Keto diet for beginners (how to get started losing weight)

Keto diet for beginners (how to get started losing weight)

today I’m going to show you how to start
the keto diet explain what ketosis is and I’m going to show you what to take
out of your pantry and what to replace it with so you can start your keto
journey on the right foot let’s go you’re probably wondering what on earth
I’m doing in this cabinet well a little bit of spring cleaning
you see following keto diet is a passion of mine and I love showing others how to
do it too think of today’s video as keto 101 hey there i’m Elisa head chef at where we help you meet your
health goals with simple ways to eat and exercise we follow the Warrior Made 14
day diet a ketogenic style diet that helps you lose weight and keep it off we
understand how frustrating it can be to try lots of different diets lose weight
and then gain it right back which is why we have come up with a sustainable way
to keep your weight off and optimize health along the way let’s dive right in
first what is the keto diet well keto is a low carb high fat diet
where your metabolism shifts from burning sugar to burning fat this state
is called ketosis now to understand ketosis imagine that
your body is like a train the train has always burn coal for energy but the
conductor realizes that there may be a more efficient way similarly you may be
used to burning carbs for energy they turn into glucose in the body which is
what keeps you going now after looking for new ways to run the train our
conductor stumbles upon the bio coal a fuel source made from organic waste she
realizes that by burning bio coal instead of coal the train is more
sustainable fat is your bio coal on keto now why
does this shift matter well when you burn fat you don’t have the same blood
sugar spikes as when you’re burning glucose with more stable insulin levels
your body is able to lose weight and keep it off as long as you stay in
ketosis weird right it’s actually more efficient to lose fat by eating more of
it but it’s true so now that you understand the basics of ketosis you may
be starting to worry about losing carbs and sweets on keto but there’s no need
to stick with me until the end of this video and I’ll share with you 11 keto
friendly dessert recipes that will keep you in ketosis and satisfy your sweet
tooth now to get your kitchen ready for the keto diet let’s play a little game
called swap this for that to keep things super simple as you get started I’m going to show you which fats meats and carbs to get rid of and which to have on
hand as you start keto and stay tuned because I promise we’re going to
have a little fun along the way okay to get this game rolling let’s start with a
basic keto stat at 75% of what you eat on keto should be fat but not all fats
are created equal you need to make sure you’re eating the right ones and this is
not the right one this is vegetable oil and even though its name sounds healthy
it’s not a good option on keto one reason is it has a high amount of
omega-6 fatty acids you see for proper brain function and digestive function we
need a ratio of about 3 to 1 omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids but
vegetable oils like corn soy bean canola sunflower and peanut jack-up our omega
sixes they’re also chemically processed so
they don’t meet our high quality ingredients standard and you know what
that means let’s go vegetable oils can leave us feeling
hungry which may affect your weight loss goals that’s why we recommend swapping
vegetable oils for these oils coconut oil extra virgin olive oil and avocado
oil are great alternatives to vegetable oils olive oil for example helps with
inflammation coconut oil is an antioxidant that can even be used to
protect you from the Sun and avocado oil is known to help with absorption of
certain nutrients you can purchase all of these oils cold-pressed which means
they aren’t chemically altered and they taste fantastic you wouldn’t cook with
it but you might want to consider adding a fish oil supplement to your diet to
make sure you’re getting the right amount of Omega threes at the end of the
video I’ll post a link showing you where you can buy some of the best Warrior
Made supplements to support you on keto let’s check out the keto food pyramid
again you see after fat protein is the next most important part of a diet your
diet should be in the ballpark of about 20% protein in other videos we’ll talk
more about the different types of protein you can eat on keto but for now
let’s focus on meat meat is one of the best sources of protein to eat because it’s similar to the proteins already found in our bodies meat is called a
complete protein because we get all the amino acids we need from it to thrive
but like fat you have to eat the right kind with meat
quality is key I know these two steaks look pretty similar but there’s a big
difference between the two this steak contains added hormones
antibiotics and likely even pesticides while it was alive
it was also given a grain-fed diet which doesn’t get our stamp of approval
this steak on the other hand has no added hormones antibiotics or
pesticides while it was alive it was allowed to roam free in pastures and
eat what it was naturally intended to like grass it has also been certified
organic which is a top priority here at Warrior Made so why does eating organic
matter well think about it we are what we eat right
wouldn’t you rather eat meat from a healthy happy cow than one that was sick
its whole life and pumped full of hormones of course you would
time to take care of some business okay so grass-fed and organic meat is
also a great source of omega threes which we just learned are beneficial to
our gut and brain health next time you go to the store talk to
your butcher about organic meat or look for stickers from the American grass-fed
Association which is one of the most trustworthy grass-fed beef organizations
around ok we’ve talked about how to prep your kitchen with keto friendly fat and
meat and carbs are the last piece of the keto pyramid you’ll notice they only
account for about five percent of your diet now this doesn’t mean you have to
give up carbs it just means you need to be smart about which kinds you eat
starchy veggies like corn and potatoes have got to go on keto you know what
that means a potato has 37 grams of carbs and
that’s too many for keto all right so corn and potatoes they’ve got to go but
don’t worry there are tons of low carb veggie options to choose from some of
our favorites are broccoli zucchini kale green beans and eggplant low-carb
veggies are important to eat throughout the day on keto because they help you
get important micronutrients your body needs to be healthy more on that in
another video at Warrior Made eating high quality natural foods is important
to us that’s why when possible we recommend shopping in the organic veggie
section at your grocery store or at your local farmers market ok you’ve done it
you’ve successfully swapped out some basic ingredients to start your keto
journey to bring this all together here’s an example of a keto meal I like
to bring to work sometimes it hits all parts of the keto pyramid Organic flank
steak green beans and a dollop of grass-fed butter a keto Grand Slam
alright you’ve done a great job following the keto basics ketosis fats
meats and carbs oh my like I mentioned earlier I don’t want you to think that
because keto is a low carb diet you can’t have sweets for me the idea that I
couldn’t eat sugar on keto was almost a deal-breaker
I thought no way I’m not giving up sweets but the game-changer was finding
a way to eat sweets I spent hours creating a free recipe guide called
eleven keto desserts that will show you how to make delicious
keto friendly desserts like chocolate ice cream and snickerdoodle crepes all
you have to do to receive these recipes is click the link at the end of the
video and fill in your email address so that way we can send it your way also if
you’re excited to learn more keto tricks and recipes with us at Warrior Made
click the subscribe button and while you’re at it click the little
bell this will notify you everytime that we release a new video and if you have a
friend family member or co-worker who you think would like to learn the basics
of the keto diet share this video with them finally if you’re afraid you’d have
to give up some of your favorite meals on keto post what they are in the
comments and I’ll make a keto friendly version for you to add to your weekly
menu ok that’s all for today thanks again for watching and we’ll see you
soon in our next video

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