Ketogenic diet or low-fat diet? The key to dieting.

Ketogenic diet or low-fat diet? The key to dieting.

When we talk about losing fat, most of the
time what we are actually talking about is what we eat, how we eat and what kind of food
that we should be consuming, rather than exercising. Yes, exercise does play a role in accelerating
your fat-losing progress, but without a proper and controlled diet, it’s the saying that
you are probably never going to see your abs. According to the survey done by INSIDER, a
sister publication of Business Insider, towards more than 1,000 people regarding their New
Year’s resolutions for the year of 2019, what they have found out is that 119 millennials
between the ages of 18 to 29 said that their resolutions for 2019 are related to dieting
or eating healthier. It is, therefore, clear to see that some of us do struggle a lot when
coming down to executing a dieting program. To solve this issue, I have done some research
on the Internet regarding the diets which are very popular currently among people who
are trying to lose fat. According to the survey done by INSIDER, two of the most popular diets
in 2019, without any doubt, are low-fat diet and ketogenic diet. Low-fat diet is a diet
which contains less than 30% of daily calories coming from fat. The reason that this diet
is well known among those dieters is due to the fact that one gram of fats has more calories
compared to one gram of carbohydrates or one gram of proteins, so it’s easier to reduce
the calories intake since a very small amount of fats being taken out from a diet  can
make up such a huge difference. Several studies have also backed this diet up as a diet that
helps people to lose weight. One of the studies investigated the effect of reducing total
fat intake on body weight. The result is, undoubtedly, saying that diets lower in total
fat were associated with lower relative body weight. With that being said, according to
Jennifer Fitzgibbon, a registered dietitian at Stony Brook Hospital Cancer Center in New
York, he mentions that when too much fat is eliminated in a diet, it can cause serious
health consequences to a being as our body requires a good amount of fat to keep our
organs, systems and even skins to stay in good conditions and make sure that they are
well functioning. Ketogenic diet, on the other hand, has gained lots of trust from dieters
especially in Western countries. Ketogenic diet is a diet that requires you consuming
very less amount of carbohydrates but higher amount of fat in which the carbohydrate consists
of 5-10% of daily calories intake whereas fat consists of 70-80% of daily calories intake.
Basically, ketogenic diet reduces the carbohydrates intake and replaces it with fat. The reduction
in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When this happens, your body
starts to use your stored fat as energy for your daily activities. It turns fats into
ketones in the liver, which also supplies energy for your brain. In this diet, food
that are high in fat and proteins are recommended such as ham, cheese, bacon, salmon or avocado.
Food that are high in carbohydrates such as sugary food, grains, fruits and etc, on the
other hand, are strongly forbidden. Though lots of similar kind of studies have shown
positive results on the effect of ketogenic diet towards one’s health and weight loss,
and even several studies have shown that it is even better when comparing to low-fat diet
as it might be due to the fact that consuming high amount of protein and fat are more satiating,
there are several drawbacks that one might encounter when he or she decides to stick
with this diet. First of all, entering ketosis at first would lead you to several side effects,
ranging from headache, weakness and irritability to constipation, nausea and vomiting. This
is due to the reason that your body has been using carbohydrates as a fuel for so many
years that it doesn’t expect a sudden change into using fat as a fuel to happen. In other
words, it’s a result of your body adapting ketogenic diet. Second, ketogenic diet is
not meant for everyone especially for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes or
other chronic conditions. It’s always better for you to consult your nutritionist or doctor
at first before trying out ketogenic diet. So here comes to the key of dieting. Which
is better? Ketogenic diet or low-fat diet? Well, none of them is better than the other
one. This is due to the reason that we should know that any kind of diet works when coming
down to losing fat if and only if the calories in is lower than the calories out. Therefore,
it does not have any difference whether you are sticking with the low-fat diet or ketogenic
diet if your main concern here is of losing weight other than the health condition. More
often it’s all about personal preference. You can stick to whatever kinds of diet that
you want if you think you can get along with it for the rest of your life whenever you
are trying to lose fat. A good diet should consist of longevity. Stick with a diet that
you are comfortable with, and most importantly, that suits your surrounding and condition
well enough. I personally recommend that sticking with the roots of dieting, calories in lower
than calories out works the best for most of us as there is no need for any kind of
restriction. It’s simple, yet found to be the most effective one. Thanks for your watching.

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