit I’ve checked the taste.Its really tasty and everything is perfect in the dough So let’s fry the remaining vadas now I’ve already made 4 more vadas into the shape and kept them in a foil paper.So that we can make the 4 vadas very quickly Fry them in the same way Be careful with the flame.The 1st batch of vada has no excess oil in it. So,always maintain the heat in medium flame Its really crispy outside at the same time very soft inside. While frying the vadas,I’ve made the dough into the shapes and kept them in a foil paper. Thus it becomes easy for you to handle and also the cooking time can be reduced You can add one by one into the oil as soon as you make the shapes.But in my opinion this is more convenient If you place it on a plate,there is a chance to get it broke while you take it out from the plate When you use a foil paper,just slide it on the spatula like this.Thus you can easily handle the vada without changing its shape Always make sure that the inner portion of the vada is cooked enough.For that keep the flame in medium flame till the end Be patient while you fry the vada in medium flame.Then you will get the perfect crispy as well as soft parippu vada This is the last batch of vada.So in total,I’ve got 20 vadas with this measurement So here is the crispy tasty parippu vada Let me have one now and let me just make you all yearn for it This is the crunchy parippu vada from curryworld.It tastes really good 2 hours of of soaking is the only procedure that consumes time..Further procedures are very easy Everyone please try it at home Try it at home for the Iftar evening Make it at home whenever you feel like eating parippu vada Don’t forget to send me your feedback See you all with a new recipe.Till then Thank You

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