Kerala Varutharacha Chicken Curry/വറുത്തരച്ച കോഴി കറി/Iftar Nombuthura Dishes -Recipe no 156

Kerala Varutharacha Chicken Curry/വറുത്തരച്ച കോഴി കറി/Iftar Nombuthura Dishes -Recipe no 156

Hii!!!Namaskar!!What’s up???Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing great Today I’m going to make varutharacha chicken curry As you all know this is the month of Ramadan. i’ve been getting requests for this recipe as the combination for pathiri Please do try it at home You can make this dish very easily I always thought of saying something to you,but keeps on forgetting Today when I was preparing mambazha pulissery for my lunch,I was reminded about it again In Kerala,its is the season for all traditional mangoes It would be really yummy if you make mambazha pulissery with those mangoes The season would be over by the time we reach Kerala for our vacation My mother in law used to cook these mangoes by adding salt and turmeric powder and keep them in the freezer If you keep them in this way,you can make dishes with ripe mangoes whenever you feel like eating them. The available here are not so good and the taste also is not appreciable If you give this tip to your family at Kerala,you can have mambazha pulissery for your lunch when you reach home for your vacation Don’t forget to try it Now let’s see how to make varutharacha chicken curry I’ve taken 1kg of chicken chopped into small pieces You can decide the size of the pieces as per your wish But its always better to cut them into small size in order to blend them well with the masala I’ve already marinated these chicken pieces with 1 tsp of normal chilly powder,1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and salt It would be better if you keep them for 20 minutes after marination.If you are in a hurry,try to keep them atleast for 5 minutes Try to make this dish with fresh chicken with bones. Breast pieces or the boneless chicken pieces won’t give you the real taste Keep them aside for 20 minutes First we have to roast some grated coconut.For that take a kadai Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil.When it is heated enough,add 3/4 cup of grated coconut Keep the flame in medium Now add 3 shallots,2 garlic cloves and a small piece of ginger.Cut them into small size This much of ginger and garlic is enough for roasting When we start cooking,we’ll add more ginger and garlic into it later Add 2 green chilly slits Add 1/4 tsp of fennel seeds Similarly add 1/4 tsp of whole black pepper Roast the whole ingredients in medium flame,till the coconut turns into golden colour Here I’m going to add all powders directly into it But in the authentic recipe,people used to add coriander seeds and dry chilly as whole.But it takes more time In both methods it tastes almost same.I’ve tried in both ways. Easy method is always good If you want you can replace the coriander and chilly powders with the coriander seeds and dry chilly If you are following the authentic recipe,add the coriander seeds and dry chilly at the time you add coconut and other ingredients for roasting I’ll add the powders in the last stage only Roast them well in medium flame Add some curry leaves also This is the only part which requires lot of time.Other wise we can make the dish very easily Maintain the flame regularly.A light golden colour is seen now As I always says,do not put the flame on high.I just want to make you perfect with these procedures.Thus you don’t have to waste something because of your carelessness Some people have asked me “why you are repeating a sentence again and again” Its just to avoid mistakes when you try to do my recipe by yourself Teachers used to repeat the portions which can go wrong.You all know it. My mom is a retired teacher.And I’ve a tendency to talk like a teacher also.So kindly excuse me This is enough.Now switch the flame into LOW and add the powders The taste varies if it is roasted for long Now add 1 tbsp of normal chilly powder Since its a roasted chicken curry,we need to add 2 tbsp of coriander powder To get a nice colour,add 1/2 tbsp of Kashmiri chilly powder.Its optional only Add 1 tsp of garam masala Mix them well and roast them in medium flame till the raw smell of the powders goes It takes almost 2 minutes.Stir them continuously otherwise it may get burned A good smell has spread all over my kitchen Its getting done Adjust the spice levels according to the spices you normally use You can reduce the amount of chilly powder if you prefer.But chicken curry should be a little bit spicy,right??? No need to worry if the spice level is less.Because we can adjust the spice levels whenever we want This is done.Raw smell of the powders has gone completely Transfer them into another plate to get it cool down.Otherwise the lower portion may get burned because of the temperature at the bottom We need to grind some ingredients now Chop a medium sized ginger and 4-5 garlic cloves into a jar Its easy to grind them when you add chopped pieces. Add 1 tsp of whole black pepper,1/4 tsp of fennel seeds Grind them into a fine paste by adding enough water In a kadai add 2 tbsp of coconut oil Let it heat enough Coconut oil is the best option for every traditional recipes which gives you the actual taste To the hot oil,add the ground paste (ginger-garlic-pepper-fennel) Procedures are same as my naadan chicken curry recipe Saute them well till the raw smell goes Always maintain the flame in medium Do not saute it over.But saute till the raw smell goes I’m going to add 100 gm of shallots made into small pieces Mix them well Now add some curry leaves and 4 green chilly slits We have already added green chillies when we roasted the coconut.So adjust the number of chillies accordingly Mix them well Add enough salt into it and mix well When its almost done,I’ll add 1 chopped onion also Its getting ready now.So adding 1 chopped onion into it Saute them well till the onion and shallots turn golden colour which gives the real taste to the dish I’ve got so many good responses for my naadan chicken curry Till this stage,the procedures are same as that of naddan chicken curry I’ve no idea about the number of requests for roasted egg curry,roasted fish curry and roasted chicken curry. Some of my friends told me that they like to eat pathiri with this roasted chicken curry during the iftar time So I thought to do this recipe for them during this Ramadan period I made this recipe by making some changes in my naadan chicken curry Try it at home.Hope you all will like it A brown colour is seen now Now add 1 small ripe tomato into it For this kind of dish,sourness should not be more.So be careful while adding the tomato Mix them well and cook them by closing it with a lid for sometime The tomato has cooked very well.Now add the marinated chicken into it Mix them well in the masala The chicken pieces should blend in the masala properly Close it with a lid and cook for 5 minutes in medium flame Grind the roasted coconut mix into a fine paste by adding enough water.After 5 minutes of cooking,add this paste into the chicken Take out all the remaining paste from the jar by adding some water Mix them thoroughly.I don’t want to add extra water into it now The water from the chicken oozes out after some time.Gradually the amount of gravy increases.So we can add extra water later if required So close it with a lid and cook it in this gravy itself Cook in medium flame.Don’t forget to stir well occasionally The dish is half cooked now I’m going to add 1 chopped raw plantain without skin. You can add potato pieces instead of raw plantain Its strictly optional.You can make this dish with chicken pieces alone Its a kind of nostalgic taste Now let’s add some water into it The chicken is very tender and 3/4th of it is cooked already The dish will be ready when the plantain pieces are cooked well We need some gravy for this dish Add enough HOT water into it and mix well If you don’t add water the gravy becomes very thick when cool down It won’t taste good when the gravy is too thick Cook them by closing the kadai in medium flame Stir occasionally and check the plantain pieces If you add potato pieces instead of plantain pieces,it tastes more good.But you cannot keep the curry for longer period. And also it thickens the gravy There won’t be such problems if you add plantain pieces You can make this dish with or without plantain/potato.It depends on your choice Its a very spicy dish You can reduce the amount of chillies,if you don’t want a spicy dish This kind of dishes tastes really good on the next day I always make this type of dishes in the night and serve it for the lunch next day. It tastes good even now.But I always felt it much better for the next day Let me check the plantain pieces.its not done yet We need to cook it for 5 more minutes by closing the kadai The chicken pieces are cooked well.Now let me check the plantain pieces Its perfectly cooked When I look through my camera,the dish look like the fish curry.But this is not the actual colour.Its only because of the lighting Let me check the taste now.Its really yummy We have added only 1 small tomato so sourness is not high in the gravy.Everything is perfect in the dish This is enough.The gravy becomes more thick when it gets cooled down Thus,you have to add water based on the amount of gravy you need We don’t prefer more gravy for this dish.That’s why I add less water and also made the gravy in a thick consistency Let’s do the seasoning now In a sauce pan,fry 4 finely chopped shallots in coconut oil.When it turns brown,add some curry leaves into it I won’t add mustard seeds in the seasoning for chicken dishes If you want you can splutter some mustard seeds also In Thrissur area,people used to season the chicken and fish gravies with shallots and curry leaves only I’ve added 1 tsp of coconut oil to roast the shallots The chicken curry has got a very nice colour now.It looks really nice Don’t hesitate to make a try at home Its a best combination for pathiri I haven’t made pathiri today.So I need to make something as its combination My husband has reached home just now.He had his meals with this chicken gravy without seasoning I want to make chapathi for my kids Add the seasoning into the gravy Do not mix them now.Just keep it closed for 5 minutes.Let the flavor spread all over the dish We can open this after 5 minutes After 5 minutes,mix them well It smells really good,tastes really good and looks really good Wowww..It smells really goooood…… Don’t waste time.Go and make the dish right now Hope you all liked it very much.Those who love chicken please do try Don’t forget to send me your feedback See you all with a new recipe.Till then ,Thank You

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