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Hi friends welcome to Trending Tamizha Today we are going to see my kitchen organisation and whats in my kitchen This is first part and i will show small part of my kitchen This is my first slab and keep only those items which are more frequently required for cooking Ok friends lets get into the video I kept bay leaf in a seperate box as it cannot fit in masala box Secondly, i kept red cilli powder in a seperate box as i required it often during most of the cookings. Here i have three different masala boxes, one for all different masalas, one for condiments,spices. I will make seperate video on spice boxes. Its a hing bottle. I kept a small bowl to keep the essence bottles and kesari powders. Here in this place iam keeping my tea, coffee, sugar boxes so that i can get it at one place. its a honey bottle, dry ginger powder as i often use this for my family and it is good for health also. This box is for dry red chilli, next is badam, dry raisin, cashew nuts box and this all at one places. So this complete section is for all oils, and i kept these all bottles in one tray, so that oil doesnot fall on the slab One small thing it is always better to place a paper the slab before keeping these boxes. I hope this video is useful for you, and if you have any suggestion,please give a comment I will upload my next part,including spice arrangement, oil arrangement in the upcoming videos If you like this video,please give a like, share, and please SUBSCRIBE my channel. Thank you for watching

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