Keto Chocolate Cake | Flourless Chocolate Cake | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Keto Chocolate Cake | Flourless Chocolate Cake | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode
of Headbangers Kitchen. Now very recently I posted a photo on my Instagram account
of this delicious Keto chocolate cake. Remember that? Do you even follow me on
Instagram? If you don’t follow me I’m @Demonstealer. Anyway, this cake was made by my amazing girlfriend Deepti, who refused to be on the show by the way. But you can
follow on Instagram as well she’s @Deeabolique and she made this fabulous chocolate Keto cake, so we decided we’re going to make it for you guys on today’s
episode. So let’s go and make that delicious Keto chocolate cake. Now for this recipe we’re going to need 200 grams of dark chocolate, and you’ve gotta make
sure it’s really dark so that it doesn’t kick you out of Keto, 100 grams of
butter, 100 ml of cream, 5 tablespoons of Truvia or whatever sugar-free
substitute you use and 4 eggs separated into yolks and whites. Now
it’s time to make this Keto chocolate cake and I think a lot of you might be
wondering, is this going to kick me out of ketosis because the Lindt chocolate or
any chocolate that you’re using has some amount of sugar, but if you eat one slice
a day, you’re fine. So I’m going to put the macros for the first time in the
description box below, do check it out. Anyway enough jibber-jabber and wabble wabble. Let’s go and talk about the cake; let’s go make the cake actually. So we’re going to
start by greasing our cake tin first and foremost–make sure you have a nice cake tin. This is a 7-inch tin because I want the cake to be nice and high but
if you use a larger pan, no problem. It’s just that your cake will be a little
flatter, probably. Once you’re done with that we’re going to preheat our oven to
about 150-160 degrees celsius and get preheated, basically. Preheating your oven is very
important. The next thing we’re gonna do is gonna get a double boiler going and
that’s basically to melt the chocolate. If you don’t want to do this, you can
microwave the chocolate in bursts of 30 seconds so we started the double boiler and chocolate is slowly melting and we’re going to add our butter to this
now. 100 grams of butter and let that melt slow and steady keep giving it a stir every now and then– you want it to be nice and smooth You know, chocolate is quite temperamental, to be honest, so be careful with it. Once you’ve got a nice
consistency there, we’re going to add in our cream and give that a good mix as well.
Now that the cream is also well incorporated, we’re going to take it off the
stove and we’re going to add in the Truvia. Now, if you don’t have Truvia, you can
use Stevia or any other sweetener that you like; just ensure that you taste the
mixture constantly so you know that it’s sweet enough to your liking. So, anyway, now that this is done we’re
going to keep this mixture aside and let it cool for a bit because if you add
your egg yolks now it’ll become scrambled eggs so put it on the side and let it cool. And it’s time to whip up our egg whites. Now I’m whipping it up without cream of tartar, but if you have some you can add a pinch of it. Alternatively, you can add a pinch of
salt here as well and you can also, I believe, add two drops of lime juice, that
does the job as well of stabilizing the egg whites. You want to whip it to stiff
peaks, basically, and once that’s done it’s going to be incorporated into
the chocolate mixture. But before that it’s time to add our egg yolks to the
mixture now. We’re going to add in one egg yolk at a time into our chocolate mixture and you want this to emulsify, that is the idea here,
which is why we’re adding one yolk at a time. So slowly incorporate them one
at a time and finally at the end of it you have a lovely, delicious, rich, smooth
and creamy looking chocolate. For the final step of this we’re going to add a
third of the egg whites and then we’re just going to whip them in so that you have a nice
smooth mixture. This is just to loosen up the entire
thing and then we’re going to add the remaining and whites in two batches and
we’re going to slowly fold it in, so you want to see the motion, it’s a nice folding
motion. Don’t get impatient and get aggressive
with it– fold it in. And that’s it! Your cake mixture is done. Now it’s time
to pour it into the cake tin. Oh look at that, that looks so delicious. Once that’s done you want to smoothen
out the top of it, so it looks nice and clean, and now we’re just going to put it
in the oven for about 30 minutes, or till the center is cooked and not jiggling. And
that’s it! Look at that, oh my god, does that look
heavenly or does that look heavenly? Of course, don’t be impatient, wait for the cake to cool
before you do all the cutting and portioning out, but yeah that’s it. Your keto chocolate cake is ready. Here it is, my friends. The cake. It’s been
cooled down and I can’t wait to dig in. You know, being on Keto, dessert is one of
the things that you miss so this I hope it’s great Oh man, oh wow that is a beautiful hit
of dark rich and sweet chocolate and I can’t describe… and this is still
slightly warm so it’s got that little fudgy vibe to it and I can’t wait to put this
in the fridge and let it cool down because I love cake cold for some
reason. Am I the only one? Do you like your cake cold or hot?
But this is to die for! Look at that texture! It’s so good. You guys please try this, let me know
what you think of it, let me know how it turns out. I wanna hear from you. And you
know what, if you’re not following me on Instagram yet follow me @Demonstealer and, of course,
Deepti, whose recipe this is, is @Deeabolique Follow us both and we’ll bring you more
Keto recipes. So till the next time, cheers and keep cooking. See you soon! Oh, and remember, one piece a day only, or you will probably go over your required carb limit for the day. I put the macros in
the description below, make sure you check it out. It’s also on MyFitnessPal, so
yep, good luck guys, cheers!

100 thoughts on “Keto Chocolate Cake | Flourless Chocolate Cake | Headbanger’s Kitchen

  1. My friend , plz make a French cake from 10 yolks and 300 gr of melted dark lindt (stevia). Only 2 ingridients. It is delisious

  2. Made it today turned out horrible haha…BUT I used left over 100% chocolate that I had and mixed with 85% chocolate and another no sugar one…that might be the reason. However it did not rise at all! I will try again with the 85% only

  3. Like it room temperature. I am going to do this soon. I am going to do your bread today. Thx
    Your the BEST!

  4. I'll use 99% of Excellence! It has 8 grams of carbs and 20 grams of fibers. (Don't ask me how, I don't know!).

  5. I'm glad i stumbled upon your channel, it helped me a lot. Also It would be great if you can do a recipe for cookies, i always crave them it's so addictive to me.

  6. Another awesome recipe, thank you so much, myself and my son are doing keto, I'm going to make this on Wednesday for his birthday ??❤️

  7. I just made this and it looks delicious but it sunk allot. Do you have any tips so that doesn't happen? I want mine nice and tall like yours…

  8. I found an organic chocolate bar with no sugar that should work beautifully with this recipe. Dagoba is the name. Give it a try!

  9. This is definitely one for the chocolate addict. I only had a nine inch tin so decided to make half as much again, as stated in the recipe, so that it wouldn’t turn out like a biscuit. This meant that I didn’t have enough Lindt chocolate, so I made up the shortfall with organic raw cacao powder. It turned out great and didn’t sink in the middle at all. My husband had to have two pieces, served with double cream. I reckon the cacao added about 3 extra carbs to each slice, but next time I’ll be better prepared. I used Erythritol to sweeten and it tasted sweet enough before cooking, Hubby had to lick the bowl, but I felt that after cooking it could have done with a bit more. I’ll definitely be making this again, thank you.

  10. I love my cakes cold! And of course one can substitute the 85% Lindt with bakers 100% cocoa no sugar added chocolate – increase the sugar-free that is!

  11. So.
    I asked for a link to this, when I watched you make someone else's bread (but when they tried to make your cake – They made .. adaptions, or something? ?‍♀️), anyway I couldn't find your original and so you pointed me here.
    The ganash type first part was amazingly easy to create, and mixed perfectly with the whisked egg!
    I wish I could show you the photo of it in my oven (I put a tray underneath, I was terrified from all the stories I had read here…), but it stayed exactly where I poured it!
    THIS is the reason I can do KETO! ???❤❤❤
    Thank you ???

  12. Thank you so much!! I made this for my diabetic grandmother’s birthday and she loved it! I used coconut cream instead of heavy cream (that’s all I had on hand) and added a tsp of instant coffee.

    FYI, there’s a company called Montezuma’s that makes 100% cocoa bars. You can order it online, but Trader Joe’s sells it pretty cheap compared to most sugar-free chocolate (approx. $3 USD). What I like most is that it doesn’t contain soy or any other nasty ingredients. I definitely recommend it.

  13. I made this with a tweak for my husband’s 26th birthday. We both love this recipe, so I made the cake, cut it in half into two rounds, put the whipping cream in between the layers instead of on top, and glaced it all with another two bars of melted dark chocolate. Yumm!

    Also since this recipe has such a rich flavor, we like to eat it in 16 servings instead of 8 = more than enough for the whole family.

  14. I would enjoy watching this recipe looks good but that acid rock music is so. distracting in the background's nerve racking

  15. Holy shit dude!! I just tried a super thin slice of this cake and WOW. First, I made this for my mom who has to reduce sugar and carb intake. Second I HATE dark chocolate and even I was surprised at how good this tastes. Thank you so very very much for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!! Rock on bro!!!

  16. So far out of ALL the keto desserts I have made from youtube this one is THE BEST!! I freeze it in very small portions and it is a MAZING!

  17. I like my cake cold too. Looks like a pudding cake. Looks so good. I have been missing chocolate cake.

  18. Hey made could you please tell me what the cream is? I’m from Germany and didn’t get it, thanks man ??

  19. Thanks a lot for your amazing recipes! This chocolate cake is one of my absolute favorites (along with your Cheesecake!). I've one question: in your macros you states that 1 slice (assuming you get 8 slices out of the cake) contains 6 grams of carbs… How did you get this value?

    The chocolate is the main ingredients containing carbs. The 4 eggs total 1.2gr of carbs and the cream 1.6gr..
    I'm using Lindt 85%. 100gr of Lindt contain 19gr of carbs.

    So, with a total of 19gr from the chocolate, 1.6gr from the cream and 1.2gr from the eggs I get 21.8gr carbs per entire cake, that would give us around 2.72gr carbs per slice…. Is this massive difference I see only the result of the cream/eggs you're using in your recipe? or is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks again for your great content and keep on doing it please!

  20. I just made this last night to take up to my parents' place today, and I have to say, it turned out fantastic! Thank you for this, as I was able to take something we all could have! Maybe they will now be "Keto Converts". Thank you again, and please thank your girlfriend. 😀

  21. Just made this ! I made a cream cheese powdered stevia and butter made into cream cheese topping. My family likes very much! I thought the actual cake mixture would make a lovely mousse dessert so yummy ? it is a hit of dark fudge chocolatety cake! One piece a day definitely helps with sugar cravings! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Great videos . But the background music not my style . Thanks for sharing though. I do like your recipes.

  23. Well, it didnt work… chocolate looked exactly the same before I added yolks, and yolks made it actually look worse (opposite effect). 🙁

  24. It was delicious! My girlfriend made it and I ate it. Like all of it. Then she came home and said: "Honey, I'm gonna cut the keto chocolate cake I made. Want some?" So I played dumb and said: "Yeah! Been looking forward for that all day!" 30 seconds I hear her in the kitchen yelling, "It's not here!" So I walk into the kitchen playing dumb and say: "Oh my God! We've been robbed!"

  25. What chocolate do you use?
    Lindt is expensive and not able to find any version which is keto friendly, the diabetic chocolate uses maltital

  26. Hey Sahil ,I'm a student of culinary institute of America…..I learnt here how to make….. you explained it nicely

  27. No flour at all? Literally?? I can't wait to try this. Just that I am still a student and don't have an oven. Let's see though. Thank you so much for the recipees ???

  28. I made that. It was delicious. I added some vanilla extract, a drop of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of instant coffee. It tastes better the day after and cold.

  29. Baking vid with a metal background music, what a concept!! Love it!! Rock on!! ??

    PS. Im gonna make this recipe on weekend ?

  30. My mum’s doing keto so I want to lessen her suffering, I don’t know why I’m explaining why I’m doing this in the comments I am just bored ?

  31. Tried making it today exactly how you make it only added 1tbsp cocoa for a more darker chocolate taste. OMG so so goooood. Thank you very much for the recipe

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