Keto Chocolate Fudge – Low Carb Fudge Recipe – Keto Diet

Keto Chocolate Fudge – Low Carb Fudge Recipe – Keto Diet

How to make fudge at home in her doing a little clearer push today there work at the site here
room was I was on a no other channel 10 1846 old fashioned fudge thought was going to be pretty good
their doom lol taker so it’s gonna be a little bit here so I
would take a look and see what I’m doing on mine and I
will put a link to peanut butter fudge as well as you can cuz you are my
inspiration came from here this prayer just a little bit angry and
1la use peanut butter appear what could be
better them peanut butter then some cashew butter so we’re going
cashew butter Easiest Peanut Butter Fudge Ever Recipe and we’re gonna have some protein powder
know my hair chocolate fudge now in his video he used a flavor
protein powder which I don’t care mine is just plain so I’m going with the
little bit server Hershey’s cocoa dark chocolate no
sugar in their a summer Glen add that to this now just
to kind of get there away we have some Splenda that’s about a couple splendor and one
stick a burger so our first step also ideas
and cream cheese he used to ask the cream cheese and music for
after cream cheese just can’t change that love it now are first step is gonna be sue melt the
butter and a cashew butter how to make fudge where ok and still has melted and just so can a tidy things up a little bit I’m not put
on my trying to reinstate gether you know we really makes me then all the
same time later anyway so I have my train she is this comment fuckin
softened up right now in one we come back my butter and peanut
butter will be melted and then we’ll be on the comp mister
together notes and peanut butter burger and we have our cream cheese that has
been little softened up now we just need the mixes in a start
with the for and once we get that mixed in we’re gonna come with a just wanted you to come group down a
bit something cute to homework on this mean we will pick you don’t want to hear
this incorporated in to see him back with Dan now wanna go ahead and let dry
and Reinvestment leather went dark chocolate and the program your yep makes him let’s go ahead and I have a just the pan land with them oil I didn’t have math take well I did spray
just in case so we’re gonna he didn’t have this to the pain up and and that’ll work part I dropped on them stove taste incredible so damn thing I
made enough I might have to deal with it better because this doesn’t look like it’s
going to is pretty good so he would I’m gonna go ahead and I’m there there’s no refrigerator chill
against the partnered up in should be time for taste test the
refrigerator a bad to our silent freezer just make
sure it was the cool camera grand remove it double chocolate fudge so here’s our 3 pizzazier here I Hate Luv is battered
earlier so now it is time to see who were apiece this tastefully now when they hit you when I get to face
the battered whose tastes so good and tell her the
best so I made a separate ordered on top this actually mean tool you hear it
easily people to be sincere onto pleaded knows them sounds good yes that’s good okay so we’re here’s mine but I just couldn’t close it
will be there now the second man to admit p.m. with cashew butter and as good an extent
think that is better because I got a little chunker that butter in there so I would say don’t
worry about you know blended him because actually let me it
makes it even better the one thing I think I could do with
this to make you even more better is to go ahead and have nurse so anywhere thank you chairman haley barbour cue comment subscriber gas another videos gonna take
a look at those as well it would this Sunday when you left a bit
early sealer

13 thoughts on “Keto Chocolate Fudge – Low Carb Fudge Recipe – Keto Diet

  1. Great looking fudge Lyle! John (Juanelo1946) really knows how to do great low carb recipes!

  2. Lyle, wow, you knocked this fudge out of the park!!! You were right to add coco powder. It has to be better than only protein powder alone. I should have thought of that. I love that you didn't over blend it. I love the idea of adding nuts in there as well. Now I can't wait to make this again, your way! Great job my friend!

  3. Low Carb Fudge … a good idea – I'm one of those who really got to keep an eye on my carb intake … Thanks for sharing Lyle! (and Juanelo too)

  4. Damn! I thought you were handing that fudge to me! Looked so good – I'm always on the lookout for great low carb desserts and treats. I will be making this – thanks so much.

  5. Hey Lyle !!! Hey to Andrea and the Family !!! John is such a great Feller , he Always has somethin Kind and Supportive to sat to us All !!! I LOVE Fudge , that Looked NEXT Level Yummy … Cashew Butter sounds AWESOME  Heck ya Cashew Butter Chunks !!! I have seen Almond Butter but that was $10 a little Jar !!! LOL … Rock on Brother Lyle …

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