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hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we bring
you guys the articles that Patrick finds online that we find either interesting
because they’re educational interesting because they’re what we call
that ridiculous or interesting because sometimes there might be a little funny
and as usual I have no idea what’s coming today but I’m being told that it
should be educational so that’s gonna be fun yeah yeah yeah this week we talked
about food so I came across an article yeah food food yeah so I came across an
article and that was titled what a husband and wife who’s been on keto for
six years keeping their kitchen six years and I didn’t find the idea
interesting to tell our viewers what do we keep in our kitchen to like in on a
keto lifestyle so that means you’ve already kind of gone through your
kitchen and figure out what you keep in your kitchen it’s like a test now to see
what I have in my kitchen no really we often hear that keto is expensive that
keto is not sustainable that keto takes like the keto meals takes long to cook
and like before we go through the list of food you should keep in your kitchen
or what like this husband and wife cat are keeping in their kitchen on the
keto lifestyle like my family would be an interesting thing to see what do we
do keep in our kitchen okay so okay well I guess the thing I would talk about
first is you start off by saying well kiddoes expensive something some people
think itõs expensive and actually I find I spend about the same the difference
though is that what I actually buy I eat and and what I am eating is healthier
but I don’t think I’m spending more money I think I’m just but I’m also
buying less food so uh-huh right because I do feel like I’m buying better quality
food and so but I write my food because well because I’m not buying chips and
because we see also you have one meal a day you do only one more thing so you
know you know how to so there’s a however there um I don’t
think that that’s why I’m buying less food okay because the truth is when I
was doing three meals a day well I never did three months when I was doing two
meals a day even though I was doing T meals a day my lunch rarely consisted of
a piece of meat alright it was usually some kind of sandwich something or some
kind like it was never any or I would buy lunch or like and it was like a
pizza or like some kind of it was never like us like search that wasn’t a meal
meal okay but so like mostly I think that the reason that I’m buying less now
is because I’m actually buying less groceries like it’s for sauce not as
hard to keep my house stopped because I’m buying vegetables and meat and of
course I’m gonna do buy few snacks my daughter but she doesn’t eat that many
snacks so yeah hmm so it’s not it’s not that hard actually so expensive I would
say it’s about the same okay why don’t you go to items that you have because
you don’t go like to the grocery stores reading so they’ll go to things that
have to buy all the time again my daughter still drinks milk so there’s
milk I buy all the time yeah actually that’s the only go-to thing that I have
to buy like very regularly for you I thank you like what I buy regularly um
so the things that I buy like probably quarterly would be coconut oil olive oil
avocado oil I maybe I buy eggs every other week um what are you planning your
house oh you your meal planning are you doing like that you plan one so we could
you just go every four or five days to the grocery store okay so how do you do
that so it depends on what’s happening in my week I will say that but normally
I cook enough for two meals like that’s why that’s the way I planned things cuz
I’ve never like to cook in that house instincts so so if I cook the meal I’m
having today I make it and then I make a meal for the next like two days later or
three days later depending if I feel like cooking tomorrow or not so if
tomorrow I don’t feel like cooking I might have something that I made the day
before or I might eat something right so I always have like two things in the
fridge that I could choose from and like so I’m going forward like that so
and the vegetable that goes beside it depends 99 percent of the time if I do
have vegetables they were pre-made so and they can last me for a few days and
so you batch go to you and I will even freeze things that your batch cook your
vegetables yeah vegetables and let me just think uh salad salad I make on a
regular so like if I’m gonna have a salad I make it the same day that I
don’t like to it took pre prepare I hate wilted salad so so no I do think like I
do like about the same I go to the store every maybe three four days I don’t know
yeah okay yeah I do a little bit more shopping like with the the the share
custody with my sons like I do when I have them and I have them like every few
days for two three days so I take that opportunity to go to Costco buy some
stuff when I have them and make sure I have like more stuff so when I don’t
have em P it like also like most of the time with Costco size with like with the
the meat and the beef and the pork I do have meat for the the phase after so so
yeah I do like so I do when I go to Costco I do buying like usually I’ll
have some beef it’s like on a good price I’ll have some fish that’s for sure and
some pork actually I do get like the vegetables too like what’s interesting I
just realized I used to buy so much more peanut butter which is like as I’m
sitting you’re thinking about him I used to buy so much more peanut butter and so
that’s something that I don’t actually buy very much of okay I don’t know why
but just that just came to me that’s something that I don’t buy any more I
used to buy a lot more cereal I only buy a little bit of syrups my daughter still
eats cereal okay but yeah okay slinky I used to buy rice she doesn’t
eat rice and I don’t eat rice anymore anymore yeah
yes actually I feel there’s more things I stopped buying then things I’ve had to
add because again I was just taking those carbs out but then like everything
else we were eating was already healthy so just keeping those vegetables keeping
the good meats and we in our household we were never really a dessert family so
that was never something to deal with however my daughter does eat snacks so
which I see as different so kind of snacks so like so good
cereals mostly granola bars similar bars and then stuff
like that however I will say that in the Centers of the snacks
she’s also started eating the nuts that I buy so like that’s kind of worked out
the cheese sheets cheese and I ate cheese so that kind of works out hmm
so so by the way we have 314 years old so they’re like dessert they do eat
snacks what I try to do for sure what like for meals what I try to do is bring
them on like not enough full keto but on my path like when I I don’t want to do
like two separate meals it’s really rare that I’m gonna sometimes like if I want
to make my life easier and they like pasta I’m gonna I’m not gonna cook them
pasta but it’s like rare and more more and more rare like it’s it’s it’s not
often that I’m gonna I’m gonna cook pasta so so even for them it’s often
gonna be like a piece of meat they do like all kinds of meat they do they like
chicken steak fish and so that that’s good that’s good and they do like salad
like Caesar salad so so like Caesar salad with meat like is it’s actually
yeah both of our kids are that’s that’s a hit meal Caesar salad with some kind
of meat that’s like a hit meal I actually find it funny cuz you’re just
mentioning pasta and so I don’t have pasta in my house although she still has
access to pass that grandma’s house itself okay so that still works out for
her but like at home yeah we don’t like basically whatever I make so I’m not as
comedy thinks you are whatever I make sheets
so that’s supper supper and but she’s pretty good but at the same time she has
lots of access of having supper at my mom’s house if she feels like it
so it’s a kind of her choice she can wait till I get home or she can eat
while she’s there yourself last part I have to like like try to help them
getting better is on the dessert they do like I screamed it’s like cookies so so
yeah they happy once a day but like I feel like the difference is it’s like
although she likes ice cream and cookies and stuff like you guys it’s the same
thing they said at our house because dessert isn’t the thing she has it less
often okay yeah where is like when yeah I’ve worked for us it’s in our daily
that’s for sure for sure like at least twice a week she for sure for sure will
have something kind of like a nice creamy thing but like snot is more of a
snacking it’s more like all those things like cereal or like it’s that stuff but
ice cream and cookies yeah that’s less less her thing but I think every kid is
different right like every kid has that whatever their sweet tooth looks like is
like it’s gonna be different between kids and I think that you know it’s also
about what you’re saying is I’m getting them in the knowledge like it’s
interesting to me the other day my daughter actually did her calculations
for the day to see like how she was gonna do and actually came out at 106
which is low-carb so she was able to get through her day 106 and was happy with
it she still had a few snacks and it was like really happy with how she did so
yeah I think every kids different all that to say that we can I think my two
sons are less aware of like the carb counting and one is like no no I want my
sugar in one my carbs and like he’s not there yet but like I’m I try to bring
him on the like this at least to be more more more more more aware of the carbs
like that he ingest like in a day but like his and then as for Gabriel yeah
we’re not expecting Gabriel to know yeah but he’s a big he loves milk and lately
I’ve been trying to replace like at least half of his milk with on the milk
so that’s it’s working like not so bad and what about like other stuff like for
sure like when I switched over to keto I started eating a lot of nuts like even
to a point where was it where it was a bit I’d be too much but like I still do
have them like in my so whenever I go to Costco I buy like a container so I have
like those mixed salted mixed nut yeah I know you you went for that too yeah I’m
not buying nuts anymore yeah I do because yeah I just find it was it was
becoming a thing so I kind of like probably at once in a blue moon I’ll buy
them like again I’m gonna start treating me like a treat but I’m not gonna have
them in the house all the time but that’s like a conscious choice I
feel like the thing that I’m noticing is that for me
and especially I didn’t notice it flavor-wise I was actually starting to
taste then that’s being sweet and I’m just like okay come on with the heck you
know but I think it’s just like the less sweet you have in your life the more you
you start to taste where it is and cashews especially but then realizing
like I actually taste them like if they’re sweet online so I I’d have made
that adjustment that I’m unless I’m really trying my best right now to focus
on food fuel as fuel mm-hmm and you know 90 percent of the time because I’m
allowing myself to see food as fuel then I have the opportunity to go out and do
more things in life so you know have more fun ride my device I can ride my is
my longboard or my skateboard okay and all my other things my rollerblades my
whatever so but you know what actually um this is we’re talking about like
deciding to like put things like where am I putting thing I actually decided to
cut back on cheese as well yeah I was starting to see it I started to see like
dalaras looking for that she’s a little bit more than just fulfilling myself so
but I you know what I think everybody’s different like but she’s like we’re
doing the the cheese we’re baking the cheese so we have crisps for our
avocados so you need a certain quantity of cheese like to be able to have like
maybe 12 16 crackers we’re doing yeah so yeah that’s a bit like yeah so I’ve
decided like to move towards other options instead of having a cheese I’m
gonna Molly do more pork rinds or you know whatever but again so we’re talking
about what people have in their kitchen so the funny thing that I have now that
I didn’t used to have is poor pranks or crimes yeah
that’s nonsense yeah pork rinds the pit so I do have peanut butter like I said I
buy as much but the peanut butter that I have now is the like just nuts like it’s
just that’s this is hard me that one is why I don’t just grind it myself but I
think I’m just little bit too lazy for that so so I have the peanut butter
that’s something that’s new okay so obviously pink salt isn’t it being for
me yeah I think so okay my spices have changed so because now I do read the
labels and I’ve given away the spices that
no longer having sorry that we’re having sugar in them and trying this actually
I’ve noticed is if you buy a spice that’s just the spice it usually doesn’t
have any sugar in it so I’m trying my best by like either individual stuff or
stuff that doesn’t have sugar added for me for me full fat yogurt so but I do I
try not to buy it every time I go to the store I try to treat it as a treat also
and a few times also like dark chocolate but I do like the 90% dark chocolate I
have I came to to like to appreciate the taste of I even tried like one brand has
like 98% like chocolate this one is a little bit bitter but like the 90% like
if you can fit it in your macros language it’s it’s not as curvy as the
other one so okay so though why don’t we go through the like those people though
that husband and wife but do they have but I did find your article interesting
because it’s like all the food is like are categorized so it’s like it’s gonna
make it easy for you to to add things to your list if they were not on it so the
first thing vegetables oops sorry actually you just want to add something
cuz I think it’s interesting because I think when people first start keto the
thing that they’re most concerned about is being able to snack hmm because we’re
so used to snacking we’ll have a check on snacking but I think the thing that
as we’re talking about this and I’m thinking about what’s the mic at my
house what’s in my house what’s my house the thing that I find the most
interesting is that first of all when you’re paying attention to what you’re
doing and you start noticing where you get pushed overboard I still found where
I was getting pushed overboard was when I allowed myself to snack so that’s the
first thing I put out there is that it’s important for you especially if you’re
still in your journey and you’re not – you’re your ideal health yet then it
supported you to pay attention to where you might be getting pushed overboard
like for me I didn’t notice even though I was at my ideal health
so no sorry I was at in my ideal weight I wasn’t I feel like I won’t be at my
ideal health and so I’ve been doing Hedo for about seven or eight years
that’s how long it takes you to rebuild a body so but like for me the thing was
noticing when I started to be craving and chasing a food to realize that that
means there’s carbs there that are calling you it wasn’t fuel anymore at
that point it was more like UMass exactly there was some kind of either
emotional thing or some kind of dopamine thing or some kind of something
happening so I feel like that’s important for people to recognize before
we start going into this article I don’t really know what’s coming at me yet but
I think that you know even like what you were saying about like you know treating
something as a treat like if I only buy it for a treat that means it’s not on my
grocery list for every week mmm right that means I should have I should go a
few weeks there before I buy yogurt again or I should go for yours before I
buy cheese again or like buying buy nuts again in my case right like look for me
I know to probably be like every other month or something like that but like I
feel like you need to start thinking about the fact that you’re treating it
like a treat the same way that it’s very rare that I’ll meet someone who has a
grocery list where vodka is on it mm-hm right because that’s something that you
have wants to know what right so they is the same kind of idea you need to think
about what carbs do in our body okay here’s a question at some point I know
it’s so craving but isn’t it better if you come to crave for example sea salt
macadamia nuts isn’t it better than still crave a cookie
what I will say is reach out to me what I will see is what dr. sybers said which
she’s a new doctor that I just found any said as soon as you’re craving something
you’re already in trouble okay right you like you need to understand that that
first moment that you had it and it was before a craving reason is telling you
something that you’re not paying attention to how you’re feeling and
you’re trying to self-soothe and so we already talked so let’s let’s make sure
that we keep food food and keep treats as treats and unless it’s a sourcing I’m
not saying don’t have it don’t but I’m saying like when you have it it should
be a thought they say oh okay I’m gonna do this this weekend not oh I have to
have this as we can make the distinction right if I choose to buy some nuts
because I haven’t had nuts in a long time I will do that and I’m not gonna be
upset about it if I go to someone’s house and I haven’t had a long time and
they have nuts there and I feel like having some I will do that
because I haven’t had that so a long time but the same way that if I went out
drinking yesterday I wouldn’t because I went to my friend’s house the next day
drink again I’m not drinking yesterday right I wouldn’t do that two days in a
row I wouldn’t do the same thing with food right if I know I’ve had it
recently then I had my treat I keep going forward right until the next time
I feel like it’s time to have a treat because treats are occasionally yeah so
I just want to say that out loud because I think sometimes it’s hard for people
to know like when is okay to have something every person is different
hmm but I always tell people think about your kids again if it’s a treat you
don’t buy it for them every day you don’t buy for them every week right it’s
a treat you’ll you keep that for once in a while right versus the typical foods
that you buy for them that they have all the time like maybe maybe your kids have
granola bars in the house every day but they go to Dairy Queen once ah probably
once a month or once every other matter right
it’s that okay let’s go with the vegetables for sugar vegetables like
it’s my kids unless you know you all should always have them in your kitchen
probably our top picks org leafy greens I think we have salad more than any
other vegetables all the leafy greens yeah so okay so they do put a list
they’re in alphabetical order if something like to spike like you say oh
that’s a bit too car B just like say it but like art art
artichokes asparagus avocados that’s for sure avocados and salad I think maybe
even avocados or okay bell peppers I know those like well you know again
everybody’s different bell peppers first of all I believe
those are nightshade so for me oh yeah those are like a no-go but but I think
they’re also very kartli so for me they’re an opening for two reasons but
it doesn’t mean that in a small amount to flavor your food yeah they’re right
so I don’t I mean they’re saying they have them all the time which is great
but like so they’re present but it’s the person how they’re using them yeah sure
okay bok choy broccoli obviously broccoli yeah they do have like once in
a while but like a little bit more often brussel sprouts I think are good but I
have some kind of reactions and I’m not sure why cabbage
cabbage yeah they’re good but like also a word like a of caution because they’re
a little bit more carbonate are a bit more RP but you wouldn’t get you would
know we’re not have like that you know half cabbage but like if you have a
reasonable amount very good and cauliflower there’s like many many many
way stations yeah and like it’s read through you like constitute as your
potato replacement you can do math if you can utilize cauliflower there’s like
yeah once you you kind of master the way to do it like the only enough cabbage
can be an interesting rice replacement see when you if you if you do it fine
okay and you could yeah so the cabbage I also find I’ve known on occasion cooked
it in ways that I’m kind of like oh you know there was small pieces and it kind
of mimicked ricer they have eggplant I’m not sure not
super super formal that I have eggplant green and yellow beans kale kale I was
like I think okay okay yeah of course there are we talked about the lettuces
of all kinds mushroom so I think mushrooms are kind of like small
announced again that’s another one of those olives olives are good because
they’re more fatty so that’s a good thing to have like in the same category
as avocados onions carefully honors they have the onions also like maybe like the
red the red the the bell pepper I said read the first because they’re my
favorite but the bell peppers and the onions are a bit more carbon the onion a
little bit more radishes I’m not so sure about radishes snow peas spinach summer
squash tomatoes watercress I mean like anything like so as I’m always saying
any vegetable can be used in moderation right if you you can have potatoes if
you really have a small enough s right leg again
so like any vegetable can work in moderation and depending on how you
cooked it so like if it’s not fried it’s gonna come across better so I guess it
would depend on how they’re making them but I mean they’re all vegetables they
name the topics or safer Peaks avocados that’s for sure that is all the greens
or leafy greens olives are good for us I would also
point out the people like I I’m happy that I was able to take the time to eat
eat each vegetable individually and see how it was affecting me because our
vegetables are one of those things you know so plants don’t want to be eaten
they put toxins in themselves so different kinds of lectins with the sea
like engines and so the other thing is understanding how certain vegetables
affect you depending on how your metabolic syndrome moved forward we have
different sensitivities afterwards to these foods so like for myself I figured
out nightshades really really hurt me and so I really do
avoid the peppers and the tomatoes and the potatoes and all those things so
every person is different you need to figure out for yourself but I would just
like caution people to like because you do have the opportunity now to like
focus on a vegetable and see if you have a reaction but you found also that the
way you cook them like helps I was reading dr. Mortimer colas book and he
talked about the the plant toxins that that they they try to keep us from
eating them obviously and what he pointed out is that there’s a lot of
cultures that already knew that pressure cooking foods is important in order to
kill the toxins so that you can eat the food if I remember correctly one of the
things he was talking about the most was beans actually but but he would but he
said it works with every vegetable and so what I started doing is I bought a
pressure cooker and I pressure cook all of my vegetables even the ones that
don’t bother me i pressure cook everything just because it’s just safer
and I don’t I would like to make sure that I’m getting the nutrients I want
out of the food without poisoning myself so that’s that is an option obviously
okay it’s a pressure cook but I mean I pressure cook my vegetables and you
don’t and you’re fine yeah you don’t you don’t seem to have any reaction no like
you know that’s the other thing okay so I’m gonna say that I let me say that out
loud to what I find really interesting is that so many people who do keto and
then they get to a level of health and then they start to feel things and
realize that there’s this other level so I do also like I can think of the guy
from primal primal health panel edge health he was one of the ones I talked
about that where he did keto and then after I eventually went carnivore
because he started to see how vegetables were affecting him there’s a lot of
different I think actually crystal from Quito savage and I think you know Savage
both of them have had their different reactions to that they thought might
have been vegetables but anyways my point is there’s been a lot of people
who diminished their carbs and then realize that the actual vegetables were
having an effect on them and so they end up diminishing even more and I feel like
I’m one of them like where I got to a certain point and and then I realized oh
there’s more but I think that that’s the thing it’s like if you until you get to
that point where your health healthier then your body can do that next level
right so there’s a lot of people especially if you’re kind of person
keeps stepping in and out in and out in and out that you might continue to harm
yourself with certain vegetables not knowing that they’re hurting you because
you didn’t get to that level yet where your body could show you okay now we’re
on this right so I would I get I encourage people experiment with your
vegetables it’s like do do one at a time and see like this one give a different
reaction than another you might be surprised what you learn okay so we’re
done with the vegetables unsaturated or unsaturated oils can you just like tell
the difference between unsaturated and saturated well the thing about saturated
versus unsaturated is like at room temperature so which one at room
temperature saturated oils is it that become liquid saturated they have butter
in there as well and coconut oil but for example like they’re saturate they’re
saturated fats like go to or ghee coconut oil butter so basically make
probably the oils like you want to use to cook to fry stuff and the unsaturated
like they just gave olive and macadamia but probably I’ve got the oil isn’t that
sure the unsaturated are the Olympic ones lowly cool yeah and the saturated
were the yeah so that’s where the oils and and I think IQ for sure we both have
coconut oil all time that’s a go telling daily yeah cooker stuff we need matter
and olive oil for salad and yeah or just whatever for frying for frying an egg
probably or something yeah so I mean the oils are yeah that’s also yeah it’s
pretty simple cream for sure cream like for me yeah every cream I don’t drink
like bulletproof coffee or don’t put coconut oil I just like like my coffee
would thing with heavy cream the only the only and yeah the only caveat I
would say with heavy cream is just for people to know that even though on the
container it says zero its point zero point six yeah so when you do 30 mils I
think it is every 15 mils is 0.6 so if you put for example 30 mils
that’s the tea that’s one point two so just for people to know that because
this car you know on that marketing thing yeah oh yeah that’s that’s for me
like they are they have a stash of nuts so like I said like yeah even though not
go to Costco sometimes yeah it did there but you be careful there expand it can
be expensive depending like a bag of macadamia is like 25 Canadian bucks even
the mix not the container is like 20 22 dollars so they’re nine not what am I
gonna save now that I’m not bad that’s it so you need to be careful they’re
they’re somewhat addictive like when you get into that like you like them you
want to buy you want to eat more but like you can’t get it I would also add
to that probably nut butters because yeah that’s the same thing too
thanks for think about the nut butters that’s a little tricky is that if you’re
on keto you’re not putting it on bread or putting it so you might be actually
just eating it and so you have to be careful because again that’s that whole
thing about processed foods as you process them you make the amount you can
eat more because you kind of you know like yeah I can find an article but I
think somewhere they do say that it cost them like around $60 per week and he’s
nuts because yeah yeah because they seeds are good too with the nice seeds
pumpkin seeds like they call about they talk about the sesame seeds pumpkin
seeds sunflower seeds so there are they’re a little bit
Lessing’s bit less expensive than nuts maybe a little bit less but a good
quality pumpkins Inc okay nothing about seeds is that you get so
much more fat okay right I know I’m concedes are really fatty I’m thinking I
send flowers I think too so it’s about the balance – right and they’re calorie
though we know you don’t like to talk about calories but they’re calorie dense
so if you do restrict your calories be careful because like a I know but like
Trudy grams like it’s like 200 formed how many carbs right now that’s what I
would say I would double check on the carbs rend them okay
I know pumpkins are good because they don’t have a lot of cars but I can’t
remember for the sunflower seeds how many carbs berries and okay yeah baby
foods they have a little section of foods they they limit themselves to
black baby raspberries strawberries blueberries I know out of those four
strawberries blueberries are not that low carb you need to be really really
careful with them blackberries raspberries are a little higher in fiber
I do consider them like a tree with any more vegetables a say they have like an
eye a few apple slices once in a while but like I don’t even the last time I
I’m not craving an apple like I used to eat apples done before but like I don’t
even remember the last time I had an Apple bite is definitely gonna happen
otherwise berries the same thing yeah you should have to be careful how much
eat that’s it yeah that’s one of my theory the full fat
yogurt I know you don’t like care about or like yogurt that much I think never
really buy it when I was eating yogurt back in the day I wasn’t even playing
that for sure so I don’t think I liked it then and I doubt I would like it now
so it’s not something that ever calls to me if I was gonna eat a flavor of yogurt
would’ve been vanilla and vanilla yogurt is gonna be way off the charts so I
wouldn’t even bother me you would yogurt you need to be careful
all the flavors even vanilla has like 18 19 grams of like for me I feel like
dairy is a place that I’m not willing to put my carbs I find it’s too much carbs
for the amount that you get to eat but to me that’s just a personal choice I
wouldn’t eat ice cream I wouldn’t eat you cheese so but even though she and
even the cheese I’ve just taken out oh yeah okay but because in the same
paragraph with the food that you grade they’re talking about the cheese so goat
cheese brie she you know she’s an options are like seriously cuz you can
actually eat a good amount of cheese like seriously I mean considering what
we were to be called on a serving of cheese before you can still eat a
serving of cheese if you’re doing cheese yeah right so honestly you very
addictive you can get to eat cheese because you cream but there’s no saying
like this is this is where I’m being more careful with them but in terms of
if I if I’m choosing like what it would have been a serving of ice cream
I couldn’t even touch that right now if I wanted to have ice cream but cheese
you can still have a serving hand so for me like I feel like that’s that’s an
interesting thing because you can still have a real serving of cheese and be
okay okay so that’s what I’m saying but okay but obviously the next one or meat
poultry and fish so I can’t imagine I’m not gonna but let’s go through their
list no no they don’t have like oh they just like it to sentence based tuna
sardines shellfish for the fish fatty Co II just like favored the fatty
cuts of steak you don’t want the leanest cuts obviously you need your good the
good fat or a good amount of fats from those those fatty cuts or it depends if
you’re doing grass-fed then you can always riad the fatter because your
grass-fed is gonna have less less fat but then you just can add some olive oil
or avocado oil or something to it hmmm didn’t we say before that chicken was to
lean more – what about chicken if I’m eating chicken I tend to go for the dark
meat that’s a bit more fatty however again if you eat the breast you
can add olive oil or okay oh they have a section about like
no animal protein sources we don’t really do that this includes tofu
textured vegetable proteins I know even idea with like what’s that I really have
no idea what that is so honestly I would say that in their
cover or their in their pantry they don’t have much different than us
actually they only think they have a bit more snacky stuff then I have anyways one last thing about what like grass-fed
and organic and like for sure if you want it too it can be expensive but is
it like required do you need to buy a grass-fed butter and like grasp it see
yeah I’m not saying it’s record the only reason I brought up is cuz you asked
about like fattier cuts and I’m like it depends like in when you go to the
grocery store and you’re buying your meat you know that those animals were
not pasture raised so then the fat that’s in their meat is coming from
grains and so right like what the animal eats is what we so if I’m stay away from
grains in my everyday right like I’m actually looking for the in the grocery
store I’m looking for the medium fatty meat I’m not going for the fattiest one
because I’m not gonna get what I want to get not however it I can like that’s a
good thing about keto is that I’m cooking with olive oil I’m cooking sorry
not cooking with love I mean I can add olive oil after I’m
cooking with coconut oil on cooking with avocado oil so I can get that fat back
in it doesn’t have to be have to start there is what I’m saying
but if you do do pasture-raised so if you go for the better quality of
meat but you find it a little less fatty you can always add your fat not way too
so yeah so you’ve been doing keto for what like it’s almost yeah see April are you bored
of your new lifestyle absolutely I’m just trying decisions and my board are
feeling good yeah no I’m not at all bored or feeling actually feel amazing
so I’m very but are you ordered a meal like your
meals did like okay so I know his personal plan tacit wrong too because
you know for a fact that I don’t care with it I I didn’t care about food
before so like I’m I am that person who eats to
live I don’t live to eat so I’ve never been that that girl okay so but will I
say that I enjoy my meals more now I do actually because I feel like being Kido
has taught me to put more energy into what I’m cooking to spice things and try
different spices and this kind of thing so I really would say I mean we’ve tried
different recipes just to try to see like what would taste like what and like
you know cauliflower can you make it taste good and so we’ve done different
things so I would say yes I would say that I enjoy my food probably a little
bit more now but am i chasing food I’m so much Jason oh this is because you
can’t imagine how many articles like that refer to keto as a restrictive not
sustainable that I don’t like but like weed so when we started keto to be fair
like when I started you thought I was nuts and then like when you decided to
jump on board did you think that you would be keel forever or did you think
I’m gonna do this for a while so I gets where I want to get and then I’m good no
but but I have to say that my health issues I think we’re pushing me to to
make a permanent change that’s for sure so I did you gonna be keto did I think
it would be keto no carb yeah cuz you were saying that all the time
oh I’m gonna stay here I’ll be low-carb because big but still to this date I’m
not like at this point I’m not counting and I’m pretty sure I’m not that 20 I’m
a little bit over 20 that’s for sure so so that’s why you don’t see you don’t
see me on your videos see that I do keto I’m pretty sure I’m like maybe low carb
or ultra low carb I think I might be around 44 between 40 and 50 per day but
well yeah I do feel good and like my weight is stable and my
and thank you so that’s what’s keeping me there do you want to heat bastard you
want to eat rice do I want to eat cereals not at all I don’t even the
fruits I do my occasional blackberries that I put even in my salad that I do
like the taste but like yeah I think that’s the thing is right like I feel
like again we’re very different when I started this and I because when I
started it for my hip issue and learned how we were hurting ourselves with sugar
I knew right away I was never gonna go back to sugar because to me it’s not
logical why would I hurt me I love me so like there’s just like to me that’s just
not logical but did I think that I would have gotten as low as I’ve gotten like
to go sometimes days without having any carbs at all I didn’t think that that
was I do but didn’t envision that but like I’ve done it a bunch of times so do
I feel like I’m gonna stay this way forever yeah I can’t see hurting myself
ever again like that again not logical to me I won’t do it so this is where I
like I used to love ice cream and now to me I’m just like it’s not worth it to
hurt myself to eat those things to yogurt a teeth I used to like argue over
to see those things in my that’s how my mind works violet does not purposefully
ever hurt violet to me that’s just illogical won’t do it
so I guess every person is different like I’m saying like you you’re more
about like I think know what we call that just balancing alright this was fun
I like this article yeah um thanks for watching
so I want to stop here and say I have a patreon account if you made it this far
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