Kitchen Organization Ideas | 3 Ways to Organize Your Spices, Tupperware & Junk Drawer

(Guitar strumming) ♪ Is there a place with
sun all year round ♪ ♪ And piña coladas ♪ ♪ With pretty faces and
sand on the ground ♪ – [Female narrator] What
areas in your kitchen frustrate you the most? I bet you might answer maybe your spices because they’re everywhere. (laughs) Or your Tupperware containers because you can never find a lid. And possibly the junk drawer that seems to always be overflowing. In today’s video I wanted
to toss you a life line and help you out in all
three specific areas. I remember trying to cook a meal and by, “cook” I mean I really make a complete
mess of the kitchen that’s how I cook. Maybe you can relate too. I would have my meal underway and then I couldn’t find
a spice that I needed because they were thrown in one cupboard and they were all jumbled together. Not to mention how many
were actually expired by five years. So here’s my solution: A simple wide mouth mason
jar with a chalkboard label. A simple wide mouth mason
jar with a chalkboard label. I just bought mine in the craft store in the scrapbook department and I use it on each spice. All clearly visible and
so handy to reach for while I’m cooking. I emptied my previous junk
drawer that used to live here. Can you imagine how much junk that was? And I decided my spices
were more of a priority. The next fix is so simple that I know you’re gonna laugh at me. I know it. Okay, so when it comes to to
your Tupperware containers all you have to do for this
is just put the lid on them as soon as they’re clean and, voila! I told you it was so simple. That’s my magic secret. It only takes a second to match
the lid after they’re clean and you’ll never have to
search for a missing lid again. Now you’ll see in the video that one of my daughters does the lid and the other one, who’s
also responsible for dishes doesn’t put the lids on so I have a bin just for spare lids. The kids take the glass to school and they do okay with it. We actually have
stainless steel containers lunch containers, that is the priority. Both are taking, I don’t
know, taco meat or leftovers then they’ll take a glass. You saw the previously-spice-rack
over-sized draw. You saw the previously-spice-rack
over-sized draw. That just allowed a lot of junk to make it in to my space, my kitchen and so now my junk drawer
is purposefully small and I also love that it
lives in my laundry room where mom’s spend the most time. Typically a tape measure
is in there and scissors so when we purchase new
clothes or we come home from the thrift store, I
can easily cut off tags and just throw clothes in the wash. Those white trays and
that black shelf liner all from the Dollar Tree. I sized my trays for the
items that will permanently live in this draw, so I thought about my tape measure, like I mentioned before and night lights and
just miscellaneous stuff and night lights and
just miscellaneous stuff that you will need,
scissors and so I bought and placed my white trays accordingly. and placed my white trays accordingly. Now I do need to go and
regularly purge this draw but I don’t have to do it too often and I even have coffee money when I want to meet a friend (laughs) If mom finds it in the
wash, then it’s hers, right? So, I try to have a mental rule not to let anything take
up real estate if it truly doesn’t belong there. If I do, then I’m just
creating more work for myself. So, I’d like to know which
tip was your favorite. Let me know down below in the comments. If you like to organize
other areas of your home I’m gonna go ahead and link
my free course down below. Your minimal home will help
you clear the clutter fast and you won’t have to do it alone because you have me to cheer you on. ♪ When we get there
we’ll throw a big feast ♪ ♪ With piña coladas ♪ ♪ Hand in hand not out of reach ♪ ♪ Higher ♪ ♪ Yeah we’ll be lighter ♪ ♪ Happier and much brighter ♪ ♪ Take the step ♪

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