Kids Try Bugs | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Bugs | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

(screams) – Oh my god, I don’t wanna eat that! – It’s a kabob! (upbeat guitar music) – Hey, I’m Crystal, and I’m
trying food today! (cheers) – Mmm, no. I’ll try them all. – Yeah, I’m slightly terrified. – Okay. – I wanna be surprised. – They’re gonna bring out some bugs. (sighs) I’m good, I’m good. (claps) (claps) Oh my God! – No. (screams) – Oh. (crickets chirping) – Looks gross. Looks like bugs. But it’s not really bugs. – I would know. – I did? (laughing) – A little freaked out. – There’s bugs in the food! – Okay, wow. Here goes. Three, two, one. – No. I took a small, never mind. Ew, I ate a wing. – Alright, this just tastes
like regular cookies, and they look terrifying. Their eyes are beading down on me. I think there’s a wing in my mouth. It’s fine, we’re good. – This is parts of a bug? – It looks like bugs, and it is, but I didn’t know it was
bugs, so I ate bug wings. – Mhm. Can you please save this? – Mikayla, do you wanna
try some of these crickets? – I got a cricket. – Oh, good. It’s not that bad. – Whoa. – What are those?
– They’re bees! – No, they’re not! – (screams) What are they? – Ew! It has ants on it! – Okay. – Ants? – Those are huge! – Those are not ants, those
are not ants, they’re not ants. – How do they even get the bugs on it? Do they kill them, or do
they just leave it out for the bugs to climb on? You love ice cream, right?
– Mhm! Insect! – I’m gonna eat this. It’s the skin of an ant. It’s good. I just ate an ant. – I got one! Maybe that’s just a nut. Mm-mm, there’s a bug! – Well, I’d still say it’s a little weird to be eating ants sundae, but I absolutely do not
like these cherries. – Oh my god, no!
– What is that? – Uh. – If I am seeing this,
it looks really gross. Am I eating worms right now? – Why do you keep jumping? It’s not gonna fly out at you. Okay, ready, two–
– What is this? It’s a mealworm! – Obviously! (laughs) They’re not flies. Come on! I ate it! – Ew, ew, ew, ew. – Yeah, kinda. (laughing) Still really weird. (laughing) – [Girl] Oh my God, I
know this is gonna be a real challenge to eat. (screams) – Oh my god, I don’t wanna eat that! – It’s a kabob! (laughs) It is officially scary! – Ew! – Is it a bee shish kabob? – Where did Chef Zachary even find this? – It’s a kabob! – It’s a kabob. – Oh my God! – This is a bug shish kabob! Okay. Just eat it, and then. I’m gonna eat a bite of every bug. – Ew! Gross. – Garbage, garbage, garbage! – That one’s barbecue-flavor. I’d say its body was good. – No, thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you. – I just ate bugs? – They didn’t taste like bugs,
but they did look like bugs. – Thank you. – Yes, please. – Thank you so much. Oh no, really? There’s ants in there! – Thanks a lot. – But I’m gonna eat it in front of my mom. She’ll be like (screams),
she’ll be so scared. Thanks for watching me eat bugs! – [Both] Do you eat bugs? – Hopefully not. – What, Mikayla? Don’t say that! – Don’t forget to subscribe! Or bug-scribe. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Bugs | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. American kids be like: …
    Asain ppl be like: it’s ur first time huh?
    (I hope this is not offensive to anyone cuz I’m asain so pls don’t get mad.)

  2. Kid is saying they would know what they are eating and said they aren’t and told they are as they have a piece of fucking insects on her lip.

  3. Is it just me who finds it unethical and disturbing to offer insects to five-year-olds to eat? So I'm not with all of those who are cheering for Clara and say how brave she was. CHILDREN ARE NAIVE! THEY TRUST ADULTS TO HAVE THEIR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. DON'T ABUSE IT!!!

  4. I was watching this when a mosquito flew right to my face… I got so shocked it thought it came out of the screen!!!

  5. At the beginning
    No I’m not EATING THAT!”

    Me right there

  6. Oh my heart, Clara! ❤️ She is so adventurous and not finicky. Absolutely adorable! "Don't forget to subscribe, or bugscribe" 😍

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