keto roti | best low carb roti | keto naan | keto coconut wraps | keto roti recipe

keto roti | best low carb roti | keto naan | keto coconut wraps | keto roti recipe

.hi guys welcome back to my channel fatfreelife
with dr.neelam.i have lost 25 kgs of weight in just 8 months with the right diet .todays
recipe is for the keto people those who are following ketogenic diet.
specially the indian vegetarian people those how are following this keto diet they have
a problem of chapati or roti in keto diet.they make pancakes and rotis and chapatis from
coconut flour and cauliflower flax seed meal almond flour.see im having my bulliet proof
coffee with my coconut flour chapati and paneer as a source of protien and some green
vege. today i ll share the recipe of coconut flour
and psyllum husk is so nutricious so filling and high in fat and fibre.
im taking one cup of dessicated coconut im taking organic one.this is one cup dessicated
coconut you can use coconut flour also,this is the psyllium husk which im using for binding
up of coconut.for making the chapati im taking one cup of psyllium husk.
just make a dough of cocont and psyllium husk with the hot water and put some salt and cumin
and chilli flakes. so your keto chapatis are ready.they are
very nice fluffy soft you can have them with the green vegetables.
if you like this recipe just like comment and share my video..
just remember one thing that fitness is the only way to go…………

14 thoughts on “keto roti | best low carb roti | keto naan | keto coconut wraps | keto roti recipe

  1. Hey i am just starting keto diet can we talk about this please in instagram or any other social site , i am a vegan too

  2. Nice video. I cracked the rice problem with cauliflower rice and Shirataki rice. I will try this. I have made low carb chapati using soy flour + coconut flour. Thank you for the video!

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  4. make it eat it and let me know how it tastes? how u make it ?

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