Kids Try Chinese New Year Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Chinese New Year Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

(girl screaming) – It’s a fish with an eye and a mouth! (kids screaming) (quirky music) – [Kids] Hello! – [Host] What’s going on, you guys? – Um, wait, what’d you ask? – [Host] Do you know why I
brought you all here today? – Chinese New Year! – [Host] Ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding. – Knew it! I’m a rabbit. – [Host] What does that mean? – Oh, uh, I think it has something to do with, like, the month that, like, each month that you were born. – [Host] Okay, so Ethan’s talking about something called the Chinese Zodiac. – I have no idea what I am. – I’m the water dragon. – [Host] So, do you guys know
what Chinese New Year is? – It’s like a new year, but for Chinese? – Well, I guess, like,
there’s no fireworks, but you do have bigger dinners. Obviously there’s, like,
the best Chinese food, and you just get together with
friends and family, so, yeah. – [Host] Do you celebrate
Chinese New Year, Ethan? – Yeah, I do. – [Host] It’s all about removing the old and welcoming the new. – That’s sad. – [Host] Why is that sad? – Because, like, everything,
all it goes bye-bye and into the dust, and
you’re like, “See ya!” – Can we get to the food already? – Yeah!
– Ooh, I’d love to. – [Host] Does anybody know how to say close your eyes in Mandarin? – (speaking Chinese) – (attempting to copy what
Ethan said in Chinese) (kids laugh) – [Host] That sounded close to me! Close your eyes! – Smells good!
– It smells so good. – Mmm.
– I wanna open my eyes. (kids cry out) – I love, I love that. – [Host] The first dish
I’m going to introduce are the dumplings. – [Clara] Yum! – [Host] Grab a dumpling,
put it on your plate. – Yaa. – A dumpling. – Mmm, I like this stuff. – They should, like, make
a chocolate outside layer and then put chocolate, like,
pudding in it and stuff. – [Host] Okay, I gotta steal one dumpling. Sorry, you guys. – No! – No, you can’t! – Our territory!
– No, you can’t! – [Host] We’re gonna move
on to this next dish, which I want you guys to try, which are the Longevity Noodles. Also known as Chang Shou Mian. Ethan, am I pronouncing that right? Or not at all? – Mmm, well, for the accent, not at all. Um, no offense, but, um, I’ve never heard of them, so. – I swallowed it whole. – [Host] GG, what are you doing? – Ahhh. (Clara laughs) – [Host] You know how
we were talking about the Chinese Zodiac earlier? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Host] So, this year is the
gonna be the Year of the Rat. – I saw a red raccoon once. Not the same. – [Host] In honor of the Year of the Rat, we are going to release
10 rats into the studio. – What?! (kids screaming) No, no, no, no! – Do it, do it, do it! – [Host] Okay, okay,
I’m not gonna do that. Chill, chill. I wouldn’t do that (laughs). – I wanna do it. – [Host] Let’s move on to the next dish, which is the steamed fish. (kids screaming) (GG screaming) – Ow! – [Host] Okay. – But it’s a fish with an eye and a mouth! We’re not gonna eat– – [Host] Oh, you’re
gonna eat it, all right. – No, no, we are not. – So, at the same time. – Okay. – Everyone! – Okay, I’m in. (kids screaming) – [Host] One, two, three.
– Three. (kids screaming) – It’s disgusting. – It’s bitter. – But, hey, we shouldn’t say, like, really, really disgusting, because people eat this. – I know. I said no offense, it’s kinda disgusting. – [Host] All right, we’re gonna move on to the next dish, which is in those little cups. It’s called Nian Gao. – [Ethan] Oh, I know what that is. – [Host] Ethan, am I saying that right? – Yeah. Except for the accent. Nian Gao. – Nao Gao. – How do you dig into this? – It’s, like, a little sweet, not sour. – Like really sticky Jell-O.
– Yeah, yeah. – Like the stickiest Jell-O you ever had. – How do I get this off? Get off. Get off! – [Host] We’re gonna move on to the last thing on the table. – Now let’s all take an
orange from the bottom. (kids laugh) – Timber! – [Host] I have one last
thing to give you guys. – I’m gonna guess, um, ice cream? – [Host] And open your eyes. – (gasps) Oh, I know what these are. In Chinese, we call them Hong Bao. – [Host] This is Hong
Bao, like Ethan said. Or known as Red Pockets, sometimes. And they’re full of lucky
money to give to kids. – It’s a one-dollar bill. – [Host] Okay, is that
not enough for you, Clara? (GG laughs) – It’s one dollar! – You put it together, it’s
only, like, four dollars. – Take my little money (laughs). – [Host] What was your favorite part of Chinese New Year, you guys? – Eating food! – [Host] But which food? – [GG] Definitely not that. – Dumplings!
– Dumplings! – [Host] Do you wanna teach everybody how to say good-bye in Mandarin? – Um, (speaks Chinese). – (speaks Chinese) – (speaks Chinese)
– (speaks Chinese) – (mumbles with mouth full) (Ethan laughs) – [Kids] (speaking Chinese). – That’s five in Chinese. (host laughs) If you didn’t know.

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Chinese New Year Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. 3:04 McKenzie looks okay with the fish. She’s just shy due everyone were screaming 🙂🙂
    Clara is getting a bit diva☹️

  2. Long longevity noodles are for birthday, not new year! Nobody eats steamed fish in new year dinner except they are suck at cooking.

  3. That one Asian kid that knows what’s happening lmao
    He looks just like one of my best friends, oh me gerd… (is it because they’re Asian-)

  4. Now i understand why hiho always let the kids try the food separately instead of gathering the kids and eat the food together:

    They scream together way too much🤣🤣

  5. okay i used to adore clara so much
    but when she said its disgusting to eat the whole fish like that, i'm like … this girl cant live in asia 😂
    because to me as Indonesian of Chinese descent, we eat these kind of fish like everyday

  6. Ethan is a beautiful delightful child lol

    This video was fun. Mackenzie is so sweet for saying “don’t say it’s disgusting because people eat this”

  7. i love this group so much! Ethan is always one of my fave (both Ethans tbh). and clara seems to have more energy now compared to when she was younger. she used to be pretty chill lol

  8. white white kids here thoughhhhhh "iTs a fisH wiTh eYes aNd a mOuth" well what did you expect janet? a fish with 5 legs? also "tHey shOuld mAke a duMpliNg wiTh cHocolAte aNd fiLl iT witH chOcoLate mOusSe". great. just go ahead and ignore the chinese part of chinese new year.

  9. Who eat this kind of noodle, dumpling, nian gao at Chinese/Lunar new year? It’s my first time seeing this as CNY food lol. Yes to the steamed fish and mandarin

  10. When I was their age times were different so I used to be like "yay one dollar", glad these kids realize a dollar can't buy squat now

  11. there is fireworks you idiot people from China or Hong Kong are not going to be scared of the stemmed fish you don't eat the eye and the mouth you eat the meat no offence

  12. Southeast Asian here and I was just sitting bamboozled: is whole fish that unusual there? Even for Ethan? If I have fish on the dinner table it's more often whole fish than not, maybe cut into two or three. I don't eat fish head though.

    I was really surprised to their reaction :"D why is it considered disgusting there?

  13. So you’re telling me usually when they eat fish they don’t think of it as a creature that had eyes and mouth…?

  14. You are suppose to give $8 because eight in Mandarin sounds like the english word "Luck". Do NOT give $4 because in chinese tradition, 4 is the number associated with Death. To give $4 means you want the person to die because you are giving away "Death"

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