Keto Diet: Lazy Keto vs Strict Keto

Keto Diet: Lazy Keto vs Strict Keto

today I want to do a keto diet review
and talk about lazy keto vs. strict keto what are they does it matter and when
might you want to do one or the other coming right up so there’s no official
definition for what these keto terms are they’re just language that develops so
in my mind what strict keto means is that you’re making sure that you’re in
keto (ketosis) that means you measure something so that
you know that you’re getting the objectives that you want so the first
thing you measure is you measure your macros your macronutrients you measure
how much how many grams and percent of calories come from fat protein and
carbohydrates that way you know exactly what you’re doing so if you need to
change it then you can adjust the numbers very specifically then of course
how would you know if you’re in ketosis if you don’t measure if your body has
some ketones and there’s three ways that you can measure you can measure in the
urine you can measure in the breath and you can measure in the blood and this is
sort of in order of how useful and how good that measurement is so the urine is
the cheapest and it’s the simplest right in the beginning your body starts
burning fat it makes a bunch of ketones and they all spill out in the urine
because you’re not using them yet and it takes a while for the body to get keto
adapted to start actually burning and utilizing these ketones for energy so in
the beginning you’re making a bunch of them but they’re all spilling out so
you’re getting a measurement in the urine that is high but it doesn’t
reflect how much ketones your body is using later on as you get keto adapted
it’s gonna look like your ketones go down because fewer spill into the urine
but in fact you’re actually using them better so just for fun if you’re just
starting out you might get some some urine strips and ketone strips for urine
measure but just know that in the long run over the course of a few days to a
few weeks then that’s going to be a less accurate method you can also measure
breath so there are breathalyzer specific for
ketones and the advantage of that is you don’t have to buy any supplies you pay a
couple of hundred bucks up front and then you don’t have to buy any strips or
anything after that you can use it for years assuming it doesn’t break and it
is relatively accurate however the most accurate and the most relevant is the
one that measures blood ketones and they’ve come a long way in just a few
years so now you can buy yourself a little gadget for home it’s about fifty
bucks for a starter kit and you can buy strips in quantity for about a dollar
apiece so you get that little initial investment and then for a dollar a day
roughly you can check ketones once a day so measure the ketones how else would
you know if if you’re making them and then of course if weight loss is your
goal you want to measure your weight to see if it’s changing and then you can
relate how it’s changing – how many ketones you’re producing then obviously
this has a lot to do with blood glucose and a1c and insulin so those are other
things that you want to measure and I’m gonna make a video very shortly on how
to measure insulin resistance very specifically what’s the best test for
that glucose and a1c or indirect measures that if they go down then
you’re probably making progress but you don’t necessarily know for sure if
you’re reversing insulin resistance so strict means you’re measuring everything
to make sure that you can change some variables around if things are not going
as fast or if you hit a plateau so you know that you’re doing this you’re
getting these results lazy keto is when you’re not a strict anymore obviously
and me this is after you’ve done the strict
one for a while as you’ve learned how your body responds as you’ve learned the
different foods and the different levels then you can move into lazy keto now you
maintain you still eat low carb and you follow the basics
you don’t necessarily measure everything anymore and you might be going in and
out of keto because you’re not measuring anymore you don’t really know for sure
so once you have enough experience you can get pretty good at it so that you
can probably do fairly well on lazy keto but there’s always the chance that as
the months go by that you change a little habit that you don’t think is too
significant and all of a sudden you’ve added enough carbs or you’ve changed
enough of something to where you’re actually not in ketosis and of course
the most important thing of all is the question are you meeting your goals or
not what are your goals are they just weight loss is it a atrophy is to
maintain a certain level of ketones is it to reverse insulin resistance because
the slowest thing to change is probably insulin resistance which is often linked
to fatty liver so by measuring you know where you are and as you get lazier you
may or may not know your goals will tell you if you need to be stricter or if
you’re doing alright so you could probably start off doing it strict for a
while so you know what you’re doing then you get into lazy as long as you meet
your goals you’re fine but let’s say that all of a sudden you plateau or it
slows down or may even reverse or something doesn’t seem to work anymore
now obviously you may want to go back and be a little bit stricter and start
measuring so look out for my coming video on insulin resistance and what the
best test is let me know where you think that you’ve are with
with this if you have experience or opinions this this working for you did
you find out that you had to measure and be really strict about it and let me
know what your results are because it’s always fun to hear about success stories
that inspires other people let me know if you have questions and please share
this video because our goal is to get this information out so we can help as
many people as possible thanks for watching

39 thoughts on “Keto Diet: Lazy Keto vs Strict Keto

  1. To Me it's similar as your idea
    Lazy is –
    Still eating good products that fit a healthy keto lifestyle not calling it low carb and if you've done it long enough you'll know just by feel if your in ketosis….New people have an issue with this but once you've hit that year mark you've got the keto feeling you know based off feel.

    Your not tracking anything macro wise and you listen to your body intuitively but you gained knowledge on ratios so you know what to eat

    The difference between the two are like you said simply tracking

    is just tracking macros and keeping ratios on point

    Scale not so much involved in the beginning

    I've run two different test groups in the past 15 tracking people vs 15 Non tracking people on my keto Facebook group and had them check in daily. ( Small I know )

    I've found people who dont stress and just eat keto approved foods get just as good as success of those tracking if not more and happier due to lack of tracking and weighing food stress.

  2. Learn more about keto and if you missed Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto you can watch it here

  3. In the medical community, telling the truth is tantamount to a Declaration of War. Social Media is the most effective weapon against The Medical Mafia

  4. Thank you Dr. Ekberg another great video on keto. I used to eat keto strict, but now I am eating keto more lazy since I know what my body wants now.

  5. Hey Dr. SE. you look rested and relaxed. Must be getting out side? catching some ☀️. As always interesting topic. Keeping it simple and informative.

  6. I am definitely on the lazy keto side of things. I eat less than 20 grams of carbs a day. In fact most days I eat less than 10. I cannot imagine how it would be even possible for my body to NOT be in ketosis. I dropped 12 pounds in the first week (water retention) and am down 30 pounds over the course of six months. Of far greater importance, a myriad of health issues have all vanished, and they all did so within a few weeks of my going keto. I feel absolutely no need to 'test' whether those 10 odd grams of carbs are by some weird violation of thermodynamics, none the less fueling my body. I can fast for 3 days and feel no discomfort more than an easily ignored healthy appetite. If I'm not in ketosis, I don't need ketosis.

  7. Strict Keto? HAHAHAHAHA! If there's a lazy way for anything, that's my way. That's why IF is better for me… easier to be lazy that way.

  8. I'm the lazy keto type. I hate measuring and worrying about macros. I just test my keystones with urine strips and try and eat as clean as I can.

  9. I myself have plateaued; cant lose that last 5 lbs around the stomach! I intermittent fast and keto. But more recently, I've begun a a microbiome diet adding a few more carbs but keeping it below 50 per day. I'm looking forward to your insulin resistance video. Is it fair to say strict is <20 carbs day and lay is <50 ? I've also recently added exercise to my routine and have to believe that's the missing variable!

  10. I have been on Koto more than 3 yrs now. I was on very strict keto for about 2 yrs and became alittle easy with carbs since then.
    Of course with godd carbs. My goal is to lower inflammation and to maintain the weight. I put alittle more good carbs into my diet but of course still on low carb along with OMAD and IF.
    It has been going really good.
    Always good info Dr.

  11. Hello Dr. Eckberg. Thank you for your very informative videos. I love watching them because they are helping me in my keto lifestyle. I am now on lazy keto and if I need to do strict for autophagy, I do it. – Love from the Philippines. ???

  12. Good explanation dr. Ekberg.
    In my experience on the carnivore diet, I did 6 months strict carnivore then I started to introduce tiny amounts of one particular vegetable to test out how my body responds. This to me was a great way to find out if I am allergic to certain vegetables.
    For example I found out I get bloated and gassy if I eat broccoli, but if I eat cauliflower (cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower) I don't have any of those problems.
    These are the type of experiments you should do, to better understand your body.

  13. I’ve done Keto for about 9 years. At first more strict. I started after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism which made me gain quite a few extra pounds. With keto I lost the pounds in just a few months without suffering or starving. Now I do the lazy keto. With that, for the first time since I became aware of weight and weight issues, I feel free. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I know what to eat so that is not a problem anymore. I don’t register my food intakes in programs or check my weight since that causes a lot of stress.
    I love the way I feel when I eat keto, the way the stomach is flat and without bloating and flatulence.
    My skin feels and looks better and I no longer have cracked heels which I suffered from most of my life before keto. I always watch the different videos about keto because there is always more to learn.
    Thank you for another great video❤️

  14. Hey Doc, I never went strict keto. I just use the pee strips $7 for 50 and a scale. It works for me. When my weight, probably mostly water, starts to increase 5 lbs, I do a 36 hour fast and loose the 5 lbs. Pee ketone strip turns dark purple after 24 hrs of water fasting for me. That is my system that keeps me at a good weight.

  15. I alternate between strict and lazy. Like many people I have “portion distortion” in determining serving sizes. Using a food diary app helps when I need to figure how much of some food I should eat and its nutrients.

  16. Hi Dr. Ekberg just want say thank you for the video, I'm 61 and l have been on keto for over a year now, l have reached my goal so now I'm on lazy keto. Thank you love from Malta.

  17. Hello Dr
    I’m in keto for tow months and i did Homa IR test and the result is 0.85 so can i say i’m fix my insulin resistance or thats early !? If it’s early how can I know when I’m ok?

  18. Almost 2yrs in and urine strips working perfectly, and pretty much go along with what my blood ketones do. When blood ketones are higher my urine strips are darker, and when blood ketones are lower urine strips are lighter. That may not be true for everyone, but the idea that the urine strips don't work after a while certainly isn't true for everyone either.

  19. Can you do a video on heart attack, stroke and or aura migraines?

    I heard headaches and migraines come from hormonal imbalance or stomach problems

  20. Thank you Dr. Steyn! I’m 67 and for the last year and a half lost the weight and jumping with joy like i did when 25!

  21. Doctor, my wife is a Type 1 diabetes and have hypo thyroid. She started low carb foods (no cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) from first April 2019 to till date. She drinks turmeric tea and fenugreek water and the resultant sprout is also used in food as raw. Her blood sugar level is down from 323 to 145 (Random). she is also doing exercise twice a day(combining your 3 Bird posture in to it). Her TSH have come down to 2.55 from 5.15. Thanks doctor for your tutorials. Can pancreas be made to produce insulin so that she can completely stop insulin injection? Her doctor have not reduce the dosage of insulin ( But he has reduced one tablet) and have not reduced the dosage of Thyroxin (used to take 75 gms a day). May she reduce without consulting him? THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS

  22. I have lost 34 pounds in 4 months following your Keto suggestions. I feel much better. I did macrobiotics in my late 20s for 4 years. It worked for me to lower my weight because Japanese macrobiotics restricts dairy, fruit, sugar and flour products but now that I am 59, I need a more practical approach which includes some good quality dairy. Thanks Dr. Sten

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